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Trump Set to Release His No-Peace/Peace Plan?

Trump Set to Release His No-Peace/Peace Plan?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Washington's global war on terror and Israeli/Palestinian peace initiatives are the greatest hoaxes in modern times.

America and Israel reject peace and stability in Occupied Palestine and throughout the Middle East. 

Endless wars and instability serve their interests, why so many are waged. Resolving them diplomatically foils US and Israeli imperial objectives.

Earlier articles discussed Trump's no-peace/peace plan, what he calls "his deal of the century" - perhaps about to be released.

From what's known, it one-sidedly favors Israel like earlier failed plans. A previous article described Trump's betrayal of Palestinians as follows:

His plan assures continued occupation harshness, Jerusalem as Israel's exclusive capital, diaspora Palestinians denied their legal right of return, statehood the way it should be off-the-table, Israel maintaining militarized control over historic Palestine, no end to Gaza's siege, along with continued violence and chaos the way it's always been throughout decades of illegal/oppressive occupation.

On Monday, the NYT said Trump is likely readying to release his (so-called) peace plan, the exact timing "not set," adding:

"(T)he most immediate challenge is" how to prevent the inevitable, Palestinians rejecting it on arrival."

Trump's Jerusalem declaration and intention to move America's embassy to the international city disqualified Washington as an impartial peace broker. 

It never was before, clearly not under Trump, perhaps the most pro-Israeli US president since the Jewish state's creation.

An unnamed administration official said releasing his plan is a way to help Israel and Palestinians deal with contentious issues - impossible by taking Jerusalem off the table, continuing settlement construction, daily persecution of defenseless Palestinian civilians, and keeping two million Gazans besieged.

The Times: "To lay the groundwork in the Middle East, the White House is convening a conference on Tuesday to discuss ways to ease the humanitarian crisis in Gaza."

There's only one way Israel rejects - by freeing its people from concentration camp harshness, an issue Washington and Tel Aviv won't address.

Palestinian Authority officials intend boycotting Trump's meeting. Hamas isn't invited. It's falsely blamed for Israeli high crimes against Gazans.

Trump administration Zionist zealots/geopolitical know-nothings drafted the plan - Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, and attorneys Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman, pro-Israel Islamophobes.

It's unclear who's seen the plan. The Times claiming no one outside the administration is false. Netanyahu was consulted on its contents, likely other Israeli officials with him.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat has seen at least some of what's in it, rejecting its one-sided support for Israel.

Last week, Trump sounded ludicrous, suggesting a "very good chance" to make a deal dead before arrival, adding:

"The Palestinians, I think, are wanting to come back to the table very badly." Publicly they reject US involvement, wanting other nations involved if future talks are held, likely including Russia, perhaps China.

Decades of Israeli/Palestinian peace talks proved fruitless.

Washington and Israel want Palestinian subservience to their demands, including continued occupation harshness.

It's why dealing with both countries is futile. Talks always turn out the same way.

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