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Donald Trump's Failed 4D Chess Move in Pennsylvania

One might be forgiven for scratching their head over the 4D Don's sudden adoption of steel and aluminum tariffs in the wake of his income tax cut "victory" in Congress. After all, tariff's are taxes too, right? And proven to be horrible economic policy as well?

Yes, and yes! So what gives?

Well, my dear MAGA-wits, expand your thinking.

There are no coincidences, right?

Future proves past, eh?

I give you Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District

A Congressional District in which a special election was held this week to fill the seat of its recently-resigned incumbent. The very Congressional District that just so happens to comprise the heart of Pennsylvania's steel industry. Sadly, from the election result it appears that Trump's alleged 4D chess mastery has suffered an acute case of Electoral Disfunction.

Given that the recently-departed Republican incumbent enjoyed a 20% margin of victory in November 2016, Trump's condition has obviously worsened since that incident in Alabama a while back. You know, the one where Alabama voters sent a pointed message to Trump's anointed lecher... and the horse he rode in on. At this rate, America's erstwhile return to greatness will be less than a gleam in Trump's eye by November.

Good luck with that Blue Pill, Donald.

To paraphrase the immortal words of Wile E. Coyote, "Tweet, tweet, yer ass!"

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