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Western Civilization May Doom US All

Western Civilization May Doom US All

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The false flag Skripal incident is the latest example of Western civilization depravity - hugely dangerous, far too debauched to change.

Most people likely believe the official narrative - given one-sided media reports, manipulating them to accept what's clearly untrue.

Not Russians - receiving truthful accounts of what's going on, exposing Western disinformation. According to a late March state-run VTSIOM poll, 82% of Russians know about the incident.

Only 3% believe the Western narrative, 9% think what happened was an accident, 17% believe it was a criminal act unconnected to politics, 1% believing it was attempted suicide.

Nearly 4 in 10 Russians believe the incident was planned and implemented by Kremlin enemies.

Clearly Moscow had nothing to do with what happened. On Tuesday, Russia's ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov gave the most plausible explanation, saying:

"The scale of inflicted damage, and the preceding information campaign speak of the fact that it had been planned beforehand - simply postponed for the right moment."

Coinciding with the Kemerovo, Russia mall fire tragedy killing at least 64 including many children showed Western "emotional deafness, indifference and callousness," Antonov stressed.

"Gloat all you want," he added. "Truth will always prevail. We shall not be provoked into an emotional outburst. But there will be a response."

The "response" should be thunderous, not tepid, showing resolve, strength, and refusal to be intimidated by a Russophobic conspiracy against the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin personally.

Claims about expelling Russian spies from Western countries were Big Lies.

"The people…expelled were in charge (of) those few areas, which barely keep our mutually beneficial cooperation afloat: space, science, trade, culture and archival searches for POW and MIA. Restoration of relations and search for points of contact have been set back," Antonov explained, adding:

"Words of readiness to cooperate have gone completely separate ways with actual actions." '

Led by Britain and Washington, 21 nations so far expelled over 135 Russian diplomats - what I called the Western day of the long knives in a same day article.

What's going on with more likely to come represents a pre-planned/orchestrated Russophobic conspiracy against the Kremlin.

It's the most sinister body blow so far to already hugely damaged Russian/Western relations, perhaps rupturing them beyond repair. 

A hugely dangerous East/West division exists - the most critical situation since WW II began.

Of most concern is how things are heading toward possible nuclear war. What's unthinkable could become reality over US-led/Western manufactured Russophobic hysteria - elevated to an unprecedented level.

US-led Western rage for dominance over planet earth, its resources and people represents humanity's greatest threat.

What's going on today should terrify everyone - most people shockingly oblivious to the danger they face.

Madness in key Western capitals is heading things toward a point of no return - led by extremist neocons running things in Washington.

US-led Western civilization may doom us all if nothing is done to step back from the brink!

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