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Hamas Launched Another War with Israel

Hamas Launched Another War with Israel?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Since December 2008, Israel launched three preemptive wars of aggression on Gaza - Hamas not the perpetrator as Israel, Washington and Western media scoundrels falsely claimed.

The neocon CIA house organ Washington Post gives yellow journalism at its worst a bad name - supporting US and Israeli wars of aggression, blaming victims for their ruthlessness.

WaPo: "Israel and Hamas have fought three wars in the Gaza Strip over the past decade, and though it may not look like the others, a fourth one is now underway." 

"Having tried and failed to defeat Israel with rockets and armed cross-border attacks, Hamas this spring deployed a new strategy: assembling thousands of nominal civilians to march on and attempt to breach the border fence, in the calculation that many would be killed." 

"The result would be a moral and political defeat for Israel - and perhaps some relief for a regime that is literally besieged from all sides."

Fact: All of the above are bald-face lies.

Fact: Without just cause, Israel (with full US support and encouragement) waged three preemptive wars of aggression on Gaza - a fourth one possible, maybe likely, so far not launched.

Fact: Nuclear armed and dangerous Israel is one of the world's most powerful militaries. Lightly armed Hamas' military wing is solely for defense, not an aggressor against Israel or any other nation.

Fact: Great March of Return Gazan protests are all about anger and frustration over years of illegal Israeli blockade of the Strip, causing intolerable humanitarian crisis conditions, the world community doing nothing to hold Israel accountable for its high crimes.

Fact: Demonstrations have nothing to do with Hamas mobilizing thousands of Gazans near Israel's border to breach it. They're all about justifiably wanting an end to intolerable conditions.

Fact: Israel is a ruthless Ziofascist apartheid state masquerading as democratic. As long as it maintains US support, regional peace and stability remain unattainable.

WaPo disgracefully lied claiming Hamas "assembled" thousands of Gazans along the Strip's border with Israel on Monday - "armed with wire cutters, slingshots, knives and, in a couple of cases, firearms."

Palestinians throughout the Territories use slingshots to throw rocks in response to Israeli violence. 

Eyewitnesses on Monday, Nakba Day Tuesday, and previous Gazan Great March of Return demonstrations reported they proceeded peacefully, no weapons of any kind seen.

Yet Israeli soldiers used live fire, rubber-coated steel bullets, toxic tear gas and other harsh tactics - no Palestinian provocations justifying its actions, state terror by any standard.

Israel falsely claimed two dozen demonstrators killed were terrorists, its way of trying to unjustifiably justify its viciousness.

WaPo: "Clearly (Israel) must defend its borders; if it had allowed thousands of Palestinians to pour across toward nearby Israeli communities, the bloodshed could have been much greater."

Fact: Its undeclared borders are unthreatened by Hamas or anyone else. Israel routinely uses lethal force against Palestinians, knowing accountability is never forthcoming.

Hamas, Gazans, and all Palestinians are victims of Israeli ruthlessness - what WaPo and other media scoundrels never explain.

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