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Israelis Lie, Palestinians Die

Israelis Lie, Palestinians Die

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Israeli ruthlessness is unmatched regionally, exceeding the worst of other Middle East rogue states - deploring peace, waging undeclared war on Palestinians. 

Gazans most of all are grievously harmed, entrapped under suffocating blockade since mid-2007, attacked at Israel's discretion - by land, sea and air, including use of banned terror weapons to inflict maximum harm.

US and Israeli regimes consistently blame victims for their own high crimes of war and against humanity.

Netanyahu is an unindicted war criminal multiple times over. On Tuesday, he turned truth on its head, claiming Hamas put Palestinian children in harm's way along Gaza's border with Israel.

Since March 30, Great March of Return Friday demonstrations, along with ones on Monday and Tuesday, were undirected by anyone.

Men, women, children, the disabled, and entire families came out - protesting against Israel's illegal blockade, responsible for an intolerable humanitarian crisis, the Strip close to collapse.

Netanyahu is a despicable scoundrel, reviled by most Israelis and growing numbers of US Jews. "We've tried to minimize casualties," he roared, adding:

Hamas "tr(ied) to incur casualties in order to put pressure on Israel which is horrible. These things are avoidable. If Hamas had not pushed them there, nothing would happen. Hamas holds responsibility for doing this and they're deliberately doing it."

Truth, of course, is polar opposite Netanyahu's bald-faced lies. He's  been caught red-handed numerous times earlier turning truth on its head.

He prioritizes violence and chaos, pretending otherwise, his dirty hands bloodied time and again - repeatedly since Great March of Return demonstrations began, Monday the bloodiest day with 61 Gazans murdered by Israeli soldiers in cold blood, another 2,771 injured, many seriously.

Ziofascist Israeli war minister Avigdor Lieberman ordered the Gaza massacre, along with other aggression during all Great March of Return protests, authorizing use of live fire, including use of exploding dum dum bullets, destroying internal organs or bones struck, causing fist-sized wounds when exiting bodies.

Like Netanyahu, he blamed Gazans for high crimes committed against them, disgracefully calling Hamas leaders "a bunch of cannibals who also treat their own children as ammunition," adding:

"Their goal is to lift the siege on Gaza, but not to build an economy or to speak about coexistence. They need to lift the siege so they can smuggle weapons, continue to build up (their) power."

All of the above are despicable bald-faced lie, Lieberman an unindicted war criminal like Netanyahu and other regime Ziofascists.

Claiming IDF soldiers observe international law principles, norms and standards mocks the massacred, maimed, and otherwise injured Palestinians, victims of Israeli ruthlessness - the world community and media scoundrels failing to hold its officials accountable for crimes too serious to ignore.

High crimes of war, against humanity, and slow-motion genocide reflect longstanding Israeli practice against defenseless Palestinians - a Ziofascist/gangster-run apartheid state.

Western and regional regimes are complicit in its high crimes through silence and failure to condemn them - letting Israel get away with mass murder and much more by failing to hold its officials accountable.

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