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EU/Israeli Agreement on Iran?

EU/Israeli Agreement on Iran?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Support for Israel by Washington, the EU, Russia and other countries amounts to complicity with its apartheid agenda, its occupation harshness, its state terror, its contempt for rule of law principles and democratic values.

Netanyahu's regime exceeds Sharonian evil, demanding opposition, not support - notably his undeclared wars on Palestinians and Syria, along with  militant hostility toward Iran.

Since last weekend, he met with Germany's Angela Merkel, France Emmanuel Macron and Britain's Theresa May, reportedly reaching a "widespread agreement" for withdrawal of Iranian military personnel from Syria - legally there at Assad's behest, aiding his government combat US/Israeli supported terrorists.

On Wednesday, Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri slammed demands for Iranian military advisors and Hezbollah forces to leave Syria.

They'll pull out when the Syrian Arab Republic is liberated and its territorial integrity restored, he said, explaining:

Their presence prevented ISIS terrorists from infesting Lebanon, confronting them cross-border instead of internally, adding:

"There are currently some 1.5 million Syrians in Lebanon. We do not consider them as strangers. Lebanon and Syria have been and still are like twins. Therefore, whatever happens in Syria will affect Lebanon. Any division of Syria is a re-mapping of the region."

Iranian military advisors are unlikely to leave as long as the terrorist threat remains. There's nothing illegal or improper about their presence - plenty unlawful about undeclared US/Israeli war on Syria, supported by NATO and regional rogue states.

Netanyahu's rage has nothing to do with an Iranian threat to Israel. None exists. It's entirely about wanting Israel's main regional rival eliminated, a pro-Western puppet regime replacing it.

Washington and Israel seek regional dominance. Tehran promotes mutual cooperation with all nations. Netanyahu lied claiming Tehran pursues "continued (regional) expansion."

No evidence indicates the presence of Iranian combat troops in Syria, the accusation firmly denied by Assad and Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem.

Netanyahu is a despicable character, an exposed thug, a war criminal, a regional menace.

Following visits with Angela Merkel in Berlin, Emmanuel Macron in Berlin and Theresa May in London, he recited his usual litany of Big Lies.

He disgracefully called peaceful Gazan demonstrators responsible for Israeli violence against them - blaming victims a longstanding US and Israeli practice.

"Hamas wants them to die," Netanyahu roared, adding "(t)he last thing we want is violence (or) confrontation." Israeli viciousness has been ongoing throughout its sordid history

Peace, stability, democratic values and observing rule of law principles are anathema to its rogue agenda. State terror defines it, waging slow-motion genocide against defenseless Palestinians.

Netanyahu lied about war in Syria, calling US-launched naked aggression supported by Israel a "civil" conflict.

There's nothing civil about waging war on a nation threatening no one, using ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, Israel supplying them with weapons, treating their wounded in field hospitals, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing sovereign Syrian independence.

The problem in Syria and regionally is Israel, America's presence and NATO involvement in imperial aggression - not Iran, not Bashar al-Assad, not Hezbollah, not Hamas, not Palestinian resistance groups.

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