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Camel Turds for Climate Hypocrites

I was flipping through TV channels recently and came across a show on Discovery or National Geographic about the swankest hotels in the world.  The featured hotel on the particular episode was a hotel in Morocco that was preparing to host a United Nations conference on global warming.

It's sickening enough to read about the extravagance of international elites when they attend global warming conferences or conferences of the World Economic Forum and World Bank.  But it's enough to make one retch to see visual examples of how much money our overlords spend on themselves, how much fossil fuel they burn in their gross hypocrisy about global warming, and, most nauseating of all, how docile, apathetic and powerless the rest of us are.

If all of us weren't dupes and dopes, then at least some of us would have been standing outside the hotel as the aristocrats arrived, in order to throw camel turds at their gas-guzzling Bentleys, Mercedes, BMWs, and Jaguars.  Then we would have dragged the pompous passengers out of the cars and tarred and feathered them, using tar made from Brent crude.

I'm serious.  There is no other way to put them in their place.

You might ask about the rule of law.  What law?  Did you vote for them and their budgets?  I've never seen this on a ballot.

If you're uneasy about taking such needed action, then you'll certainly change your mind after getting details about the hotel. 

Subsidized by the King of Morocco, the hotel has enough marble to have kept heavy equipment busy for a year in mining it from a quarry and then cutting, polishing and shipping it.  More energy was probably used for just the marble than your entire neighborhood uses in a year.  The energy consumption probably even exceeded the tremendous amounts of energy used to mine, beneficiate and ship the rare-earth minerals used in solar batteries and the batteries for electric cars.

Speaking of cars, the hotel's chauffeured limousine for guests is a huge Bentley.  It cost 80-times the annual per-capita income of Moroccans.  Welcome to the modern form of colonialism.

An extensive subterranean complex is under the hotel, unseen by guests.  It includes massive air-conditioning equipment and water purification systems, as well as tunnels used by the hotel employees, so the hoity-toity guests don't have to mingle with the hoi polloi.

When employees clean the palatial guest rooms or deliver culinary delights flown in from around the world, they can only step on the marble floors and not the carpeting, as they aren't allowed to leave footprints behind.

At the time of the filming of the episode, the hotel grounds were being renovated in advance of the haughty hypocrites showing up.  Hundreds of mature date palm trees and olive trees were brought in and planted by heavy equipment.  The trees and other vegetation and grass are watered with water pumped through an irrigation system.  The renovation included a swimming pool the size of three Olympic pools.

If global warming is an existential threat to life on the planet, as is parroted by those who attend climate conferences, then why didn't the attendees stay with Moroccan locals in their non-air-conditioned mud houses?   Better yet, why didn't they hold conferences in Appalachia coal country and stay in the homes of unemployed miners?  Even better, why didn't they stay home and hold the conference over the Internet?

The answer is obvious and embarrassing:   It's because the rest of us don't have the sense or courage to band together and throw camel turds at them.

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