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Deadly Masculinity and Toxic Femininity

You're no doubt aware of Gillette admen cynically producing a commercial to sell more razors to younger men by appealing to their programmed desire to buy products from companies that pretend to support some social cause.  In this case, the cause is ending toxic masculinity.

Now guys can engage in virtue signaling by shaving with a Gillette razor.  An even stronger virtue signal would be to leave a pack of Gillette razors on the dashboard of a Prius or Subaru while driving through the drive-thru of a Starbucks, where plastic straws are an environmental no-no but plastic lids are okay.  Apparently, the unnecessary plastic in an expensive Gillette razor is also okay.

Toxic masculinity used to be known as guys being jerks. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who has fired more guys for being jerks to women than I have.  My revulsion to jerks is so strong that I stopped watching professional football and basketball years ago, because too many of the players are jerks.  Some go beyond jerkhood to being thugs.  They are the antithesis of two favorite athletes and gentlemen of my boyhood in St. Louis:  Stan Musial and Bob Gibson.

Judging by the screaming female fans at sporting events, jerks and thugs don't seem to bother a lot of women, because the women are inflicted with toxic femininity.

Not to equate them with Nazis, but I've never been able to get out of my head the first time that I watched Leni Riefenstahl's films of Hitler and the Third Reich. The films, as well as newsreels from the times, show German women cheering more enthusiastically than men at Nazi pageants and parades, as brown- and black-shirted thugs marched in front of them.

It's a canard that women are less aggressive, violent and war-like than men.  They just don't engage in it physically and directly like men, because they subcontract the dirty work to men, including to their sons and brothers.

For sure, if hordes of Chinese invaders landed at Santa Barbara, the toxic masculinity of American defenders would become an aphrodisiac to California women, as long as the toxicity were directed at the enemy and not at them.  The meaner and more violent the men, the more attractive to women.

Women would be discarding their effete software coders in Silicon Valley and kale eaters in San Francisco for big, burly guys from Nebraska farms with combat knives clenched between their teeth—guys who grew up cutting the testicles off of cattle to turn them into steers and then frying up mountain oysters for dinner.

Of course, it's politically incorrect to speak this way.  It's also politically incorrect to speak about deadly masculinity.  Well, the hell with political correctness.

Deadly masculinity is what the welfare state has produced by making men unnecessary in the raising of children.  Fatherless boys in certain communities look to gangs for male role models and kill with the fierceness and lack of moral qualms as a hungry lion killing a gazelle.  And in a modern form of polygamy, they have multiple children with multiple women, or in the street vernacular, "hos."  Because the social pathologies are well documented and beyond dispute, except with the PC crowd, there is no need to repeat the statistics here.  Repeating them for the PC crowd would be a waste of time.   

Deadly masculinity is even worse south of the border in Mexico and other Latin countries.  Young women are kidnapped, raped and ransomed—and oftentimes killed whether or not the ransom is paid.  And drug cartels kill so many competitors that Mexicans see more bodies on roadsides than Texans see armadillos on roadsides that were hit by cars and trucks.  To the cartels, killing a human is no different from killing an armadillo.

Deadly masculinity is almost as bad in doctrinaire Muslim countries, where raped women are considered guilty until proven innocent, where adulterous women are stoned to death, and where honor killings are permitted under Sharia law.  And in an example of toxic femininity, Muslim mothers are proud when their sons blow themselves up in order to kill non-believers and ascend to heaven for their reward of virgins.  (Is it still a reward after they are no longer virgins?)

Thankfully, I don't suffer from depression or have suicidal thoughts.  If I did, the gullibility of Americans might drive me to slit my wrists with a Gillette razor.

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