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U.S. Congress: No Intention of Stopping Immigration Invasion

When illegal aliens jumped our borders through the 1980's, Congress passed a bill in 1986 to give all those 3.4 million law breakers a free pass. Leaders like Senator John McCain and Teddy Kennedy promised to enforce our laws such as Federal Code 8, section 1324. "It is unlawful to transport, hire or house an illegal alien…under penalty of $2,000.00 fine for each illegal and/or 5 years in prison."

Thirty-three years later in 2019, with our borders already witnessing 1.2 million illegal crossings by June as reported by the U.S. Border Patrol, the majority of members of Congress haven't done squat, nor have the presidents done tidily-squat to stop the illegal alien invasion of our country.  And Congress blocks every action President Trump as he attempts to stop the invasion.

Worse, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer continue their assault on the American public's tax dollars by doing everything to continue inviting the invasion.  These two individuals, plagued by old age and dementia—and being totally out of touch with what's happening to our country—defend illegal immigration, DACA, anchor babies, diversity visas and open borders.

Today, because of Congress and our former presidents, we endure 22 to 25 million illegal aliens according to the Yale University report on number of illegals in America, October 2018.

According to Roy Beck, director of www.NumbersUSA.org, those millions of illegals along with their children cost you and me, the citizens of America, $113,000,000,000.00 (billion) annually across 15 Federal agencies.  We're paying for anchor baby births at 300,000 annually, medical care, housing, education, crime, drug gangs, prisons, welfare, EBT cards, breakfast and lunches for their children in our schools, cost of changing our English language to Spanish, Arabic and other languages—and worse.  They're changing the culture of our country from America's culture to a multicultural quagmire.

Most 535 members of Congress created a nightmare at the border that they cannot solve.   They allowed endless employment of illegals by employers who bribe Congressional critters to negate our laws. All for obscene profits of the all mighty dollar!

In 1980, Congress passed the Federal Refugee Resettlement Act-411, to allow refugees sanctuary from the Viet Nam War, and several other war zones.  In reality, tens of millions upon more millions of people worldwide face war zones, starvation and misery. In a heartbeat, over 500,000 million to 1 billion people would love to migrate to America.  

We could absorb 10 million refugees a year, but it would not solve the world's problems.  But it would destroy our civilization.  It's not sustainable!  Help them in their own countries.

To make matters worse for Americans, Congress passed a 50,000 per year "Diversity Visa" to allow lucky recipients a free pass and welfare for life from third world countries around the world. No qualifications needed!  Over 15 million people sign up for it annually.  The 1965 Immigration Reform Act allows 1.2 million immigrants annually.

This immigration invasion, whether legal or illegal, whether anchor babies or diversity visas—threatens the foundation of our civilization.  The longer and faster it overwhelms our country, the faster we face our own demise.

This spring, I spent two months traveling around the entire United States. Our cities burst at the seams with gridlock traffic. Our air fills with massive pollution from factories, cars and homes spewing exhaust 24/7.  We've got water shortages in California, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Georgia, Texas and more to come.

I rode through Moab, Utah, a tiny town where developers built motels for 10,000 in a town that can only hold 5,000.  Result: a daily nightmare of traffic, congestion, lowered quality of life and Arches National Park strains under the mob of people visiting daily.

To go camping in Key West, Florida cost me $123.00 per night, one tent! Motels? Un-Godly prices for one night's stay.  Few speak English south of Ocala, Florida.  Florida schools suffer total breakdown for American students, or what's left of them. Gasoline in California $5.99 a gallon.   Detroit, Michigan looks more like Baghdad, Iraq. Few speak English and mosques dominate Detroit. It's no longer an American city. Same with Minneapolis, Minnesota! While I traveled through that city, cops arrested dozens of Somalia youth attempting to kill white people with hammers and pipes.  In New York City, you can't move, and you must contend with 40 percent of the city arrived from a foreign country. Plus, 800 languages other than English saturate the Big Apple!

Our national parks?  Overloaded, overwhelmed, trashed and crushed under the sheer numbers of visitors. You can't find or beg for a camping spot.  Gridlock in Yellowstone and Yosemite. Gridlock in the Grand Canyon. No chance for a wilderness experience with hordes of people clamoring along every path!

We're being devolved from being America into becoming something that none of us will recognize or asked for in the coming decades.  At some point, the tipping point of foreigners in our country will outweigh and out-vote Americans. We're seeing parallel societies spring up all over America with their own cultures, violent religions and languages that have nothing in common with Americans, i.e. 25 female honor killings annually on average and over 500,000 female genital mutilation cases reported, here in the United States.  We will become like Europe: multiculturalized to death, so much so, Europeans lost their countries to Africans, Muslims and other barbarians so alien to European culture—that they cannot assimilate or contribute. They can only destroy.

And Los Angeles! San Francisco!  Seattle!  Denver!  Oh my God! In excess of 90,000 homeless people in those four cities. Trash, human waste and needles everywhere. It's beyond solving.  And yet, California Governor Newsome welcomes and protects 4,000,000,000 (million) illegal aliens as if they deserve medical care, schooling, EBT cards, housing and welfare—on your tax dollar.  Colorado's Governor Polis brags about that state being a sanctuary state for criminal aliens.  And New York City's mayor De Blasio—well, he aids, abets and supports illegal alien criminals.  

And the southern border, I watched it being overwhelmed.  You cannot comprehend the trash and human filth.  There's no end to the line. We could save all of Central America and/or South America, but the third world adds 83 million new babies annually, net gain.  

How to stop this invasion:  rescind the 1980 Federal Refugee Resettlement Act 411.  Rescind the 1965 Immigration Reform Act.  sPersonally, I say, "Shutdown all immigration. We don't need any more immigrants."  We don't need nor can we survive the sheer exponential growth created by the 1965 Immigration Reform Act.  We must stop the anchor babies with Iowa's Steve King's HR 140 to change the misinterpretation of the 14thAmendment meant for children of slaves, not children of illegal alien mothers.

But guess what?  Congress did nothing since 1986, and I'm betting, since we keep returning these career Congressional criminals back to Congress, this invasion will continue. It will continue because the majority of Americans don't give a damned about the future for their children.  And neither do the 535 people elected to Congress.  

Governor Richard Lamm in 2003, said, "If you believe that America is too smug, too self-satisfied, too rich, then let's destroy America.  It is not that hard to do.  No nation in history has survived the ravages of time.  Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall, and that, "An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide." 

We're more than well on our way toward the national suicide.


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Trump just started Mexican tariffs, which are designed to push Mexico into monitoring and controlling their own people. Also, if the tariffs start to get high enough, the U.S. companies in Mexico will start to push the Mexican government into doing something. If they still don't, these companies will come back to the U.S. because the tariffs will make Mexico an economically impractical place to manufacture things. This will bring jobs back to Americans. If Mexico is still unresponsive, it might ultimately cause Mexico to become a U.S. territory, where the U.S. will have the right and duty to police the border with troops = more jobs in the military for Americans.