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Jeffrey Epstein Killed Under Very Suspicious Conditions Safford FCI, AZ, Morpheus Titania

Jeffrey Epstein Killed Under Very Suspicious Conditions
Safford FCI, AZ, Morpheus Titania

If you haven`t already heard, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell, 2019/8/10 at the same super max federal detention center in Manhatten, known as "The Dungeon", where El Chapo was being held for trial. He was on Suicide watch after 2 weeks where he was found to have injured himself in his cell.

Just so you know what suicide watch is; you are in a padded cell with no bunk, your mat is on the floor, no sheet, the only thing in there is a toilet, a sink and 4 walls, that is it. You don`t get anything, other than a your clothes, which are designed not to rip, a tiny 2 inch toothbrush and soap. You might have a cup, but probably not.

At many facilities, the shower comes to you, so you don`t even get to leave for that. You dont even get your mail, it is viewable on a monitor in the cell. There is a camera on you 24 hours a day and they don`t turn off the lights. Plus a guard has to come by and look at you at least every 30 minutes possibly every 15 minutes. The only way I can think of to kill yourself in those conditions is to ram ones head into the wall and hopefully snapping the neck.

I have talked about this with some people here and the general consensus of the people here and myself is, the only way this could have happened is if IT WAS A HIT.

Yesterday, I heard that one of the accusers had mentioned 3 very powerful people that were implicated with Epstein, one of them a Senator from Maine. He couldn`t have known this as he does`t have access to a TV.

This whole deal has stunk to high heaven from 12 years ago, with Mr. Acosta who was the Trumps labor secretary who approved of the sweetheart deal that Jeffrey Epstein received. Epstein had many high powered contacts including Trump, Clinton, Prince Harry and others.

The Feds do not mess around with Sex offenses. I know because there are a considerable amount in here, many are doing 10+ sentences just for looking at underage girls on their computers.

I was watching the news with Neil Cavuto this morning and no one was talking about this. This REQUIRES serious investigation - a special prosecutor. All they were talking about this morning, is it how this was going to effect the election. No one was talking about how in the world this guy on suicide watch could have possibly been able to kill himself without any "assistance"

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