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How Many Unemployed Bartenders in Your Town?

TUCSON - Has your state or city shut down bars and restaurants, except for take-out meals?  If so, do you know how many bartenders and waiters and waitresses are out of work in your town?

If you're interested in knowing, you can go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and find out how many people worked in these occupations the last time the data were compiled.  From that number, you can make a reasoned guess as to how many are now out of work.


For my town of Tucson, there were 2,060 bartenders.  My guess is that all of them have lost their jobs, due to the city shutting down all bars.   There were also 7,430 waiters and waitresses in Tucson.  Perhaps some of them are still working at fast-food windows, but my guess is that 75% of them are out of work.

In total, Tucson, which has a large tourism and hospitality industry, had 37,290 people working in food preparation and food serving occupations.  The nation as a whole had 13.4 million. 

The BLS data is so detailed that you can even find out how many people in your town were employed as ushers, lobby attendants and ticket takers.  For Tucson, the number was 700.  No doubt, almost all of them are now out of work, due to the cancellation of events.

To date, I haven't seen anyone in the federal government or media come up with an estimate of the number of unemployed, by going through the BLS data and making some assumptions.  They either say that the unemployed rate is expected to go up, or they wait for the government's regular unemployment report.   

Maybe someone has done this and I missed it.  Or maybe an industrious, curious person can't be found in government or the media to do this analysis.

I'm not industrious and curious enough, but my excuse is that I don't get paid for doing this type of analysis.  Yeah, it's a lame excuse.