Mike Swatek

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Will Chloroquine Harm More Than nCoV2019?

When occasionally traveling in malaria zones years ago, I refused to take chloroquine because of the many side effects which happen often and are sometimes serious and long lasting. Check out the very long and disturbing list at https://www.drugs.com/sfx/chloroquine-side-effects.html . In those days, I avoided mosquito exposure and never contracted malaria.

Regarding nCoV today, for myself, I would rather avoid it as was done with the skeeters. If first symptoms of it occur (reportedly nausea or diarrhea), I will immediately begin nebulizing 5ml of a good colloidal silver product 5 times a day to knock it out (this is not medical advice and for information only). The crown is planning to feed it's crony big pharma partners yuge profits on this "cure" which may again seriously harm more people than the illness. Vaccines can then do the rest...

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