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Ron Paul: America’s Last Hope

Happy New Year to all my fellow Americans! Will it be a happy new year? Who we elect to run the country in 2008 will go a long way towards deciding if it will be a good year, or a bad year.
Five years ago, I was merely a psychology and statistics instructor and a college basketball coach. I was very happy and content. I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful and talented son. My life has truly been blessed by the Lord and I thank him everyday for the gifts that I have been bestowed upon me.


Five years later, I am still a teacher and a coach but I now have a radio talk show, write an editorial column for www.freedomsphoenix.com and I am releasing a book in 2008. But I truly do not crave the media spotlight as I am decidedly a very private person. I have engaged in these endeavors for one, and only one reason, to ensure the future welfare of my child and your children as well. When America is safe from the clutches of the global corporations and its political minions, I will retire from broadcasting and writing and devote my full attention to what I truly love; my family, coaching and teaching.


Let me be clear on one point, we are on the verge of losing our great country, forever. Our dollar and subsequent economy are on the verge of collapse. The Bush Administration has managed to strip away the Bill of Rights through such communist pieces of legislation such as the Military Commissions Act, The John Warner Act, The Patriot Act(s),The Real ID Card Act, and on and on it goes to where we, as Americans, have no more civil liberties than the average citizen of a banana republic.
Americans have witnessed the obliteration of our manufacturing under the free trade agreements such as NAFTA and CAFTA (thank you co-sponsor, John McCain). The shadowy powers on the Federal Reserve have eaten away our savings and the value of our wages through the continued implementation of their inflationary monetary policies. Unchecked illegal immigration has severely denigrated the value of being an American citizen. Our brave men and women in the Armed Forces are being used as corporate whores in order that global corporations such as Exxon Mobil and Halliburton can reap record profits at the expense of spilling both Iraqi and American blood. And most tragically, we are witnessing the erasure of our American borders through the implementation of the North American Union.
By 2010, you and I will no longer be Americans. If we allow the globalists to successfully complete their plans to merge Mexico, Canada and the United States, we will morph into becoming known as “North Americans” devoid of all of our constitutional protections, civil liberties and time-honored traditions.


Please ask yourself, how will it feel to be a North American? Are your children going to enjoy living in a banana republic where corporate whim has replaced the rule of law and the bulk of the profits derived from their future labor will come to rest in the board rooms of the corporations, while our children will hopelessly wallow in the newest flavor of a neo-feudal society?
But we have a choice. In primaries around the country, we have thechoice to make our voices heard and elect Ron Paul. But first, we must register as Republicans in order to vote in most primaries across the country. Here in Arizona, you simply have to go to

www.servicearizona.com. Do it now, do it today! Future generations of Americans depend upon your positive actions.


I know, I know, I know, the present Republican administration is wrecking what is left of this country. But please take a moment and ask yourself, what are your choices? Obama? His inexperience will make him more vulnerable to the same special interest forces that we saw abscond with the Jimmy Carter Presidency.
Are you really going to vote for Hillary? Ask anyone in the know in Arkansas, who were the real organized criminals in their state, in the 1980’s, and almost to a person they will answer that it was the Clintons as evidenced by their involvement in such scandals such as Whitewater, Trooper Gate, etc. With a Hillary presidency, we are going to see more wars of corporate conquest and more deficit spending. “Free trade” will accelerate under Hillary and we will undoubtedly witness the acceleration of the decline of the American middle class. Hillary has raised over 100 million dollars for her run at the presidency. Where do you think this money has come from? A vote for Hillary is a vote for the continuation of our present health care fiasco and to engage in more wars of corporate conquest. If you doubt the voracity of my claims, just examine who her campaign contributors are. Remember, Hillary is the author and advocate of the notion that the “Village should raise your child.”  Where, in history have we seen the notion that the state, not the parents, should control the destiny of its children? If we elect Hillary, we will all be rolling up our sleeves to don the new arm bands of this age 


Republican Rudolph Giuliani’s law firm successfully brokered a secretive deal between Spanish King Juan Carlos and his firm Cintra and the Texas State Legislature as Texans are having their public roads stolen from them, given to a foreign corporation and are being charged tolls to travel on roads that the good people of Texas have paid for. Why would Giuliani engage in such reprehensible behavior? It is simple; the former mayor of New York is trying to curry favor from the global corporations who desperately want to see the implementation of the North American Union pushed forward with all due haste. And for his treason to America, Giuliani has been handsomely rewarded with enough corporate money to successfully bid for the presidency. If it were not for his own personal moral bankruptcy as well as the plethora of immoral acts committed by various members of his nefarious support staff, Rudolph may very well be the front runner. Rudolph Giuliani should not even be allowed to call himself an American, much less Mr. President.


Of course there is John “we need more boots on the ground” McCain whose future Presdiency would certainly condemn many of our children to die in the corporate battlefields of the future. This coauthor of CAFTA, solely designed by McCain to curry favor and obtain corporate campaign money from the global elite, has brought nothing but abject misery to our economy, our manufacturing, our job security and has added to the further erasure of our constitution by handing over control on trade issues to unelected bureaucrats who have been given the power the supercede the Constitution of the United States.


Enter Mitt Romney, who even the mainstream media admits has flip-flopped on his immigration position, in order to sway Iowa voters who are decidedly against any kind of amnesty. How can we trust a "say-anything, do-anything Mitt as he begs for our vote?


Can any of these individuals lead America back to the Promised Land? If past behavior is a predictor of future behavior, the answer is a resounding NO! So why register Republican? One candidate and only one candidate truly represents American interests and he happens to be a Republican.


All, and mean all of the front runner candidates, save one, are political prostitutes for the global elite. They are dressed up and paraded on corporate controlled media outlets espousing American middle class values meanwhile knowing full well, that their political script has already been written by their campaign contributors. Isn’t it interesting that there is a conspicuous absence of questions on the truly important issues of the day such the North American Union, the Trans Texas Corridor, the impact of the various free trade agreements on the working middle class, from the media outlets covering the Presidential race? This is not a coincidence. The same forces who control our money supply, sit on the boards of Lockheed Martin, NBC, CNN, the World Bank, the IMF, et al., and cooperatively provide different flavors of the same brand of corporate controlled candidates.


Ron Paul is the only major candidate who truly speaks for America. Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who is not owned by the global corporations. If you, as I do, want to see a Ron Paul Presidency, you must register Republican in order to ensure his name on the ballot come November 2008. Do it now, do it today:  www.servicearizona.com, or call your Secretary of State's office for instructions.  
In part two, of this series, I will detail how Ron Paul represents America’s best and last hope, to take back our country.