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Ron Paul’s campaign is about freeing minds

Fear: a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

Control: to eliminate or prevent the flourishing or spread of:

Imagination: the faculty of imagining, or of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses.

How many times have you heard jokes about government?  The best oxymoron is an honest politician. I believe humor is a very powerful tool; it allows us the ability to deal with a problem without really dealing with it.   By making jokes, we get to voice an opinion without really rocking the boat.  My favorite political skit off all time happened in 2006 at the white house correspondent’s dinner when Steven Colbert roasted Bush.  The best thing about that skit was nobody was laughing at the end, why?  Because even though Colbert was doing a skit he was pouring out truth.   This brings me to my question, why are we so afraid to speak with sincerity what we think?

Ever since childhood we’ve been conditioned to fear. How many times has someone told you to “be careful”?  When you hear those words subconsciously our brain is going FEAR, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR.  But does being told to “be careful” make us anymore safe?  No, of course not, after all I still ended up shooting myself with a BB gun; fell off my bike, cut myself with a knife, and much more.  Fear is about control, control over imagination. 

Abraham Maslow, the famous psychologist who is known for creating the Hierarchy of needs says that before we harness creativity, morality, problem solving, lack of prejudice and acceptance of facts, we must feel safe.  According to Maslow this means security of body, of employment, of resources, of morality, of the family, health and property.  In other words, before we create that beautiful masterpiece or cure cancer, we must shed our fear of being blown up by a terrorist attack.   Now I want to make one very important point, fear is also very useful when the threat is REAL.  Not jumping off a building for fear of injury or death is a good type of fear.  Not flying on an airplane for fear of being hijacked is NOT a good type of fear; I call these types of fears “WHAT IF FEARS” It’s the what if fear that the government and more generally people in power love to exploit.  What if radical Muslims get control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons? What if the terrorists use a biological weapon on our subway?  What if Iran speedboats sink a US destroyer?  What if they follow us home from Iraq?  All of these what if fears are used as a means of control.  Is it no wonder that the patriot act was passed right after 9/11 because of what if fear, what if it (9/11) happens again? 

Enter Ron Paul.  Let me make one thing clear, Ron Paul is not a savior, he’s not a God and he’s certainly not perfect.  Ron has made mistakes just like every other candidate running for president, I’m sure there are things about him that I wouldn’t agree with and I’m sure he’s made his fair share of bad choices. It’s not my intent to praise Ron as being a saint, it’s my intent to explain why Ron Paul is the best vehicle for shedding fear and returning imagination to the minds that have been enslaved by what if fear. 

Ron Paul understands fear and what it’s capable of.  Forget for a moment all the votes he’s caste against Government waste, or the fact that he’s a strict constitutionalist.  Forget that he’s never voted to raise taxes or an unbalanced budget, forget all of that.  Instead focus on what he’s said about sacrificing liberty for security.  I want you to judge Ron Paul based on whose interest he has at heart.   Other candidates like Romney or Giuliani have never once mentioned the protection of personal liberties of individuals and have never stood up and said, WAIT!!!! If we head down this road of sacrificing liberty for security we will end up with neither.   They have never said that if we continue to live in a state of fear we will never have prosperity. 
The best leader is the one who leads least.  The best leader is the one who leads by example and not only talks about imagination but gets out of the way to let the creative energy flow.  All of the other candidates want to stick part of their foot in the process, they want to have some type of control over the imagination of the people, and they use what if fear as the excuse to do it.  We should be very concerned about voting for a candidate that will warn us of the fears about Iran and ignore the fears of the economic sate America is in. 
We should listen to the candidates and look for what if fear.  The ones who promote what if fear are the ones we need to ignore.  The Ron Paul campaign is about removing what if fear from the minds of as many people as we can.  The less what if fear the more free we all will be.  Ron Paul isn't just the best candidate because he wants to restore the constitution; Ron Paul is the best candidate because he's the only candidate talking about restoring imagination.

The revolution isn’t about choosing a president, the revolution is about imagination.