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Misguided Authors are Ubiquitous

I have my Google news gadget display the latest news headlines for Ron Paul on my Igoogle homepage. I’m always amazed at the internet sources for RP articles; rarely any stories come from major news outlets, and in fact most are blogs or little known sites with authors as arbitrary as I am.  It’s no wonder then why so many misinformed stories are coming out about Ron Paul.  For example the headline that caught my eye just now is “Ron Paul Tops US Election's False Agents of Change” this story comes from The Market Oracle, which of course nobody’s heard of – you can view the article here http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article3424.html.  The theme to the piece is basically RP isn’t doing enough, and instead of his campaign working to get him elected they should instead be focused on evoking article V of the constitution because in the opinion of the writer that would be a true revolution and RP is just a fake and blah blah blah.  The piece also once again attempts to defame Paul by pointing to earmarks (it’s obvious the writer is ignorant on the subject).  The article is completely absent of any facts relating to Paul’s platform, and instead attacks the supporters and RP himself.  


           My goal here isn’t to offer a rebuttal to the story, but instead to focus on the mindset of the people that spend their time writing poorly researched stories and misguided articles attempting to discourage people from supporting RP. 


           It’s obvious just by looking at who these people are writing for that they have no real contacts in the political world.  They attempt to wield political influence by the words they freely write which is granted to them under the 1st amendment and I stand defending their right to write. But we should all strive for truth, and if were ignorant and close minded then we’ve already lost. The RP campaign is testimony enough that there’s still hope for freedom.  Now I know some of you are thinking that these are the very people (no name authors) we should be trusting since they don’t work for the MSM.  All of you thinking that are in fact correct, but you should always be on the lookout for anyone writing a piece with the sole purpose, the only agenda, and the piling on to defame a candidate (not just Ron Paul).   The people who write such stories are seeking attention and recognition for their ability to twist facts and spit out mistruths in order to influence public opinion.  They have no desire for truth or logic.  These people want your mind, and they’re willing to go pretty low to do it. 


           I have come across many anti RP articles that are in fact very well written and do not attempt to slander Paul himself.  I have much respect for these writers because even though they have a difference of philosophy, they always show respect.  I would much rather read an article that goes through the issues one by one and states why RP is wrong and gives opinions in an intelligent manner and in a respectful way (even if I disagree), then articles which give nothing but empty praise.   However most articles I see like the one mentioned in the first paragraph are nothing more then pure slander, achieving nothing but speculation throughout an uninformed public and the spreading of lies. The authors are much like the kids in school who would go around spreading rumors about who likes who simply for the reason that nobody liked them. 


           For decades the MSM has been selling only ignorance, and unfortunately we’ve been buying.  The internet has opened a new market place where along with ignorance, truth and logic are sold.  We as consumers need to be prudent when buying what’s being written.