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Freedom’s Phoenix Article About Naked Grandmother Brings Street Preachers to Iowa By Greg Dixon

Freedom’s Phoenix Article About Naked Grandmother Brings Street Preachers to Iowa



By Greg Dixon

The old saying “The pen is Mightier than the Sword” is still true. An article in Freedom’s Phoenix about a 72 year old grandmother who was made to lay without cover in solitary all night because she refused to stand naked in front of her captors in a Iowa City jail so incensed a Georgia street preacher that he and a group of men made a 2000 mile round trip to Iowa City as a modern day Jonah to preach against the wickedness of this modern day Ninevah. Instead of being swallowed by a whale they were nearly whitened out by a blinding snow storm. Following is the account by Dan Holman.





Modern day saints 



                               Pastor Billy Ball and 5 men from Faith Baptist Church of Primrose in Luthersville, Georgia drove to Iowa City, Iowa to preach at the Planned Parenthood where Donna Holman was arrested.  Pastor Billy preached a sermon at his church this past Sunday and was moved in his heart to drive to Iowa City and, for a time, take Donna Holman’s place at the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic. The 5 men with him were likewise moved and took time off from work to join him. They drove all day Monday and arrived in Iowa City on Tuesday morning. It was a brutally cold and windy day, but these men were determined to rebuke the demonic authorities governing Iowa City, and speak up for the babies routinely murdered at these mills.

They asked a stranger if he could direct them to the abortion clinic. The man went with them and guided them to the Emma Goldman Clinic instead of Planned Parenthood, this also proved providential. Tuesday was not a killing day at Planned Parenthood, but babies were being killed at Emma Goldman.

In the bitter cold the men preached to the women going into Death’s Door, one woman was crying.

As they had finished preaching, and were putting their signs away the Iowa City Police arrived. One of the officers was the same red headed feminazi who had arrested Donna Holman. She said to Bro. Billy, “If anyone in this clinic complains that they can hear you, you will be arrested for Disorderly Conduct.”

The men took her to task. They asked how they are to reach people if they are not allowed to raise their voice.  She said they are to go up to them individually and speak with them. She told Pastor Billy that her (female) pastor does not yell when she preaches. Billy asked “Does your pastor go from individual to individual preaching her message?” the dynamic of preaching means to raise your voice to reach an audience!

I could not join Pastor Billy Ball and his men in Iowa City but we had a sweet time of fellowship with them at the Hy-Vee Restaurant in Keokuk, Iowa which is about 100 miles South as they returned home. They had come a long way and I should not doubt that a baby was saved because of their heroic effort.

Our thanks to Pastor Billy, and the men of Faith  Baptist  Church; we also thank those who supported them on their journey.

The Lord bless you Billy and your ministry.

So prays Dan & Donna Holman

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