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Ron Paul: The Morning After or the Mourning After?

Ron Paul Dead?  R3VOLution Dead?  I don't think so.  Ron Paul has had wonderful success getting his message out despite the amazing efforts of the mainstream media to prevent him.  Did you see how much money he raised from individual supporters?  Did you see the crowds?  Did you see the signs?  Did you see the volunteers?

Do you believe there is a deliberate conspiracy by the mainstream media to promote certain candidates and suppress others?  Do you believe with all that you have seen that it is realistic that Ron Paul only received 4% of the vote in a fair election process? 

Let me tell you a bed time story.  I went to bed at 10 p.m. (MST) on February 5th, and Ron Paul with 20% of the precincts reporting in Alaska had 41% of the vote!  41%!!!!  Nobody else was close splitting the remaining 60% pretty evenly amongst themselves.  How about that, Ron Paul was going to win Alaska as predicted by some.  I get up at a quarter to 1 a.m. to finalize and send out the Freedom's Phoenix newsletter, and check the results: Ron Paul has only a third place 17%, Mitt Romney wins with 44% and I am left scratching my head going 'holy crap, why don't you make it obvious!'

It seems obvious to me that the election machine would rather dial in a dismal 4% for Paul than risk him showing up second or even third place.  In a time when the war is unpopular with at least a third of registered Republicans, when the Patriot Act is unpopular with at least a third of registered Republicans, when the grocery and gas prices rise weekly, the media and the political machine -- same thing really -- expect you to believe their polls.  They expect you to believe their media.   But as you have already witnessed these past few months: It is all a lie. 

So don't be sad.  The MSM is toast.  And the elections process is toast.   They are not hindering you.  They are helping you even though that is not their intent.  There may not be much LOVE left in the revolution, but there is still the revolution.  The revolution has happened between your ears.  It is gradually happening daily between all of those you interact with.  A building anger.  Don't despair.  You have been shown the ways of the activist.  So are you going to be doing something different this week than you were doing last week?  Are you going to give up?  Or are you going to keep on fighting for a rebellion in your friends, acquaintances and community as the economy collapses around you?  As your civil liberties evaporate and tyranny abounds?  As the prosperity and blood is sucked out of our soldiers to be converted into oil, are you going to let them wither and died in vain?

 Ron Paul is moving forward.  Are you?

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