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Illegal Immigration - The Hegelian Dialectic in Action

The Hegelian Dialectic, simply defined, is the process by which a problem is created in order for a pre-determined solution to be implemented. This pre-determined solution is intended to advance an agenda, also pre-determined, that people might not normally go along with. For a more detailed definition, click this link.
In the light of this definition, let’s look at illegal immigration. The borders are open, and people are screaming for border enforcement. Hmmm.... The obvious reasons a corrupt government would have for not enforcing existing immigration laws and keeping the Mexican borders wide open are: 
To help bring about the NAU
To destroy the existing American economy in the name of globalization
To eliminate the middle class  
These are all things that we the people are fighting against, and justifiably so. But what if our justified fight against these things is one that has been manufactured by the very people we are fighting against in this corrupt government in order to promote their agenda?
Here is a not so obvious reason for the Mexican borders to remain wide open:  
To create such a huge illegal immigration problem that the American people will scream for more border enforcement and stricter movement controls  
In the name of border enforcement, which we the people are demanding, it does not take a severe stretch of the imagination to understand that the same techniques developed to enforce border controls can and will be used against the American people themselves.
So there you have it - the Hegelian Dialectic in action. Create a huge illegal immigration problem to get the people to demand a solution, develop techniques to control the population as a solution to the problem, then eventually use these same techniques against the people who demanded they be created in the first place. Brilliant.
Time to step out of the Hegelian Dialectic.
Copyright 2008, Barbara H. Peterson

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Comment by bluejacket
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Without a fence to keep us in, where would we go?

Comment by Mikester
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The same fence that keeps them out, will keep us in!