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Bush: The Lame Duck Tour

Please forgive the run on sentences, but I am pissed.

President Bush is on the 'I am a lame duck, pay attention to my great foreign policy, final chapter' tour busy saving the American economy he so thoroughly devastated by giving away more of the U.S. currency he printed up.  First stop is Africa, where he handed out mosquito netting to protect children under the age of five from getting malaria, figuring they could wait until six before learning what a cruel world their exploited and terrorized region provides.

Yes it is bad enough Bush sends his minions out daily to place a gun to your temple demanding at minimum half of your daily labors to fund his crazy endeavors that provide the latest ego maniacal photo op.  It is bad enough he cannot stay at home to take care of his domestic responsibilities -- actually what should be a President's sole responsibilities -- he must instead go abroad spreading your wealth amongst the populace of an ever unappreciative planet.

Worse, if he was going to spend his time and your money abroad you might expect him to deal with the mess that he created in invading and occupying Iraq these past five years, protecting the under five year old children who after five years of occupation still know nothing of electricity, clean drinking water or safe streets to play in, and yet of all things know much of death by cholera  and raw sewage running fetid down the streets where they play.  Their older siblings and parents remember a time of relative peace. Of the highest educational standards in the Middle East. The highest health care in the Middle East. The most religious tolerance in the Middle East. The freedom from terrorist acts in the Middle East. The freedom to dress as you please, drive wherever you wish, to freely -- far more freely than we -- purchase military firearms and plenty of ammunition in the Middle East. The highest educational standards in the Middle East. The greatest freedom for women -- outside of Israel -- in the Middle East. Oil wealth, the most secular spot -- perhaps more so than Israel -- in the Middle East ... until the great liberator Bush invaded and occupied Iraq and placed the nation under Apartheid style segregation and terror relocation, Sharia law, Moslem oppression, and dank and squalid destruction of their once thriving middle class -- the greatest in the Middle East -- along with destroying their infrastructure, so that the nation with the largest oil reserves now waits in day long gasoline lines to keep cars likely to be machine gunned by occupation forces at the next undisclosed surprise roadblock still running.

Yes, our beloved leader, caring for America by passing out your hard earned dollars to African parents to keep their kids safe from malaria until they hit six so he can have a final series of publicity photos on his way out the door.  What a guy.  Hurry up and elect his replacement: Clone number One or Clone Number Two.  It is your choice ... the only one you get.

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