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Why Are We Turning "Mother's Day" into "Birthing People's Day"?

One Congressional House Member urged we change Mother's Day to People Birthing Day.  Does that mean we turn "Father's Day" into "Transgender Unique Day"?

If we allow enough foreigners from failed cultures into America, they will eventually kill our successful American culture. We've got people now trying to destroy "Mother's Day" with "Birthing People's Day" as the new moniker for mothers. They are also trying to destroy Halloween, Easter, Christmas and the 4th of July. Soon enough, they will demand we celebrate the Haaj and another dozen foreign rituals. That's when we lose America because we lost our culture. When a country loses its culture, it loses its identity. 

If you look at all the violence arriving at our doorstep from people who don't like or don't accept our culture--you're seeing the disintegration of our identities as Americans. We're not Antifa or BLM. We're not Sharia Law. We're not Somalia. We're not Ethiopia. We're not Indians. We're not Chinese.  We're Americans with the most successful culture and way of life for the most eclectic collection of people on the planet.  Never have so many colors, religions and ethnic groups been encouraged to succeed at anything they might pursue.  It's why billions of people around the planet hunger for our style of living, life and government.  

But we cannot allow them to steal our identity, displace our culture and ransack our coveted celebrations.  

We need to cherish our culture, our language, our American holidays and our American way of life. If you don't like "Mother's Day", find another culture that likes "birthing people's day." I find "birthing people's day" absolutely un-American and idiotic as hell. 

Frosty Wooldridge, American citizen proud of America