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The Role of the Government Official

In 1776 the founders risked their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to establish a free and prosperous nation whereby individuals were able to do as they pleased without any interference from government officials unless the individual initiated force upon another. 
They set up an immense free-trade zone where goods and people are able to cross borders unencumbered by excessive taxation, regulation, and identification.  The centerpiece of liberty for the individual was free trade and movement of individuals would take place across any border with the individual being responsible for his own property and the protection of that right assigned to government officials. 
Now, just over two hundred years later, what exists in America is the exact opposite.  Excessive taxation takes almost half of an individual’s economic well-being.  Government officials entangle Americans in other people’s business and the lives of many are put at risk in order that government officials can initiate regime change in other lands. 
Government spending is so out of control that the federal government alone spends about $100,000 every second, an unimaginable number, increasing the debt burden to future generations to the tune of over nine trillion dollars that is rising exponentially.  Illegal immigration would be practically non-existent if there were no unconstitutional government spending programs benefiting anyone. 
The creation of a private central bank, forbidden by the United States Constitution, has debased the American currency that supports the out of control spending by government officials. 
Because power corrupts, the Constitution was written to restrain the actions of government officials.  However, as warned by the founders, under the guise of national security, government officials have usurped the Bill of Rights with the passage of Patriot Act I and II, Military Commissions Act, and other legislation.  Under the pretense of opposing each other the two major political parties have the same goal of power over the individual with no respect for obeying the Constitution. 
The nation that the founders created is to be sovereign and independent and not submit itself to anyone even the United Nations.  Because of the control of the media by government legislation an honest, independent, and unbiased press is now full of propaganda, distortions, and omissions. 
Truly the price of liberty is eternal vigilance meaning that to be self-governing every individual must be responsible for his own life’s decisions otherwise individual liberty is non-existent.  A government big enough to handout anything the individual desires is big enough to take anything away in order to pay for those handouts.  Americans continue to trade self-reliance and individual liberty for entitlement programs that steal the wages of all individuals. 
To become the great nation that America once was four things must happen.  One, the individual must stop looking to government officials for solutions to the variety of situations they find themselves in life.  The result is reduced government spending and in turn reduced government taxation thereby reducing the size of government and allowing for more freedom for the individual to make those creative decisions. 
Two, the right to legitimately obtained private property must be enforced by government officials, the reason for which government officials exist.  Government officials do not exist to take property from individuals without due process.  Government officials must adhere to the Constitution, otherwise, individual liberty is lost.   
Three, government officials also exist to make sure that individuals are free to trade with whomever they choose and to make sure they can freely move between borders without any regulation except those that restrict the use of force of one individual upon another.
Finally, government officials are assigned the duty of making sure not to debase the currency in order for individuals to be able to trade with one another. 
All of these requirements are stated in the United States Constitution.  All that needs to be done is for government officials to obey the wonderful document and the citizenry to make sure they do.