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The revolution isn't over until I say it's over!

      If voting could change things it would be illegal.  I don't know who first coined this saying, but it is wisdom.  I think it is swell to continue trying to get delegates to the convention.  To try and have influence in the GOP.  To try and take over GOP precincts and influence the corrupt Republican Party.  But if this is your end goal -- just like gaining a plurality of votes for Paul -- it is a heartbreak in your future.  I am not saying don't try.  I am saying don't let it be your ultimate goal.  It is a pretty hollow one anyway.  Who wants to take over a failed, and utterly corrupt group?  You would only end up corrupted.

    Ron Paul makes it clear in his video message of March 6th that this is a revolution.  An uncoordinated revolution.  Revolutions don't end just because one goal is unmet.  Securing delegates is a good part, but only a part of the revolution.  There are many, many more parts to be done.  What they consist of is up to you and your imagination.  For some things that are organized where Dr. Paul can help he will be there.  For most things, you will have to do them for yourself.  So what are the goals of the revolution?  Each will have to answer that for themselves.  But as for me freedom from government  has always been my goal.  

    Government is nothing more than an organized criminal syndicate at all levels except one.  It must be fought and destroyed.  The mechanisms of that destruction are non-participation in its plans and the will to resist.  The endless wars on the world, our own people, and our liberties are mere symptoms of the organized criminal syndicate manipulating us to gain ever more of our earnings through fear and intimidation -- just like any thuggish mobster.  The only question is not whether, but at what point people will cease to fold and start to fight.  If the last hundred plus years of American history are any indication we will fold some more.  But perhaps we are long overdue.  Perhaps when enough people's shattered children return from wars overseas, enough truncheons have fallen on those who dared raised a negation to our masters, or more likely our economy has reduced virtually all to paupers overnight, perhaps then some spark will ignite another shot heard round the world.

    I registered as a Republican.  I voted for the first time in many years.  I became a PC.  I will influence those chosen to be delegates attending the state convention where the GOP convention delegates will be chosen.  Under my state's party rules I cannot be a state delegate.  That is fine.  I can help elect pro-Ron Paul delegates.  After that my duties to Paul's political campaign are fulfilled.  I will drop my registration and resign my PC status.  I have no interest in the further machinations of the GOP.  I leave that to others with stronger constitutions than mine.  I have done my promised duty to Ron Paul in the election.  Now I will continue the revolution.

    To those upset that Ron Paul did not win --- my god think of the education you have received!  All of the hard work put in by you and so many, many others.  And all your masters dialed in was 4 to 6% of the vote for Paul.  Now you know the process is rigged.  With that knowledge you can avoid wasting your time with the process, and find another way to freedom.  You have learned how to organize, how to communicate, that you are not alone in your knowing there is a great disaster approaching and that there are things that can be done with help from your fellow activists.   And that it takes just a few of you can have a positive impact.

    If voting could change things it would be illegal.  Voting is immoral.  It is the majority taking from everyone.  You are taught in school that if you don't vote you have no right to complain.  But it is the exact opposite.  If you voluntarily agreed to participate in a process, and lose and complain about the outcome you are a sore loser.  Worse, those who "count" the ballots don't care whom or how you vote.  All they care about is your participation to validate the results and their suppression and robbery of you.  At best voting is immoral, more than likely however, the outcome has little to do with the ballots being cast.

    My revolutionary activities go with what Ron Paul eluded to in his video of March 6th.  There is an economic catastrophe coming.  NOTHING can stop this now.  

    When I ran for CONgress in 2004, it was on ending the war, pulling our troops back from around the world, restoring our civil liberties and saving our economy from the $9 trillion debt (I found it was actually $16 trillion) by drastically slashing spending.  The U.S. Comptroller General David Walker a few months later came out with his first report saying it was actually a $46.4 trillion debt.  There was no interest in hearing any claims that the nation was going broke.  The economy was perfect, and debt was good.  I was an extremist.  Our president even tried to persuade those foolish Chinamen extending us credit that their citizens must stop saving and start running up their credit cards like super smart Americans were doing.  In 2006, when I ran again, there was zero interest in even acknowledging an election was taking place.  I ran not on a save the country, but on a "it is all hopeless so save yourself" (by getting out of personal debt) campaign.  

    So this is my treason.  Using what forums are available to persuade people that when it all collapses, it is not the Chinese, homosexuals, Mexicans, libertarians, Indians, Arabs, terrorists, atheists, businessmen, illegal aliens, or whatever other groups the government will toss out to try and focus the anger of the American public away from those really responsible for the tragic mess they find themselves in.  This calamity is the result of over a century of outright thievery by the governments themselves who have brought us all to despair and the governments will continue their robbery so long as they are permitted to run our lives.  The only question is are enough of you angry enough to do something about it?  Not now, but after the collapse.  Now is for education.  And you have the brains, the talent and the tools to do that.  If you choose the r3VOLution.

    Freedom's the Answer.  What's the Question?

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Comment by T1C3Lury
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Ron Paul and everyone of his fast-growing swarms of helpers need to start evaluating methods to determine; how those with long-established characteristic of changing vote counts, may do so again this coming election. History has too often, too late, proven computers are too often oactually "confusers" after, elections. We need to save our honest votes in some way, and disqualify any and every one who cheats, then give the victory to the honest candidates!
Joe Spenner

Comment by T1C3Lury
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Excellent comment! Remember the "Bullet Proof George Washington." (From internet). He NEVER gave up, neither should we. I have a big
8 feet by 4 feet plywood sign ready to be put along side highway I-5, when someone gives me permission to put it in their field. WE KNOW, the machines are giong to be "fixed!." All we need to do is pray there is a BETSY ROSS vote counter who will blow a steam whistle so we can rally the real-suffering-Patriots, for a vigorous counter-attack for justice, and put the only qualified man, RON PAUL, in office. If, after we find the vote has again been rigged, it is time for the bleeding Iraq Vets, bankrupted-honest-citizens, awakened-young-generation, distressed parents, old hobbling Grandmas & Granda's; TIME TO APPEAL TO THE "AUTHOR OF ALL GOOD," AND BOOT EVERY CROOK OUT OFFICE!

Joe Spenner

Comment by Mikester
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Comment by Gladestone
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I agree it ain't over till its over,we need to take the fight right to these treacherous jerks.You can get a good bit of info at JBS.org

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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You 'da MAN.

Comment by Monroe Maxhimer
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Powell, Good article.
Here are my suggestions to anyone wanting to continue their revolution in a meaningful manner.
Stop filling out forms generated by the so called government. Don't apply for anything - Be free. Don't register for anything - Be free. Don't beg for any benefit - Be free.
Learn the language of the Law and use it against them.
Remember, all government workers are human beings and deserve respect, but most are as ignorant as rocks about the law. They only do what they are told - and some of them carry guns, so whatever you do will be dangerous.
Good luck.

Monroe Maxhimer, an Arizona national

Comment by Multimediamonitor
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You say "If voting could change things it would be illegal." What if those who conduct elections rig them so they don't change things but the media tells us that what we have is democracy? Then most of us could [like I did for decades] fall for the propaganda.

By contrast if governments tried to make voting illegal, many would object - even to the point of revolution.

The fact that governments conduct illegal elections has been proven in government courts but those who control the news suppress the truth and people continue to believe that the majority of voters want to be governed by the "lesser of two evils".

So what can we do?

Comment by Morpheus
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Bravo ! now get out there Rock and Roll the Bones...Get Busy! June 21 we March. For Life Liberty and Freedom!