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Black, White, Brown & Islamic America: Grand Canyon of Racial Divide



For the past 20 years and today, presidential candidate Barack Obama attended(s) a Chicago church where Pastor Jeremiah Wright rails against our country by stating in his sermons, “Instead of God bless America, I say, God d**** America.”



With the pews packed, Wright’s vitriolic orations ring to the rafters and black American church-goers cheer, clap and sing against their own country.   The venom expressed inside those church walls contradicts everything Jesus Christ expressed in his ministry.   Jesus called for forgiveness, understanding, respect and love of your fellow man. 



Yet, in the United States, a country populated by people from over 100 countries, Wright condemns everything American.  He condemns white people as the scourge of the United States.  He blames whites for every short-falling of blacks in America.   Never once does Wright mention personal responsibility.



For 20 years Obama supported that kind of rhetoric with thousands of dollars, with marrying his wife and baptizing his two children in that church where so much anger spews out on a weekly basis.



In 2008, Obama wants to bring America together.  He wants to mend the racial divide.  The question jumps up at you: with anger, venom for one’s country and duplicity of Christ’s teachings?



This week, I talked with Chicagoan Jake Jacobsen of www.freedomfolks.com about events in the ‘Windy City’ that led up to this week’s expose’ of the Grand Canyon-sized racial divide facing that former all American city.



“Because of a massive influx of illegal aliens now numbering over 2.1 million and disenfranchised American blacks,” Jacobsen said, “we have three distinct sections in Chicago—black, white and brown.  We have a perfect example of the results of multiculturalism.  Nothing will bridge the gap between the races because the single most important ingredient missing is a common culture.”



To place this dilemma in greater perspective, the Washington, DC grapevine floats the idea that Obama will choose Hispanic Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) as a vice-presidential running mate in order to garner 99 percent of the black and Chicano vote. 



To counter that, old man McCain may invite Colin Powell as a VP running mate to draw blacks back to the Republican side.



To make political intrigues more interesting, Oprah Winfrey may surprise everyone with a political bombshell of her own as she supports Obama.



Ironically, Obama, the result of a Muslim African-Kenyan father who did not enjoy American citizenship and a white mother, lived his first 10 years in Indonesia with a Muslim step-parent.  In fact, Obama cannot be called an all American man.  Further, much of what Pastor Wright spews during Sunday sermons reeks of Malcolm X and other Muslim anger.



If you look at the growing Muslim presence in Detroit, Michigan, you stand as an eye-witness to another section of non-American separation.  As their numbers grow, we Americans may be surprised by ‘sudden jihad syndrome’ that Paris, France; London, England and Madrid, Spain experienced as their Islamic immigrants gained greater numbers.   Their cultural anger bombed subways, trains and fire-bombed cities for weeks.



Multiculturalism equates with the same success as Marxism.  It can only work with the power that comes out of the barrel of a gun.



We face growing millions of Mexican illegals waving their green, white and red flags while speaking their native language.  They demand amnesty and full voting rights.  They force their language and culture upon our nation at breakneck speed.   We face millions of displaced, jobless American blacks suffering 50 percent high school drop out rates, 50 percent fatherless children and 50 percent without jobs.   We face two to three million Muslim Americans, most born outside our country-- with their own kind of anger toward America as we bomb their Muslim brothers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Who knows how many Muslim ministers in those American mosques replicate Pastor Wright’s righteous indignation? 



Finally, we see millions of white Americans hanging on by their fingernails as their jobs outsource, insource and offshore at the hands of Congress.  We see foreclosures implode the middle class out of its own homes at record breaking rates.   Meanwhile, the Iraq War costs that same middle class $12 billion a month with no end in sight while our borders remain wide open to facilitate another 9/11 event.



All the while, millions upon millions of Americans watch their nation swirl the drain with clueless apathy.  And into the mix, we add another 2.5 to 3.0 million immigrants annually.



To that I pray, “God help America!”



 Take action:  www.thesocialcontract.com ; www.numbersusa.com ; www.fairus.org ; www.proenglish.org ; www.firecoalition.com ; www.alipac.us ; www.capsweb.org ; www.vdare.com ; www.balance.org; www.limitstogrowth.com ; www.carryingcapacity.org ; www.patriotunion.org ; www.immigrationcounters.com ; www.SafeAmericaAct.com


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