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Pandemic Among The Fully Vaccinated; Trump Takes Credit

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A new medical report out of the UK reveals that since August, 91% of Covid deaths have been among the "fully" vaccinated.

The public are being repeatedly lied to by elected officials, unelected advisors, and the mainstream media, with all of them claiming that the world is currently experiencing a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated. This could not be further from the truth.

But the lie has now been used to justify locking down the unvaccinated in Austria, and locking the unvaccinated out of society in Australia.

Now Germany is about to follow suit, Scotland is about to ban the unvaccinated from pubs and restaurants under the advice of a qualified nutritionist posing as a Pandemic expert who goes by the name of Devi Sridhar, and the authorities and media in England have gone into overdrive on the advice of the "nudge unit" to sway the population into supporting a lockdown for only the unvaccinated.

But it all makes absolutely no sense because official Public Health data shows that over the past three months the majority of Covid-19 cases have been among the fully vaccinated, two-thirds of Covid-19 hospitalisations have been among the fully vaccinated, and a frightening 91% of Covid-19 deaths have been among the fully vaccinated, and projections shows things are about to get a lot worse.

The most recent report was published Wednesday 17th November and covers data on Covid-19 cases from October 16th to November 12th 2021, by vaccination status.

Table 18 of the report shows that in the most recent week, November 6th to November 12th, a total of 20,858 cases were confirmed in Scotland either following a questionable lateral flow test or a highly unreliable PCR test. Of these 8,029 were among the unvaccinated (the majority of which were children), 1,412 were among the partly vaccinated, and 11,417 were among the fully vaccinated.

As you can clearly see from the above table the fully vaccinated accounted for the vast majority of cases between 16th October and November 12th, and by also taking into account the number of Covid-19 cases by vaccination status as far back as August 21st we can see that things are actually getting progressively worse for the fully vaccinated population by the week. 

The casualty rate among people receiving the experimental Covid gene therapy shots will continue to escalate for months and years to come. The deaths and injuries due to the Covid shots that we are witnessing now—and what virtually everyone in government and the news media is trying to hide—have just begun to materialize. Some people who took the shots will die many months down the road.

The entire Covid narrative is falling apart! And Joe Biden and the Democrats know it.

Just this week, Joe Biden passed the buck (and the blame) for the Covid disaster to State governors.

US President Joe Biden has apparently backed down from his pre-election pledge to stop Covid-19 in its tracks, telling governors it's up to state governments to end the pandemic.

"There is no federal solution," Biden said on Monday in a teleconference with governors. "This gets solved at the state level."

Setting high expectations for stopping the spread of Covid-19 was a linchpin of Biden's presidential campaign. He hammered then-President Donald Trump for alleged failures in dealing with the virus, going so far as to say that his Republican rival was to blame for all of America's Covid-19 deaths.

"Anyone who's responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America," Biden said in his final debate with Trump.

At the time, 220,000 US deaths had been attributed to the virus. The death toll had risen to around 400,000 by the time Trump left office last January. But even with Covid-19 vaccines being available throughout this year, after starting to trickle out in mid-December 2020, Americans are dying at a faster pace on Biden's watch. The toll currently stands at about 815,000, meaning the US has had 415,000 Covid-19 deaths during Biden's 11 months in the job.

However, that doesn't mean that the U.S. Supreme Court will not try to do its best to keep the Covid scam alive. Trump's appointments Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett have ice water in their veins when it comes to resisting the dismantlement of anything remotely resembling Police State empowerment.

I would not be surprised one bit if these two judicial tyrants vote to uphold Biden's vaccine mandates. In fact, I will be shocked if they don't.

It doesn't matter. The Covid narrative is still falling apart.

More and more people are awakening to the Covid con job. The protests against mandates have grown from a few hundred here and there just a couple of months ago to millions of people marching everywhere—even to the point of shutting down commercial traffic and halls of government.

Biden knows if he doesn't get off the Covid bandwagon, the Democrats are going to suffer crushing defeats in the 2022 congressional elections. He also knows that his tyrannical Covid policies are so unpopular that as things stand right now he doesn't stand a chance of winning re-election in 2024.

Democrats are privately screaming and publically suggesting that Biden NOT run in 2024, and Kamala Harris' poll numbers are even further in the tank than Biden's. In fact, the only two people less popular than Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are Biden and Harris.

In a hypothetical race between Biden and Scamdemic fighter Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, DeSantis would run away with the biggest landslide victory since Ronald Reagan. But if pro-Scamdemic Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, all bets are off, and Biden is in—and I mean the White House.

I have always believed that Trump was controlled opposition—as are many professing conservatives. As soon as he was elected, the first person he lauded and brought onto his team was Mr. 9/11 himself: Rudy Giuliani. And it went downhill from there. Trump filled his administration with the same CFR globalists as his predecessors Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama. 

Furthermore, Trump is the one man who single-handedly inflicted the tyrannical Covid Police State on the world. And he's proud of it.

Former President Trump said Tuesday it was tough to be "overly critical" of President Biden after the current president praised the Trump administration for its COVID-19 vaccine rollout. 

"Thanks to the prior administration and our scientific community, America is one of the first countries to get the vaccine," Biden said from the White House, referring to the Trump administration's vaccine effort referred to as Operation Warp Speed.  

"Thanks to my administration, the hard work of Americans, we let — our rollout made America among the world leaders in getting shots in arms," Biden continued.  

Trump, in an interview with Fox News the same evening, said he was both "surprised" and "appreciative" of the president's acknowledgment, adding it is difficult to criticize Biden after receiving recognition.  

"It is a little tough to be overly critical now because he just thanked us for the vaccine and thanked me for what I did," Trump reportedly said. "You know, that's a first — so it is very tough for me to be overly critical now." (Source) 

Even perennial Trump shill Alex Jones lashed out at Trump's self-adulation over forcing the Covid tyranny on the world:

"You are either completely ignorant about the so-called vaccine gene therapy you helped ram through with Operation Warp Speed, or you are the most evil man who has ever lived to push this toxic poison on the public and to attack your constituents when they simply try to save their lives and the lives of others," Jones said.

I've heard people say that Jones will not support Trump in 2024, but I don't believe it. The only way Jones would not support Trump in 2024 was if he knew Trump was not running. Jones and thousands like him have spent 5 years making excuses for Trump's crass, criminal conduct. If Trump is the GOP nominee, they will stay in the sewer with him.

But there are millions of Trump's followers who have seen the light on this imposter. I would estimate that somewhere between 30% - 35% of them will NOT support Trump in 2024 in direct response to Trump's draconian Covid policies. And if Trump appointees Kavanaugh and Barrett vote in favor of Biden's mandates, that percentage may turn out to be much higher.

Unless Republicans have a death wish, they will nominate someone else besides Donald Trump in 2024.

Yes, the white-coated tyrants are lying to us about Covid deaths. The vast majority of people that are dying are dying from the vaccines, not the virus. And Donald Trump doesn't mind taking credit for it.


I hope Republicans give Trump his due credit and put this con man out to pasture once and for all.

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