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The World According to Monsanto Expose’ Disappears from the Internet!

The excellent French documentary titled “The World According to Monsanto – A documentary that Americans won’t ever see,” is evidently living up to its name. When I first became aware of this movie, I immediately watched it, then placed it on my websites. Today I checked the link, and found that the video is gone. In fact, when I typed the title “The World According to Monsanto” into the Google search engine, I couldn’t find the full video anywhere.  

This is a call for action. If you find this video anywhere on the Internet, please let me know. If you haven’t seen it, you need to. If you have seen it, you know what a powerful video it is for exposing the corruption of Monsanto and the U.S. government. If Google Video has removed this documentary in acquiescence to the U.S. government or Monsanto, then that is testimony to the power and corruption behind the massive corporate movement to wage war on the environment and all living things in the pursuit of profit and power, the people be damned.  

Siv O’Neall states: 

The gospel according to Monsanto is that their patented GM seeds and their bovine growth hormone (BGH) will increase worldwide production of agricultural, dairy and meat products and Bt cotton to the extent that worldwide hunger and poverty will be eradicated.  

The actual truth is rather the opposite. GMOs are creating serious damage all over the world and artificial BGH injection in cows cause numerous health problems, and even death.  

Monsanto is not held back by any considerations of ethics and it hides the reality of its sordid machinations behind a wall of secrecy. Everything Monsanto does is exclusively with the intent of increasing its own profit – everything else be damned. (2008)  

This is an information war, and it is highly possible that either Google Video is doing its part to help the corporate giant pull the wool over the public’s eyes so it can poison the planet with impunity, or has been threatened. Fight back! Spread the word and try to find a source for this extremely important expose’ about collusion between the U.S. government and Monsanto. It is too important to put off. Our planet is in imminent peril because of the machinations of this evil corporation.  

If left to its own devices it (Monsanto) will most certainly destroy the livelihood of millions of farmers – a process begun a decade ago in India and certainly in many other countries as well. The planet's ecosystems will be seriously threatened by unnatural ways of changing agricultural patterns. The dangers of GMO cultivation to the environment come in many forms: 

·         Switching from age-old biodiverse crops that can tolerate low-level amounts of water to industrial monocultures of crops such as GM soya, cotton, sugarcane, etc. that require large amounts of irrigation. 

·         Inundating cultivated lands with toxic herbicides, in particular the dangerous Monsanto product Roundup, to which the GMO seeds have been made biotechnically resistant. Any other growth should succumb to Roundup, were it not for the fact that weeds to a very large extent become Roundup resistant.  

·         Putting an end to biological farming and poisoning non GM cultures through pollenization from GM crops and accidental exposure to Roundup herbicide.  

·         Deforestation to make more land available for the culture of the GM seeds Monsanto sells at high prices to poor farmers. (O’Neall, 2008)  

This issue is too important to put off. Please, try to find the video. People need to have this information. “The World According to Monsanto” is one of the most important videos I have ever seen. Help expose Monsanto!  

© 2008 Barbara H. Peterson 


O’Neall, S. (2008). The World According to Monsanto – A documentary that Americans won’t ever see. The Intelligence Daily.  http://www.inteldaily.com/?c=172&a=5653

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Comment by James Chicago
Entered on:
I have the video. I pulled it just on time. I will try to re-up load it all over the internet very soon and post some links...

Comment by Joe Blow
Entered on:

I found 12 links to the movie.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
Entered on:

The next time this becomes available (which it will) please let me know right away,... I have a plan :)

Comment by Barbara Peterson
Entered on:

I searched You Tube last night also, and got the same Canadian "copyright" message, and no video.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:
Well here you are:

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by National Film Board of Canada"

Now it looks to me that this was funded not by Canada but by France. Strange. Perhaps this board was objecting to Canadian National TV copyrighted material contained within the movie,and Monsanto lawyers who are very active in Canada, used this government board as a proxy to have the movie removed from Google.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:
Very interesting. All of the Internet links are apparently to the one Google Video link. It acts as if it is still there but broken or blocked.

I found the French version with French subtitles here:

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