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Inequities, Ironies and Insanities In 2022: Expect Much Worse in 2023

Without a doubt, millions of Americans must be scratching their heads as to the choices and stupidities of our elected representatives in Washington DC.  Every time you turn around, they out-do themselves with dumb, dumber and really stupid decisions that harm the American people. Instead of representing our best interests…they represent everyone else's best interests.

On the world stage, how could one man rain-down so much death and destruction onto innocent men, women and children of Ukraine?  Hitler did the same thing, and now, all these decades later, another nut-case named Putin has killed untold tens of thousands of innocent  people.  He's displaced millions of people from their homes. He's forced millions into other peoples' countries.  He's wrecked an entire country.  As this winter drags on, his death toll will become astronomical.  His actions portend pure madness.

And yet, world leaders, especially in Europe, sit by twiddling their thumbs. There's some kind of madness going on in the world when such a madman as Putin can get away with the same kind of madness as that Kim Jong Un nut-bag in North Korea.   How do such insanity cases get to be leaders of major countries?  

But then, you look at the United States…and scratch your head.  We've got a senile president that has sent something close to $100 billion in war aid to Ukraine for them to protect their borders.  But he's allowed in excess of 6.6 million illegal refugee migrants to storm our borders, overwhelm our cities, and millions more to come in 2023.  In fact, tens of millions more are expected to penetrate our country with no consequences. Along with that, he's opened the borders to the greatest drug cartels known in modern history to kill off our own citizens by the hundreds of thousands of young people annually.  No one in Congress blinks an eye to any of this human tragedy occurring in our own country.

Even more ironic, we voted most of the incumbents back into Congress this past November…that have caused the nightmares we're living financially, gas-prices, inflation and racial conflict.

While we spend millions helping other countries, over 500,000 American homeless citizens sleep in the streets 24/7.  Nothing is being done to house them, feed them, care for them or, in any way, give them a chance for a better life in our own country.  While they sleep in the streets, Biden sends all those illegal refugees to hotels with food services.  Tell me that any of that insanity makes any sense! 

Have you seen the continuing criminal onslaught in our major cities where "smash & grab" crimes have become the norm?  This year alone, $94 billion in stolen goods from mercantile stores across America.  What's being done?  Nothing!  In fact, the attorney generals in most of those big cities give those criminals "no-bail" releases within hours…that's "if" those criminals are caught.  They are back in business in places like California and they are allowed to steal up to $900.00 of goods with no penalty or prosecution.  You can't help but shake your head at the insanity of it all.  We're actually raising a generation of kids who lack an adequate education, job skills, and any sense of ethics, personal accountability and morality.  

The Founders of this country wrote our U.S. Constitution based on a morally and ethically responsible citizenry.  What we have today are minorities who enjoy the greatest opportunities on this planet demanding that we "defund the police", "do away with prisons", and "anything goes."  What happens when their numbers supersede the numbers of responsible American citizens?  Answer: we're talking anarchy on a national level.  

One of the worst attacks going on in America is a re-engineering of our First Amendment rights.  Stanford University pitched a whole new vocabulary that does not fit America.  In reality, that institution of higher learning teaches its students to condemn free speech.  You can't say, "American" any longer because it "degrades" other people.  When you have such "media terrorists" like Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy Reid trashing half the country daily on their programs, is it little wonder that kids hate their own country and want to see it destroyed?  Isn't it ironic that NPR features a 90 percent white listening audience, but condemns America as basically a racist country where minorities have faced horrible inequities. When in fact, America's minorities enjoy the highest standard of living, education and job opportunities in the world!  

Do such people that rail against America have a better replacement?  Answer: look around the world folks. It's not so nice in China, Russia, Mexico, India, North Korea, Bangladesh, Somalia, et al. 

How much longer can our country continue on this kind of unethical path where so many of our House and Senate members are dishonorable, our president is senile beyond anyone's comprehension, and we citizens are taken for fools?  

How many more millions of refugees can we absorb before we, too, become refugees?  Can we take-in another 20 or 30 million or more?  Because they ARE coming!  How can we survive our $31.5 trillion national debt? How can we survive the outflow of over $100 billion annually in cash transfers by these "immigrant refugees"?  How much longer will we remain any kind of a cohesive society with so many completely alienated against our country? 

If we continue on this path set by Biden, Congress and other world leaders, the year of 2023 will prove an even greater disaster than 2022.  You can count on it.


Anarchapulco June 2024