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Why Did The Most Watched Journalist in America, Tucker Carlson, Get Fired?

The Military Industrial Complex corporate heads engineered the Vietnam War.  It cost us 58,479 young American lives.  It killed 2.3 million Vietnamese.  For what? Answer: money.   The same corporate heads orchestrated the 20-year wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  It cost us 7,100 kids killed and in excess of 30,000 soldier suicides. Those fraudulent wars cost us $6 trillion.

Why has Biden spent $120 billion in Ukraine?  Why are there U.S. soldier boots on the ground over there?  Answer: Military Industrial Complex corporate heads.  What's to be gained: money.

The Mainstream Media fails at every level to inform the American people. They watch the invasion of our southern border, but address it as little as possible.  They watch the drugs cross over and into the bodies of our kids.  They fail to report on it year after year. Hundreds of thousands of deaths of our citizens----yet nothing being done to stop the flow from Mexico.  They watch criminal DA's in big cities completely flaunt our laws----and do not report what's happening.

Then, along comes Tucker Carlson.

For several decades, Tucker Carlson has proven that he is the finest, smartest, and most dependable journalist in America.  He brings the facts, the realities and the enlightenment to citizens in the USA and Canada.  Let's face it, we hunger for the facts. But we do not receive them from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR and PBS.

None of them will cover the fact or investigate the fact that Joe Biden suffers from dementia/Alzheimer's Disease----and is totally unfit for the office of president.  And yet, he's running for re-election.  He's almost certain to die in office.  An incredible 72 percent of the American public do not want him to run, but if he does, the democrats will support him.

Can our country be any more screwed up than that?

I interviewed my Canadian journalist friend in Vancouver, BC, Tim Murray.  He's one of the level-headed writers trying to educate his countrymen/women as to Canada's predicament. Canada is being invaded just like America.  Trudeau ranks right up there with Biden in the stupidity quotient. 

Tim, give American readers an understanding of why Tucker Carlson got fired.  I'm betting he was turning up more and more heat, more and more facts, more and more understanding----and those corporate-heads could not handle it.  Am I wrong?

Murry said, "When I first heard the news of Tucker Carlson's firing 24 hours ago. I was instantly enraged--- and the feeling has not diminished. 

"Friends have told me that no worries, he will go on to better things.  As the saying goes, when one door shuts another one opens. But there is little consolation to be found in the assurance that he will return on another platform, and be more richly remunerated to boot.  The reality is, however, that TV is still King, and that a very great number of people who need exposure to the kind of information that his program has afforded will no longer see or hear it.  Relatively few of us "stream".  

"This circumstance is particularly devastating to his Canadian viewers. Carlson was our "Radio Free Europe." By consistently interviewing Canadian dissidents he gave them a pipeline to a vast constituency of Canadians who instinctively understood that their state broadcaster and its clones were lying to them. Despite the laudable efforts of outlets like Rebel News, Truth North and The Western Standard, most skeptical viewers lacked the ammunition to fire back at them---or the dupes in their social network who parrot CBC talking points. Blood relatives being the most notorious of them. 

 "Moreover, many of the American commentators that Carlson hosted---people like Victor David Hanson or Heather McDonald or Dr. Scott Atlas for example---articulated views that resonated with Canadian patriots.  They helped us understand that while we are nationalists, we are part of a transnational movement. Brothers in Arms. We differ on several issues, but we are in unison on the ones that count most. 

"That being the case, those patriots who love liberty must take an interest in the struggles of patriots in other lands, especially the lands closest to theirs, geographically, ethnically or culturally.  Their tribulations are ours as well. What happens to Tucker Carlson or Mark Steyn or Christine Anderson matters to us, even if some of us have not heard of some of them. 

"The question is, how can we help each other? What can we do, as Canadians, to send Fox News a message? How can we offset the loss of Carlson's show with gains on other fronts?

"I didn't know what to do with my anger. I cursed. I kicked the chair. Then I stormed outside,  grabbed an axe and took it out on logs that needed chopping. Venting pent up rage in such a manner is both understandable and forgivable.  But it's a temporary fix, and it doesn't punish our oppressors or hit them where it hurts them the most.

"In fact, the wisest of their strategists know that providing harmless outlets for discontent serve them best.  By allowing us to let off steam they can better manage us, and by obliging them in that fashion we in effect become our own controlled opposition. Keyboard warriors too often think that simulating action with online rants is equivalent to actual action. 

"But merely writing about our predicament and leaving it at that accomplishes little .  As our Marxist foes remind us, understanding the world does not change it. It is about praxis, comrades. praxis. If you can't get out on the street and demonstrate, or run for office, or launch a petition, you can at least financially contribute to those who do.  Now of course there are dozens of causes that warrant financial support, and those of little means or scarce dollars like me cannot help them all. But we must help some, even if in small amounts. 

 "An hour after splitting wood and clearing up debris from our last mega-storm, I was physically exhausted. So, I went inside and went to my computer, found the website of the United Conservative Party of Alberta, and then made a donation to their campaign war chest. We can't vote our way out of this global mess, but we must at least hold the line while we can.

"Premier Danielle Smith and her party are the only governing politicians left to defend our fortress. She is not a messiah and doesn't cover all policy bases or match all of our views.  But she is fighting for our most basic liberties. Freedom of speech, the right to make our own medical choices without coercion, and provincial sovereignty are most salient. You know she is on the right track when you take notice of who is more hysterically determined to bring her down.  The rule is, if CBC journalists want to destroy you, your cause is righteous. 

"Alberta is our Alamo, and we can't afford to surrender it. Daniel Smith must be re-elected.   Do it for Alberta. Do it for Canada. And do it in honor of Tucker Carlson's accomplishments."

As for this journalist, for the life of me, I do not understand why the liberals are trying to destroy America. They are undermining the Constitution at every juncture.  They are turning our kids against our flag, against our cultural values and against everything that has made America the most successful country in history.  If we keep traveling on this lawless, ruthless and treacherous path, I fear for our children. I fear for our viability as a civilization.  If we keep making more "Detroit, Michigan"  cities as we're seeing in LA, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, St. Louis, New Orleans---we are in for a horribly rough ride.

Example here in Denver this week, three teens threw rocks at passing cars.  One rock hit the windshield of a very attractive high school girl, Alexa Bartell. Killed her, instantly.  They go to prison and she's dead. What's wrong with Generation X, Z, Trans, et al.?

We need Tucker Carlson because few other journalists possess the courage, the guts and the voice to inform Americans and Canadians.


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