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Where are all the Heroes?

So we are clear about what we are talking about I wish to start off with a definition of a hero and ask if members of a group or some sort of organization can be classified as heroes? I also wish to address the issue, Who/What gets to anoint 'Heroes'.

Hero: "A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life". So for this article I'll be using this definition.

A person (individual) recognized for their courage (Courage: The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery.) 'Nobility of Purpose' is a subjective phrase and can be manipulated, and risking death or even sacrificing your life can be propagandized as well. So I'll define MY "Heroes" as 'Individuals I recognize for demonstrating Courage/Bravery in opposition to known threats to their Life for the benefit of others. I'll also add Enslavement and Incarceration since I believe that time spent shackled or confined as a threat to Living.'

As an individual, I will determine for myself what is a 'Noble Cause', but I suspect that such a cause would be of benefit to a large number of people.

By the above definition I doubt that athletic talent, celebrity status or vote totals would be a qualifying criteria. I also wish to eliminate any particular profession or association with any collective. Wearing a uniform, a shiny badge or a stethoscope around your neck does not automatically make someone a hero.

I am also critical of throwing out the title of hero to those that are living up to the minimum requirements as a human being in the raising and nurturing of Generation Next. Our biological desires to keep breathing in and out, eat and drink, procreate and be part of a social structure that maximizes our chances of survival is life's minimum job requirements to justify our existence. If you are unable or unwilling to help raise children to sustain the human race then I expect that you not be a detriment to that important process. Being an add to a community can be as simple as not being a burden to others and taking care of yourself and adding to the Agora.

So let's recap… I recognize heros as individuals that know their actions and/or expressed opinions risks their lives and the means by which they sustain their lives (their livelihoods) and have overcome the fear to engage.

I have known many that fall into this category and many more are rising up at a rapid pace as we all recognize the real threats we all face now and in the near future. I hesitate naming names since my personal criteria for Noble Causes and great human benefit and perceived risks are very subjective.

There are dozens of people on the top of my mind that I would nominate but this should be a personal decision. When 'The Crown' (in its various forms) knights an individual or pins a medal on someone, or a Church bestows a Sainthood, I might take notice but I reserve to myself the definition of Hero status. But they do exist in my life. Recent years have demonstrated this.

The Global Empire of "They/Them/Those" that will not leave us alone have made it very clear that death and destruction awaits all that oppose their plan to enslave/control every human on this planet. The good that is represented by the best of humanity is clearly in opposition to the evil that is planned for us. There has been many words and phrases popularized by humanity to describe this constant conflict. But the individual heroes in my mind are those that know the risks and have a strong enough sense of morality that includes concern for the fate of others (empathy) that compels them to defend the lives and often liberties of others. Often the motivation to do so might be perceived as in their own self interest since 'they could not live with themselves if they did not act'.

I am of the opinion that sane people always act in what they perceive as self-interest. No matter how unpleasant or threatening the task,… work, chores, meetings, study, exploration, self-improvement, sharing etc. the net reward or avoidance of punishment is a very large determining factor,… or why would you do it?

The word 'Sacrifice' has the same meaning to me as taking money from my wallet for something I want. Time doing chores, raising my children, working, going to church, doing what my wife wants me to do, helping friends are all additions to my life. Even when the only visible beneficiary of my actions is another person, my life is enriched by the happiness of others I love and those I care about.

So when 'The Crown' or its propagandists bestow Hero status on individuals or groups of individuals for their altruism and sacrifice, I am skeptical and easily find motivations that are being camouflaged.

I have a rather substantial list of heroes I've had the honor of knowing over the decades of major and minor battles with the forces of evil and they have had their exploits documented on our websites and on our talk show but those are 'my' heroes that have been identified using my criteria and observations (my wife heads the list).

So think about how sparingly you should bestow such a title on someone so the title actually means something. Someone in your life that stood up for you or others in the face of certain harm to their person or livelihood, they promoted good in the fanged face of evil and took the hit with strength and grace, they set a standard of behavior that others of conscience are inspired by.

Courage isn't an absence of fear, it is the overcoming of fear to do that which must be done to maintain your welcome status as part of humanity. And I am of the opinion that it is our humanity that is under attack,… to the point that our very character as humans must be altered to be overcome. The attempt to alter our minds and morals from the youngest age possible and the desire to change our essence via genetic manipulations illustrate the attacks are real and that we must all strive to be heroes or evil will prevail over at least an era of darkness that will last way past our lifetimes and likely those of Generation Next.

So please, live your life as a hero,… Humanity is counting on it.

Ernest Hancock
Publisher -@- FreedomsPhoenix.com


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Comment by Ed Senior III
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Ernie, you Sir, I bestow the honor of Hero. Thanks for being the loud beacon that has stirred up hope and encouraged us all to put down our beers and do something to stand our own. To face this storm with dignity and some testicular fortitude.

Comment by Ed Senior III
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Ernie, you Sir, I bestow the honor of Hero. Thanks for being the loud beacon that has stirred up hope and encouraged us all to put down our beers and do something to stand our own. To face this storm with dignity and some testicular fortitude.