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America Is Becoming Nuttier Than a Fruitcake

Looking out across the American landscape in 2023, you cannot help but appreciate that it's getting to be nuttier than a fruitcake party.  You've got men pretending to be women.  Drag queens! You've got women trying to grow a beard.  Cher's daughter, Chastity.  You've got male transgenders competing against DNA, real women.  You've got those same "males" walking into girls' locker rooms with their "package" in full view as if to announce the "new" femineity for the 21st century.

After fighting for centuries to give women equal rights such as the ability to drive a car, vote, fly a plane, ride a bicycle, play full-court basketball, Title IX programs to boost women's sports, and equality in marriages----transgender men are now trouncing women in swimming, tennis, wrestling, weightlifting, track and more.  Even the First Lady of America bestowed the crown for "Woman of the Year" to a transgender male (pretend woman) without flinching as to the destruction of her own femaleness.

It's getting terribly nuts out there in 21st century America.

This past week on a New York City subway train, an African-American, drug addicted, crazy man with 44 arrests was threatening the passengers of the subway before a 24 year old former U.S. Marine took him down along with two other minority men and held him to protect all the other passengers.  Mr. Neely died in the process.  Now, all black New Yorkers are calling for the Marine to be prosecuted for murder.  

At the same time, four African-American youth in Chicago several nights ago, killed an African-American police officer at her mother's doorstep after working the night shift in bloody Chicago. Police Officer Areanah Preston was highly decorated and about to receive her Master's Degree on the weekend.  What did Black America do?  Answer: not a peep about the killing. Oh, four black youths are now in custody for the killing of the black female police officer.  What will happen to them?  If African-American Chicago district attorney Kim Foxx has her way, they will receive "community service" for a week to teach them a lesson.

Meanwhile, Chicago averages upwards of 20 shootings weekly with up to 10 deaths---as a normal matter of daily living in the Windy City.

With the full-scale invasion of our southern border accelerating with the ending of Title 42 on May 11, 2023, the normal flow of illegals under Joe Biden has been 5,200 per day.  In the past two nights, 10,300 illegal aliens crossed our border…each night. They were given passes and busses to anywhere in the USA.  

At this point, every city importing those illegal migrants faces foreign homeless refugees that are eating taxpayers' wallets.  And yet, sanctuary cities, their mayors and governors LOVE the refugees with free hotels, food and amenities…at your taxpayer expense…of course.

At the same time, Congress does NOTHING to stop the invasion!

We've got President Joe Biden trapped in the throes of Alzheimer's Disease, but his wife encouraged him to run for reelection.  "I need to finish the job," he mumbled through his teleprompter.  His handlers must be wondering how they are going to cover for his dementia for another 5.8 years.  If he finishes the "job", we won't have a country left.

In Allen, Texas last week, an angry Hispanic named Garcia killed eight people in a mall.  Immediately, the mainstream media said he was a "white supremacist."   African-American Larry Elder, running for president of the United States, is called the "black-version" of white supremacy. Why? Because he is a Republican.  African-American U.S. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina announced his candidacy for the presidency.  He's full-on all American…loves the Constitution…loves our flag, but I wonder, what are they going to call him?  Answer: probably an Uncle Tom.  Another candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy (R), originally from Indian descent, will be called something derogatory at some point. Ironically, he enjoys the highest IQ of all the candidates.

Definition of stupid: knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing in Joe Biden. A whole new form of stupid: voting for him.

Is all of that nuts or what?

Every time you turn around in this country, virtually all white people are called "racists."  Fast foods want their workers to be "less white." Yet, in the past 26 months, over 7.0 million people of color breached America's borders illegally to arrive in this "racist" nation.  Can anyone explain that phenomenon to me? 

"Only in America can African-Americans have Black History Month,  The Black Caucus, Black Awareness Month, Black Entertainment Television,  Black Only, Miss Black America, all black schools, all black organizations, Blackish, all black colleges, all black dating websites, all black bars----yet turn around and call all white Americans, racists."

Today, the U.S. Navy advertises for drag queens, transgenders, homosexuals and other sexually deviant characters to join the Navy.  For some reason, Navy brass lack any understanding that homosexuals and transgender "men" make high-octane, high testosterone Navy Seals' skin crawl at the possibility of serving with those characters in combat.  The reality is: transgenders are living an illusion.

Finally, how can this once rational nation support children under 21, who don't know their own minds and don't understand consequences of gender surgery----to perform castrations, breast removal and hormone replacement that will disfigure or change their entire lives in really horrible ways?  Why aren't more rational minds mandating that such children wait until they are 21 to make such drastic choices?

Obviously, I have touched on only a few of the "nuttier than a fruitcake party" topics in this column.  We've got some really insane racial conflict going on in America. We've got cultural conflict. We've got gender confusion. We've got useless, stupid and worthless U.S. Senators and House members.  We've got people pushing Critical Race Theory because they want to see race wars promulgated.  We've got people dumbing down educational curriculums to benefit minorities who lack any educational thrust or intellectual abilities to complete their studies. There are powerful forces trying to collapse America economically, racially and culturally.  Guess what? They are succeeding. 

And, when you include that transgender moron Dylan Mulvaney drinking Bud Light in a bathtub full of bubbles, dear fellow American, I won't be associated with drinking Bud Light, either, for the rest of my days!

We're driving our country into a third world sh*t hole.  Ironically, most Americans just sit back, press the remote…and don't think it will happen to them.  They are right! What's coming will happen to their children.   


-- Frosty Wooldridge

Golden, CO 

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