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Two new co-sponsors for impeachment -- let's get more!

Two new co-sponsors for impeachment -- let's get more!
Three important updates

Italy protest
Italian anti-war protesters dress up as Bush, Cheney, and Rice -- appropriately in handcuffs

1) We now have three co-sponsors to the 35 Articles of Impeachment. Along with Rep. Robert Wexler (Fl.), who signed on last week, two California Representatives -- Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey -- are now officially backing the impeachment call. This is important progress, but we can do even better. Please take a moment right now to send a letter to your Congressional representative and urge them to join the list of co-sponsors! Also, in your letter urge your representative to pressure the Judiciary Committee to initiate impeachment hearings immediately! Click this link to send your letter.

Momentum is at an all-time high. Funds are extremely important at this stage -- click this link to make a generous donation right now.

2) Call the Judiciary Committee at 202-225-3951 and urge them to initiate impeachment hearings immediately. The Committee -- headed by John Conyers, who previously was an open supporter of impeachment -- has the power to act on Rep. Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment. It is susceptible to popular pressure. The 35 Articles of Impeachment, available on our homepage, are meticulously researched and detailed, and any one of them alone would serve as reason for impeachment. It's clear that Conyers would not have the support of the Democratic leadership if he acted on impeachment, so we have to make it clear that he would have the support of the people. After you've made your call, please click this link to fill out a brief form and let us know. We'd like to keep track of how many calls are made.

3) While Iowa and other midwestern states are in deep crisis as a result of flooding and government negligence, Bush has been in Europe drinking tea at Windsor Castle with Queen Elizabeth II, enjoying bike rides in a Paris park and the lush German countryside, and soaking up the stunning view of Renaissance villas outside Rome. Thankfully, it wasn't all sweet for Bush. Thousands of people protested him in France and Italy with the simple slogans "No War, No Bush!" He's the most despised man on the planet -- George W. Bush -- and the whole world is counting on us to bring him to justice. Take action today!

Click this link to send your letter.