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What's Happening to America is NOT Fun to Watch

Whether you're a liberal, conservative, independent or Libertarian, it's not fun watching what is happening to America.  In fact, it's sickening and stomach churning.  It's like we, the law-abiding American people, are being hounded as racists, terrorists and extremists.  

If you look at the 2020 riots, those "terrorists" burned, looted and destroyed $2 billion in property, stores and lives across America…with no consequences. Not one of them went to jail!  Today, wild, illiterate and criminal youth across the big cities of America enjoy free dominance of criminal activity.  They can steal, kill, shoplift, carjack, and ransack without consequences.

We've lost our youth to "hating" America more than loving our country. We find they respond to their cell phones rather than sit down to dinner with their families.

With my latest column on "Climate Change" and population overload causing it, my inbox exploded with your comments.  Here's one of them:


Like you must be, I am greatly saddened to see what has happened to our beautiful home, the Earth. I suppose if humanity does not extinguish itself as it is currently endeavoring to do, in the future, there may eventually be enough wisdom prevailing to help heal the planet. If that's not the case then further in the future when humanity no longer survives, I believe the Earth will eventually heal itself. In either case I believe the Earth will be beautiful and clean again eventually.

As long as 50 years ago my oldest brother and I discussed the degeneration of America. What we could see happening in education, congress, with the environment, entertainment and most importantly the weakening and increasing immorality of the citizenry were significant warning signs. And it was an obvious unraveling trend downward.  However, it all came quicker than we expected. Where we are today is much worse and much sooner than we imagined.

Today with law and order becoming scarce, Congress dominated by corruption and infighting, the theft of the 2020 presidential election becoming more obvious, a  corrupt cabal manipulating the doddering old fool occupying the White House, and people divided more than ever, America is all but gone. It will take a miracle now to turn the tide and begin to heal the damage to the environment, our economy, the spirit of our nation and the degeneration and immorality of a large portion of the citizenry.   

The state run media reminds me of listening to radio Moscow in the 60's on my short wave radio. The propaganda and lies are blatant but yet they are emboldened by the millions of dupes who still pay attention to them. And the decline of initiative and dreams for future goals and success seem to becoming passé to a major portion of the mind-numbed youth being taught what to think instead of how to think.

Too many people don't change or act on things until they feel real pain. Wise use of birth control, protecting and nurturing the environment, standing up to progressive agenda politicians and school boards and more important common sense activities responsible citizens should naturally perform are ignored until too late. This is all very sad as well as infuriating. It's going to take more than appealing to congress persons, writing opinion pieces, appearing on radio and TV and civilized behavior to save our country and environment now.  

Cathy and I do play active roles in causes that counter the left and others destroying our nation.  And we love and respect men and women like you who have fought passionately for common sense and right action. But it's going to take an absolute miracle now. 

God bless you Frosty,  

Jim and Cathy 

That is a letter from my lifelong friend and fellow graduate of Michigan State University.  We were both Resident Assistants at State in the 1960's. We marched against the Vietnam War. We thought we could stop racism, human overpopulation, wars, Monsanto's poisoning the world, GMO's, species extinction and dozens of more causes.

Instead, in the past 50 years since we graduated, everything has gotten worse on the national scale.  Our politicians enjoy total, endemic corruption. Do you think Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talaib, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Joe Biden, and hundreds more of those elected crooks care about you, our Constitution or our borders?   If you do, you would be a fool.

They lead us into unneeded, unwarranted and fruitless wars.  They spend more money to house, feed and care for illegal aliens rather than the hundreds of thousands of homeless Americans. They care for illegal aliens over our own veterans.  They cratered our national money system into $33 trillion in debt. They gave our jobs to China for their own benefit.  The rich control our media.  None of the major networks will report on WHAT WE'RE REALLY FACING…as I reported in that last column on "Catastrophic Climate Change."

I'm not kidding when I said that we cannot sustain the projected 100,000,000 more immigrants along with their offspring added to America in the next 25 years.  It's absolutely insane off the charts to think we will survive it.  Ironically, one liberal reader said I was a "fearmonger."  I responded, "Facts are not fearmongering. Facts are facts. You either deal with them and solve the problem…or the Darwin Solution will solve the problem for you.  You won't like the Darwin Solution. It's rather ugly, brutal and final."  

It's like we now tolerate "math is racist."  What a totally moronic statement.  Math does not care about your skin color. You can either work the equation or you can't.  Or, we tolerate people telling us they can change their sex when it is 100 percent totally impossible to change your sex.  If you think you can change your chromosomes, it's a mental health issue.  

We've got 535 Congressional nitwits leaving our borders open to 8,000,000 illegal aliens that we must support with our tax dollars.  None of them have stopped the invasion, but they want your vote.

Finally, with all the CRAP happening to the American people by Biden's insanities, 38 percent think he's doing a good job and would vote for him, again.  My question: what are they using for brains?  

Whatever happens in the next 15 months, we down-to-earth Americans better elect a president that will stand up for law and order, for the Constitution, for our families, for our borders, for our economic system, for our jobs and for our children.  We need to stand up for God, our families, our military, our police, our Constitution, our communities and for the future of our country.

If we re-elect that Alzheimer's Victim Biden, this country won't survive another four years of his insanity, incompetence and/or that of his handlers.