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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Another Name for 21st Century Racism

Race relations in America in the 21st century continue along a rocky,  painful, disturbing, angry, separated and disparate road.  Virtually every weekly newscast across America announces racial violence, especially in our big cities.  Too many different "tribes" in too close proximity equals different cultures, different world views, different languages, and different ways of doing things.

You won't find such problems in mono-ethnic societies like Japan, China, and Taiwan.

But what we see going on in America since the 1960's proves disturbing.  

In order to bring minority Americans into the employment mainstream, politicians created "affirmative action."  That lawful mandate placed unskilled, unqualified and poorly educated minority people into jobs they could not competently work. A "hitch" reared its ugly head, quickly.  The minorities were out of their league.  Other workers resented them. Other workers were forced to work harder to cover for the lack of abilities of those unqualified for the job.  Affirmative action downgraded American standards.

Webster states that the word "incompetence" means: ineptitude, uselessness, unskillfulness, lack of skill, lack of ability.

Thus, no matter how the politicians tried to bring equity into the workplace for minorities, they failed miserably.  Minorities didn't help themselves by dropping out of school, fathering numerous  children out of wedlock, and moving toward gangs, drugs and crime.

In 2024, those same "higher ups" on college campuses have placed incompetent D.E.I. minorities into positions they can't handle.  Harvard University installed Claudine Gay, a minority woman into the presidency without question of her qualifications.  They discovered later that she had plagiarized her doctoral thesis multiple times.  What was that thesis?  Answer: African-American studies.  What value does that degree hold?  Answer: virtually useless.

To balance the Supreme court, Congress brought in other minorities to give racial balance. However, the last candidate, when asked if she could define a "woman", she could not and did not know the definition of a "woman."  She lacked any comprehension of the questions Congressional members asked her.  What happened?  Answer: they swore Ketanji Jackson into the highest court in the land, anyway!  

Another minority candidate being interviewed for the head of the Federal Aviation Administration couldn't tell how a jet plane operates as it comes in for a landing.  He could not answer the simplest questions about aircraft.  Thankfully, after embarrassing himself the first day, he withdrew his nomination by Joe Biden.

Ironically, Joe Biden finds himself incompetent because of his Alzheimer's Disease, but his wife keeps pushing him for another term of incompetence.  Since he doesn't know any better, he keeps pretending to be president of the United States.

What must disturb most Americans in 2024 stems from this reality:  we have become the greatest nation on Earth because our system worked on individual effort, individual excellence, individual creativity, and proven merit.  Individuals rise to their highest levels of excellence based on their education, dogged determination and personal choices.

With the introduction of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the quotas are back into the workplace. Employers must choose minorities for the color of their skin rather than the "content of their character."  That means, how well did they perform in school?  Did they pass mandated tests to become a plumber, electrician, teacher, doctor, dentist, truck driver and hundreds of other jobs that demand excellence? 

If we remain on our current D.E.I. course, companies like United Air Lines want to have a "person of color" inside the cockpit of every flight.  Hospitals want to staff "doctors of color" to represent the community.

Except there would be few "people of color" who would want a "brother" flying a 747 airliner if he/she hasn't passed flight school.  No one in his or her right mind would want a D.E.I. doctor operating on his/her heart or broken leg.  Who would like a D.E.I. truck driver coming down a mountain pass behind you with his brakes burned out because he didn't downshift?

Who wants to live in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York with minority mayors and 175,000 homeless pilfering stores, robbing drivers with "smash and grabs", dealing drugs, and schools destroyed?  Who in their right mind would give murderers, drug dealers and sex traffickers "no bail" releases to make a mockery of the "Rule of Law."

Who wants another four-year term of the current D.E.I. "INCOMPETENT & DEMENTIA—RIDDEN" Joe Biden in the White House where he can complete the job of displacing millions of Americans with another 12 million illegal refugee replacements, trash our laws, degrade our Constitution and wreck our economy?

Reality check: even intelligent minority American citizens cannot afford D.E.I.  It's destroying our police forces. It's destroying our military. It's destroying our schools.  It's destroying the very concept of excellence, personal accountability and personal responsibility.