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On Labor Day, September 1, about 2380 individual members of the Republican Party will congregate in St. Paul, Minnesota to choose an individual to be their nominee for President of the United States.  This is no small matter and who they nominate as their standard bearer for President will prove how dedicated they all are to individual liberty and American constitutional principle. 
No matter how one slices it, the ideas offered by both John McCain and Barack Obama favor government intervention in the lives of individuals both foreign and domestic, inflationary domestic policy, the Federal Reserve, and the income tax.  Neither one expressly admits this in their statements to the public, but the ideas they express all reflect favoring more government control of the individual.  Neither of them promotes the United States Constitution nor discusses what they will do to preserve, protect, and defend that extremely significant document. 
If one listens or reads closely to what either of them discusses, one finds more of the same.  Neither one promotes the necessary change that must take place in order for the American republic to be restored. 
If either Obama or McCain are elected president, deficit spending by the federal government will continue to be financed by inflation created by the Federal Reserve, war will continue in Iraq and Afghanistan, and if necessary will initiate war anywhere on the planet without the appropriate declaration by congress called for in the United States Constitution.  Allowing government to intervene in the lives of individuals anywhere does not bode well for the principles of liberty established by the founders in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. 
Barack Obama talks of change, but the ideas he expresses are all the same ideas that have been expressed and implemented over the last 100 years.  John McCain is now beginning to talk about change, but listening to his ideas of government intervention is repetitious of what has been happening also over the last century. 
Government intervention in the lives of individuals is not the solution to inflation, war, tyranny, and economic crises.  Rather, government intervention in the lives of individuals is the cause of all of them.  The delegates to the 2008 Republican National Convention have the opportunity to allow the American people to choose real change in the way America conducts herself in the world thereby substantially reducing the causes of inflation, war, tyranny, and economic crises. 
By choosing Ron Paul as the Republican nominee for President of the United States, the delegates to the Republican National Convention will give the American voter the opportunity to choose what the vast majority of Americans want, real change, a return to constitutional government where government does not interfere with the life of the individual thereby reducing the causes of inflation, war, tyranny, and economic crises. 
The vast majority of Americans, if given a real choice in the matter, will allow the Electoral College to elect Ron Paul the 44th President of the United States because the vast majority of Americans want a republic not an empire.  They want peace, prosperity, individual liberty, and just to be left alone.  Very few individuals want inflation, war, tyranny, and economic crises which is what results from government control of the individual. 
Nominating Ron Paul and allowing him to be elected the next President of the United States will not immediately turn the current economic situation around nor will it immediately result in world peace.  However, the nomination and election of Ron Paul will introduce an idea that has been sadly lacking for some time in America, the idea of allowing individuals to be empowered to run their lives as they see fit and restricting the power of government to only protecting the right of every individual to do just that. 
Americans need a real choice this election year and the delegates to the Republican National Convention can give them one even though the Republican Party leadership has ostracized Ron Paul by not even inviting him to speak at their convention. 
Ron Paul has been forced to establish his own convention at the same time in order to help Americans understand the severity of the crisis at hand.  Individuals can go to to find out more about the convention Ron Paul is holding.  For only $17.76 anyone can attend the convention. 
This election, as are all elections, is all about the age old idea of government control of the individual versus individual liberty.  Hopefully the delegates to the Republican National Convention believe in the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the idea of the American republic as opposed to empire so that America can return to becoming the greatest republic the world has ever witnessed.  

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In 1821, Thomas Jefferson said **QQ**The multiplication of public offices, increase of expense beyond income, [and] growth and entailment of a public debt are indications soliciting the employment of the pruning knife.**QQ**
Obama or McCain would both make these matters worse should either become President; only Ron Paul has spoken of pruning things back to former levels - if not outright abolishment of those things Mr. Jefferson so wisely advised us to keep an eye on. Thank you Mr. Blitz for standing on PRINCIPLE - something the other two **Q**choices**Q** are sorely lacking.

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