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911: Seven years, but who's counting

It has been seven years since attacks on New York and Washington D.C. were orchestrated.

Seven long years in which the government has gained in easily passing a laundry list of further repressive and intrusive measures that we all suffer under ranging from whenever we try to travel or go to the bank.  The government has consolidated its control mechanisms over the people to make it harder to be free and keep one's earnings (labor).  Put another way, Americans have moved very much closer to being slaves for the state.  911 was an excuse.

Seven long years in which our economy has been directed into the coffers of a few major corporations in the name of combating terrorism.  The new cold war expenditure.  Not as lucrative an opportunity as the cold war, and hence the reason why even as I write this a concerted effort to reignite the flames of the animosity between the United States of America and Russia is underway through means overt and covert.  These ruthless bastards never miss a trick, and their play book is well earmarked, and their actions well rehearsed. 911 was the excuse.

Seven long years, and several wars and skirmishes have been launched by a man who promised no foreign entanglements.  Diverting taxpayer treasure and even the unborn's wealth into the pockets of major contributors and frankly the usual suspects who have run this nation for centuries.  Diverting our blood to do the bidding of evil old men, in extinguishing the lives and hopes of peoples in far away places in conquest of mineral wealth.  Iraq, Afghanistan are but two we have attacked.  Iran, Syria are constantly threatened.  Somalia was hit and abandoned.  Private armies raised using your money.  911 was the excuse.  Now those armies are used against you.

Seven years since three buildings were remarkably reduced to dust in a matter of seconds collapsing into each building's own footprint, not using conventional demolition charges, but instead -- we are assured -- by structural damage and fire for the first time in hundreds of years of global architectural history.  Not once.  Not twice.  But an amazing three times.  All within a few hours of one another.

And we are also amazed that a guy who couldn't fly a Cessna was able to take a Boeing 757 still fairly heavy with fuel into a rapid decent, pulling up and cruising a few feet above the ground well in excess of 500 MPH skillfully piloting the jet into the Pentagon leaving only a small hole initially slightly less than the diameter of the plane.  At the same time we are told the entire US Air Force is in a training scenario ... of planes hijacked and targeting NYC and Washington DC ... too busy to actually deploy and intercept any of the hijacked airliners.

And we are also regaled with the heroic tale, released withing a few hours of the tragedy, of the passengers on Flight 93 rebelling against their captors and trying to retake the plane only to die in a crash that left only a smoldering pit.  We know this because of a cell phone call made from 37,000 feet to a loved one before the fateful Hollywood words were spoken of "let's roll!"  And a rare (in this case) surviving black box that has the recordings of the assault on it.

Yes, every government agency, every mainstream media outlet, every university expert, every corporate entity made sure to dance to the same jig.  Whenever an obvious fallacy emerged the story would change to explain the lapse. 

Even the only official investigation to conclude turned out to be a farce.  Not only did the Bush administration have to be compelled into launching an investigation into the greatest most successful attack on the USA in its history, but only after getting to appoint whomever they wished.  And the flacks they appointed two years after a really spiffy well read commission report published their own book which essentially was devoted to debunking their own report.

So do I know what happened?  No, I do not.  But I do know the official version of the event is pure horse manure.  And I find it curious that the mainstream media, already convulsing with irrelevance, continues to remain faithful to publishing government press releases with their bylines upon it.  The most gracious explanation one can give for the Bush administration's activity is that they did not want anything to interfere with their invasion and occupation of  Iraq. 911 was the excuse.

But when you ask whom profited by all of this the answer is the governments of the USA, the military industrial complex, the agricultural complex, the prison industrial complex, the corporate media, those who speculated against United and American Airlines and an obscure CIA founded and backed terrorist group known as al-Qiada. I guess seven years isn't that long ago after all.

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