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Colorado Governor Ritter Blame in Fatal That Kills Three Year Old

“Governor Ritter needs to take responsibility for his actions,” Tom Tancredo said.  


U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) accused Governor Bill Ritter (D-CO) of attempting to shift the blame away from his support of sanctuary city policies that contributed to the deaths of three innocent people last week in Denver.


An illegal alien from Mexico, with 16 prior arrests, 11 aliases--Francis Hernandez, 23, drunker than a skunk on a Thursday night, drove his vehicle into a Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor—killing Patricia Guntharp, 49, and Debra Serecky, 51.  But more than the two adults who lived two-thirds of their lives, Hernandez killed a little boy, Marten Kudlis, three years of age, as he sat on a stool happily licking his ice cream cone.  


"Governor Ritter and his open border cohorts are facing their worst nightmare – an incident that forces them to desperately attempt to shift blame away from their long-held, pro-illegal immigrant positions," Tancredo said. "While it might be politically expedient to blame Washington for what happened this week or to characterize my criticism of him as 'out of bounds,' the fact remains that Governor Ritter is in charge of enforcing the law and keeping Coloradans safe.”

Both Ritter and Hickenlooper remain best friends with illegal aliens.  They shelter an estimated 500,000 of them in Colorado because of  their ties to big business that loves this 21st century slave labor class.  Only in this case, unlike the Romans who killed their slaves at will, this American slave class kills our citizens by the thousands. Over 45 Coloradans lost their lives or suffered horrible crimes in the past few years.  Visit for a complete run down on 45 Colorado citizens killed, raped and worse.   

"What is truly outrageous is Bill Ritter's abysmal record on the issue of illegal immigration – a record that goes back to his time as a Denver District Attorney offering 'agricultural trespass' plea bargains to dangerous illegal aliens; plea bargains that put them back on our streets instead of in jail,” Tancredo said. “Governor Ritter, hoping for a blanket Amnesty, stated he wanted to "find solutions" to America's broken immigration system, but he continues to be complacent in the face of state and federal laws aimed at curbing illegal immigration and all the problems associated with it.

"No matter how much smoke the Governor and his allies try to put in the air to cloud their records, I hope most Coloradans see through it," Tancredo said.  “It's time for Governor Ritter to take concrete steps to ensure that illegal aliens like Francis Hernandez, who had been apprehended by police more than a dozen times, end up behind bars, not back behind the wheel."

It’s time for Mayor Hickenlooper to stop his two-tiered justice whereby citizens go to jail for infractions and illegal aliens run, walk or hide away via “Sanctuary Policy” that protects them from deportation.

 Mayor John Hickenlooper, Denver, CO: Call him:  720-913-1311 or email

Colorado Governor Ritter: Call him:  Ph. 303 866 2471

Why won’t he enforce our immigration laws?


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