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Another Libertarian Alternative for November

Since my last column I have pondered whether or not I was going to vote for Bob Barr in November.
I was coming to the conclusion that voting for him would be a waste of time due to his many un-libertarian stances and the ineffectiveness of his campaign.
However, there is an alternative after all.
As it turns out, the Boston Tea Party has nominated Charles Jay for President and it looks like no one has taken the time to see about getting him as a selection for a Federal write-in candidate in Arizona.
I visited the Secretary of State’s Office today and the representative there advised me that both Jay and his running mate need to submit original, notarized forms while ten people in Arizona need to file paperwork to be a candidate’s electors and then he would qualify.
I have obtained the necessary papers needed to make this happen. It takes ten people to be electors and original signed documents from both the President and Vice Presidential candidates along with a cover letter in which to file the paperwork.
As far as I know, Charles Jay and Tom Knapp are working on getting the forms ready and will overnight mail them to me. However, due to potential conflicts of interest, I cannot actively participate in this endeavor other than passing on information I already have while providing my notary services.
I had originally stated my willingness to participate but cannot and apologize, especially to Mssrs. Jay and Knapp, for any inconvenience as well as my error in judgement.
You can remain registered under the party you belong to if you want to be an elector. The candidates, however, need to declare the party they belong to. I can't be the Vice Presidential candidate nor actively participate in getting The Boston Tea Party candidates filed as write-ins for November out of concern of losing my status as Precinct Committeeman and officer for the Marciopa County and Arizona Libertarian Parties.
I do not know very much about Jay, other than he ran for President under the Personal Choice Party banner in Utah for the 2004 election. Also Jay did very well in a recent interview on Fox News too which you can watch at his campaign website and I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Jay briefly on the telephone today.
Those of you who are interested in doing this, please send Freedoms Phoenix editor Powell Gammill an e-mail via this website. In lieu of my situation, Powell has agreed to be the front man for this effort.
You will have until 5 o’clock tomorrow to file the necessary paperwork all of whch has to be original copies. I apologize if this is last minute, however, I did not consider this until yesterday.
Like the old saying goes: better late than never.
By doing this, you can send, not only Obama and McCain, but also Bob Barr and the Libertarian National Committee a message that you will not go down the road of pragmatism and compromise and you prefer, in the words of John Milton, hard liberty over the easy yoke of servile pomp!

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