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Here are some of my observations and reasonings as to 'voting' this November 4th


I, am a libertarian.  There are many who not only say that the Libertarian Party is dead, but are doing their level best to heap dirt on it as high as possible, and are pissing on the pile.  These are (supposed) libertarians and non-libertarians alike, yet they consider themselves as Patriots and Freedom-Fighters.  Bullshit.  As long as I draw breath, I will espouse the principles of the Libertarian Party, and do everything in my power to further and support it at the Local, County, State, and National level.  It's principles are still intact, and it's ideals are still valid as they ever were - limited government, individual responsibility, and the non-initiation of force.  They are still the 'good fight', and I will continue to fight it, NO MATTER WHAT THE OBSTACLES MAY BE.  As long as I still draw breath, THE PARTY LIVES!  And I know I am not alone.

Here are some of my observations and reasonings as to 'voting' this November 4th:

OPINION - looking back at the last two Presidential Elections, I agree with Ernie Hancock "What? You think your vote is actually counted or means something!?!"  I have seen the picture of John McCain hugging George Bush, both all smiles and enjoying themselves thoroughly.  I haven't seen the picture of Barack and George being chummy yet, and I don't expect to see one soon.  This tells me that even if Barack had three times the number of popular votes, IT WOULDN'T SHOW IN THE TABULATIONS!  Folks, THEY COUNT THE VOTES!!!  Wise up, WAKE UP - John McCain IS your next president!  The ONLY alternative to this is George Bush NOT LEAVING OFFICE - due to some contrived 'National Emergency' (they have many to choose from).  I saw the numbers game with the tabulations from the primary, and I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that what was done to Ron Paul WILL be done to Barack Obama, and John McCain will sit in the White House come January.

I cannot cast my vote in good conscience for either of these two Council on Foreign Relations toadies, and be able to look my Grandchildren in the eyes, or sleep comfortably at night, or even walk upright.  That includes 'a vote for McCain to stop Obama' or 'a vote for Obama to stop McCain'.  SHEER MADNESS!  The MAJORITY of the population of America has to see something on television for it to be real.  These two are all you see or have seen for how long now?

FACT - Bob Barr can not get enough votes to be President.  He has done enough to assure that even if he is getting a lot of face time on TV and saying the right things as to Libertarian stances.

Fact - Chuck Baldwin can not get enough votes to be President.  He is hardly known at all, and doesn't have enough money to be made well enough known in the short time between now and November.  That, plus his platform has too many points that make him unelectable in the eyes of today's 'Secularly Human' society. 

FACT - Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, or any Independent Candidate you can name can not get enough votes to be President.  Argue that one without using the word 'if'...

FACT - Ron Paul WILL NOT BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT - he has seen to that to the point of requesting his name be taken off of the Montana Ballot!  He does NOT want you to WRITE HIS NAME IN - HE HAD A PRESS CONFERENCE FOR THIS EXACT REASON!  He implored you all to VOTE THIRD PARTY!!!  If you write his name in, you will be doing a self-serving injustice to Ron Paul and AMERICA - just so you can 'feel better'!  I hope that sinks in even if you have to read it again. 

CONCLUSION - THERE IS ONLY ONE VOTE TO BE CAST THIS NOVEMBER, AND ONLY ONE REASON FOR IT.  In order for there to be a third voice in the 2012 Presidential Debates, one to bring up all of the issues the R's and D's are avoiding and make it a REAL debate and not just another dog-and-pony show, THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY MUST GET 15% OF THE POPULAR VOTE!  This is a very possible reality!  Chuck, Ralph, Cynthia, Alan Keyes, NONE of them can get anywhere NEAR 15%.  You might argue that with Ron's endorsement, Chuck might be able to swing it, but I'm telling you now that with the infighting and fracturing of the Freedom Movement and the Libertarian Party trying to do damage control the vote is split up too much for Chuck to hit 15%. 

The LP is the ONLY possibility I see for there to be a Third Party in the 2012 Debates, and that is the way I'm voting.  If I have to BEG for everyone in the Freedom Movement to help make a 2012 3-Party Debate a reality, so be it.

I'm on my knees.

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