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Colorado's Ritter, Hickenlooper, Chaput Do It Again: Unload More Garbage on Immigration



Re: Colo. leaders, businesses demand immigration reform By Bruce Finley the Denver Post, September 26, 2008


Bruce Finley of the Denver Post wrote: “Colorado employers, religious leaders and Gov. Bill Ritter converged at the statehouse in separate events Thursday with a message to the next president and Congress: Fix the nation's broken immigration system.”


If you don’t turn the key to start your car’s engine, it’s not broken. If you don’t hit the handle to flush your toilet, it’s not broken.  If you don’t enforce our current immigration laws, the system is not broken—the people running the system are ‘broken’: Governor  Ritter, Mayor Hickenlooper, Denver Police Policy for Sanctuary Policy,  Priest Chaput.


That’s right! The system isn’t broken! Our elected leaders in charge of enforcing the ‘system’ refuse to abide by their oath of office. They break our laws by not enforcing our laws. Result? We  get killed on our  streets and highways like three year old Marten Kudlis, Officer Don Young, Justin Goodman, Dale Englerth and 40 other Colorado victims you can see at  Just click on ‘victims of illegal aliens’ to see the death and carnage by illegals in Denver.  The big question remains: who is next?


“Federal action is essential, they say, to defuse mounting frustrations — from uproar over a fatal auto wreck involving an illegal immigrant to business demands for more foreign workers to fuel the economy,” Finley wrote.


We don’t need more workers to fuel the economy! We’ve got 14  million unemployed American citizens looking for work  at a living wage.  Tens of thousands here in Colorado seek jobs. Over  28 million Americans live on food  stamps. They need jobs at  a living wage!  Since we suffer  20 million illegal aliens already in this country—what reasons do you give for millions more?  Wince we’ve got 500,000 illegal aliens  in Colorado, why,  pray tell, do we need another  500,000 slaves?  What a bunch of horse feathers!


Since federal authorities won’t enforce our laws, then, it’s up to you Governor Ritter and Hickelooper to enforce our laws. We passed them  in 2006 and you refuse to enforce three of those very effective laws—thus, we die,  we pay, and you keep telling us the system is broken. Balderdash!


Exactly, Mr. Ritter, when the amnesty you’re seeking passes, how will we survive men like Francis Hernandez who will now be  a drunk ‘legal’ American  citizen instead of a drunk  ‘illegal’ alien.  What’s the difference with three people dead  who should be living and breathing today.


“Colorado and national business leaders have launched a 60-second television ad airing this week in Denver and other Western cities — Phoenix, Albuquerque and Las Vegas,” Finley reported.


Sure, they want more cheap labor to pay slave wages to undercut Coloradans’ out of a living wage.


“State lawmakers nationwide pass laws targeting illegal workers, yet 'they don't have any way to bring (legal) workers across the border, “said Mike Gilsdorf, chairman of Colorado Employers for Immigration Reform and chief executive of Arapahoe Acres Nursery Inc.


What he really means is that he doesn’t want to pay a living wage to the 5.1 percent of  unemployed Coloradans  who would take those  jobs  in a heartbeat.


“More than 20 Colorado State Patrol troopers have been 'deputized' to have access to federal databases, and increased access can be arranged by deputizing more,” Ritter said.


To that I say, make more  funds  available for 287G and start  deporting every illegal alien caught  in traffic.   Enforce  Initiative 100 and you’ll see  an exodus of  illegals out of the state as if Moses is leading through the parting of the Red Sea.


And Catholic Priest Chaput? He just wants to fill his pews with dues  paying illegals. Money, money, money!  The bottom line!




Take action  in Colorado:

Pamela Williams

Colorado State Director, F.I.R.E. Coalition Southwest Regional Coordinator, F.I.R.E. Coalition (Federal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Coalition) Broomfield, CO  80234





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