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A Radical Libertarian Alternative for November

On Tuesday of this week I went to the Arizona Secretary of State's office and obtained paperwork in order to put Boston Tea Party Presidential candidate Charles Jay on the ballot in Arizona as a write-in candidate.
Due to a potential conflict of interest as a result of my being an officer of the Arizona and Maricopa County Libertarian Parties, I backed out.
However, the effort was quickly picked up by Libertarian Congressional candidate Powell Gammill who, with the help of Phoenix Pink Pistols chair Mike Shipley, obtained 10 electors in 2 days to qualify Jay as a write-in Presidential candidate in Arizona for the November 4th election.
Even more impressive is that Barry Hess signed on to be listed as Jay's Vice Presidential running mate.
I was surprised at the short amount of time Powell and Mike were able to accomplish this and it goes to show, not only how people are disappointed with the Republican and Democrat Party candidates, but also with Libertarian candidate Bob Barr.
Most of the electors are radical Libertarians and its obvious that Powell, and many of the others who got this done so quickly, are disappointed with Bob Barr's campaign and wanted an alternate candidate to vote for on Election Day. 
What is also interesting is that the Boston Tea Party is an internet-based political party started in 2006 and was the brainchild of Libertarian activist, Congressional candidate and author Tom Knapp.
In 2007, the party almost folded due to lack of interest.
But since the L.P. convention in May, the Boston Tea Party's size has blossomed into 12 state chapters, some of which have gotten ballot status, who have been able to get Charles Jay listed as a Presidential candidate on their state's ballot. While other efforts, like what happened in AZ, got Jay listed as a write-in candidate by spontaneous effort.
Charles Jay himself has a colorful past. Among his many pursuits, Jay has hosted radio talk shows, is an author, and at one point was a boxing manager and spokesman. In 2004, Jay ran for President on the Personal Choice Party ticket with adult film star Marilyn Chambers as his running mate.
While his 2008 campaign site isn't too specific about what he stands for, I did read over Charles Jay's positions at his 2004 website. He is a decently radical fellow and, after seeing him interviewed on Fox News and talking to him briefly on the phone concluded he is a good guy.
It is highly unlikely that Jay will win the election since write-in candidates rarely win political races.
But just by being a write-in candidate Jay can have an impact and lay the groundwork for a potential alternate libertarian political party in the future or, better yet, a more radical Libertarian Party down the line.
Meantime, at least I can choose to cast a ballot for President this November without having to hold my nose.

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Comment by Mike Shipley
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Slight correction, I**Q**m no longer organizing the PPP**Q**s so I should be listed as the **QQ**former chair**QQ**.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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This was equally the work of Mike Shipley who notarized all but two of the documents, and helped line up several electors. We should also credit the capitalism on display by FedEx**Q**s prompt and reliable overnight service. [mail you ad payment to Boston Tea Party....;-).]

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