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Contact your Congressional Representatives before 12:30 p.m.

The news media is reporting that there is an agreement on the proposed banking and housing bailout and they are wrong.
Most Republicans and many Democrats still do not want to vote for this bill.
Please go to Congress's website and send messages by e-mail or obtain their fax number, address and phone number if you so choose and tell them you are opposed to any bailout package and expansion of regulatory power over financial markets.
Debate starts tomorrow at 12:30pm.
Note that all Representatives have to run for re-election but only 35 Senators have to try to remain in office. Please don't send a lose your job fax to a Senator who is not up for re-election but express your opposition no matter if they have to hit the campaign trail or not.
Despite what you are being told on television, in print and on the radio, this bailout is throwing more fuel on to the fire. The reason why politicians, like Henry Paulson, are pushing for this is that the depression (not recession) we are in has exposed the U.S. financial system for what it is: an absolute fraud.
Since 1913 with the creation of The Federal Reserve system, thanks to President Woodrow Wilson, the U.S. government with the help of its national bank has had unlimited authority to manipulate financial markets, mainly in housing and the stock market, by encouraging credit creation and malinvestment with the help of The Fed's member banks and have always been able to get away with it - until now.
What needs to happen is that The Fed needs to be scrapped by having its monopoly on the issuance of money revoked and replaced by a financial system that is the creation of market forces (preferably via gold and silver coinage) absent the influence of government on any level.
A monetary system like the pure gold standard the United States and much of the world was on for almost one hundred years and encompassed much of The Industrial Revolution.
Until that happens, events (like what you are seeing now) will happen again and will be even worse.
Send Congress a message that you have had enough and that the price of failure should be failure. No bailouts for homeowners or banks.
While your at it, call, write or fax President Bush an tell him you want him to veto the budget Congress just passed that will give subsidies to automakers and whose total price tag is $630 million.
Freedom's the answer, what's the question?

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