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The End of the American Empire, Unless.........

As you awake and "poor" your first cup of coffee, I have one simple question for the American people. “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR COLLECTIVE MINDS?” If your 10 year old car was totaled in a wreck, would you spend $30,000 ($130,000 by Christmas) to get your antiquated piece of junk restored? Well, that is exactly what the American people are being asked to do with the “Pretend” bailout of Wall Street. Yes, you are being told that is an investment in saving your financial investments. Excuse me for a moment and let me check on my roof to see if that is actually Santa Claus coming down my chimney with the gifts resulting from my portion of the bail out. ….…No, it is not! I still don’t see my 401K that has declined 30% in the last six weeks. However, there is a gray haired foreign “gentlemen”, not Santa, standing in my living room claiming that he is from the Bank of Settlement and he is telling me that it is now time for me to pay in full because my leaders have run the American economy into the ground. The time for the American middle class to pay for the mistakes of Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, the Clintonistas, and the Bushes, has arrived. Enjoy your morning commute as you realize that a good portion of your labor is going to pay for another mansion, another golden parachute and another example of institutionalized fascism.   

For almost a century, our economy has been broken since we abdicated fiscal responsibility to the privately Federal Reserve and its den of immoral thieves. It has taken nearly a hundred years to subjugate the creativity and work ethic of the American middle class.

Thomas Jefferson warned us that if we ever let foreign central bankers get a hold on our money system and our debt, it would spell the end of our Republic as we know it. Well, the end is near and America is going through her second and final fire sale. The billion dollar bailout, as reported by Bloomberg, is actually closer to $5 billion. That comes to about $105,000 per American household. Yet, that is not the end of the story. Our bridges, roads, water, lakes, EVERYTHING is now fair game for the banking crime syndicate. Your freedom is for sale. Your children's future has been mortgaged while most of you don't even stir from your deep slumber

No, this den of thieves will not physically show up at your door and demand payment. They don’t have to. They have pointed the gun at the head of your congressman and have said "pay up or else."
The answer to 1984 is 1776. And if you think that NORTHCOM does not anticipate this, then ask why they are training combat troops for riot control in our urban streets starting this October. If you can stop watching Dancing With the Stars, long enough, look it up as it was maintream news. The real crime syndicate is one step ahead of you. But again, I emphatically state that the only answer to 1984, is 1776. We need to point an even bigger metaphorical gun at the head of our congressmen and that would involve the threat of turning all of them out in November, that is, if we are actually permitted to have elections.

We can still make Congress buckle. Without their congressional perks, there will be no more political vacation junkets, no more money for the “DC Madams” and no more free health care unlike the 50 million of Americans that do not currently have it.

And what will happen if we do not pay the central bankers? They will most certainly line up their cash-dependent addicted G-8 nations against us and militarily attack us. To quote that great American statesman, George W. Bush, “Bring it on!”

At least in my lifetime, I have found a American-involved war that I could finally get behind. If you told me that I could fight against the NWO and its entrenched and corrupt banking conglomerates, I would even enlist in this noble effort and be willing to buy my own Kevlar vest.

When Jesus threw the money changers out of the Temple, who do you think the bible was talking about?

You, I, We, have been ripped off, and it is a rip-off that has been a long time coming.

The single biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the United States is about to happen unless like-minded people can awaken from their collective slumbers and call their representatives and demand the bail out be voted down.

The proposed bailout constitutes the single biggest economic rape of any nation’s middle class in history. We are simply throwing good money after bad. What assurances do we have that the crime syndicate which runs our banking system will not engage in the same illegal acts and chicanery again, but only, next time, on a grander scale.

Does any reasonable person actually believe that we are bailing out Wall Street so that we can keep our pensions?  Wake up my fellow Americans; your savings, your pensions, your 401K’s are all but gone. As I write this, the graves for middle class financial investments are being dug. Most of the Wall Street debt that you are being asked to underwrite is owed to foreign corporate and central banking interests. Yes, Henry Paulson, the American CEO of this unprecedented crime syndicate and his merry band of thieves, are complicit in this economic rape of the American people. But your money, what is left of it, is headed overseas and will come to rest in accounts whose last names begin with R.

Do you recognize this symbol ($)?  It used to be the symbol for American economic strength. Now ($) is the symbol for extinction. The extinction of an empire, unless you can get off of your collective backsides and stop this path toward national suicide! 

Call Congress (https://forms.house.gov/wyr/welcome.shtml) today and tell them you want the crooks, who precipitated the economic rape of the American people, to go to jail and then tell the world’s central bankers to go to hell.


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Comment by Norma Brown
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While I appreciate and concur with most of Mr Hodges sentiments; I found it particularly interesting that he draws no historical reference between the fall of the American empire, and all other empires predating it; possibly due to the reality, that empires, are inherently unjust, and brutal, often causing them to fall from within; perhaps from their enormous capacity to wield force, or influence, against sanity, reason and human evolution. Ours will be just one more passage in the dusty pages of history, proving once again that little is learned from history.

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