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It is all over but the shouting

I have been running for Congress against Trent Franks (AZ-2) since 2004.  I used to call Trent the $2 trillion dollar man, because as a member of the majority party he voted every year for $2 trillion in expenditures on the old national credit card.  What a fiscally conservative Republican. In 2004, I ran on three major issues: Bring our troops home from around the globe, restore our civil liberties you c**ks*ck*rs, and and stop spending money the government didn't have while promoting the idea of selling off all of the federal government to pay off the national credit card.

Trent was running for re-election for the first time.  I slapped Trent as hard as I could because he had a primary opponent who had pledged to spend a million of his own dollars to defeat Franks.  He ended up spending $1.5 million.  He lost by 20%.  Trent's Democratic opponent lost by 20% in the general election; the amount that is customarily dialed in.  I was bug splat.

I am proud that I got to call Franks for what he was ... way, way, way beyond a hypocrite.

But during the election something else happened: The U.S. Comptroller General David Walker released his first report indicating that the nation was not $9 trillion in debt (I had been able to show we actually were $16 trillion in debt at that point -- a figure Walker's report confirmed), but our nation was actually already $46.4 trillion in projected debt to 2040 (a date now only 32 years away).  And even Mr. Walker had to say with Medicare and Medicade being open ended programs -- as well as the new Prescription Drug Benefits program enacted by Congress with Trent Franks casting the deciding vote (no kidding!) -- meaning their actual costs were not capped ... they will rise to whatever the demand is placed upon them... free medicine, yummy, and their exact costs were only conservative projections.

In 2006, when I ran again I knew that it was all over.  There was no saving America.  The past two years had demonstrated zero political will to constrain spending and in fact spending had soared along with both the threat of new wars, expanded wars and a more draconian invasion of our liberties.  Both parties were in cahoots.  The Washington Party.

The U.S. Comptroller General's reports kept coming out, the amounts kept climbing.  They were ignored.  Everyone was happy riding that housing bubble that kept expanding.  I decided screw it, I would no longer run a 'save America' campaign, I ran a 'save yourself' campaign.

I predicted only three to four years remained in which you had better get completely out of debt. If you could pay off your home by then, do so, if not, don't be sad, simply look upon your mortgage as rent and when you lose your home you lose your home.  If you already owned your home, think about fixing up the plumbing, roof and electrical for a 10 - 15 year hiatus.  If you were going to lose your home think about the likelihood you would be living out of your vehicles.  You want one that is reliable, completely in repair, doesn't leak, and either is owned outright or would be at least three years old at the time of the collapse so the repo guys wouldn't be interested.

I talked about getting entirely out of the U.S. dollar.  Gold was always safe.  Commodities seemed good.

I talked about the Mormons who advocated getting a years supply of nonperishable food together. [I understand they have now upped that to two years.]  A great idea.  If you cannot store that much (certainly not in a car) you should consider it's barter value and that a friend with a home may store it for you. 

Interestingly, nobody was interested in that political race, or pretty much any other.  Trent Frank's new Democratic opponent couldn't get any attention if he set himself on fire.  There were no debates, and little opportunity to say much of anything. So it goes.

I tried my best to get my warning out. 

The Republicans were tossed out in 2006.  Trent Franks is in the minority party now.  A place Republicans cherish because they don't have to accept the blame or responsibility and still get a nice 40% cut of the government theft from the labor of the taxpayers.  The Democrats showed themselves to be as much a fan of war, totalitarianism and greed as their GOP counterparts.  The Washington Party.

In 2008, I had decided not to bother running.  I was tired and discouraged.  My three to four year prediction of gloom and doom clearly had been way too optimistic.  I hoped I could persuade someone else to pick up the ball.  I would help them in any way they wished.  No one would step forward.  So I ran again. 

The corporate press -- the Fifth Estate indeed -- has found itself going under from lack of attention despite doing everything their government masters command.  Something must be done about this Internet.  Perhaps some taxes and regulations.  Or a license or two.  Unfortunately this will come too late for the mainstream media who are imploding as we speak and finding the unemployment lines long.  About time.

I have yet to bother updating my web site, which is from 2006.  I have attended what few meetings to get the word out that have been offered.  There are no debates.  I have seen Franks only once.  At these meetings there were more politicians than citizens present and few incumbents -- who know full well they will be readily re-elected.  They have done nothing to offend the masters that would result in their cookie cutter replacement being dialed in. 

The one meeting where all the incumbents were present was a political picnic where the table space to leave materials was scant, and while several hundreds of people showed up (a number noticeably much less than in prior years), few bothered to go over and meet candidates or pick up literature. We were each given two minutes to address the crowd.  I thought about a quick 'you are so screwed, be sure to applaud the incumbent like the trained seals you are,' and it broke my heart seeing all those young kids running around having a good time with their parents and grandparents present.  And what was imminently to come to their world.  So I copped out and let them enjoy their last picnic. The two by four would hit their parents between the eyes soon enough, and two minutes from me would do no good.

The U.S. Comptroller General in his final report had the real debt now pegged at $19 trillion and the projected debt to 2040 at $60 trillion.  Four years.  America is done.  It had been done since the second revolution failed to materialize to overthrow those who created the states' downfall over 200 years ago when the Constitution was "ratified."

Sovereignty was confirmed missing by the tyrant Abraham Lincoln in  launching the most terrible war our people ever faced.

McKinley, the Roosevelt's, Wilson, FDR and now the Bush's have ensured the dominance of a central government over man.  America died after only 9 brief years.  It took over 200 years to make it apparent.  Even the public schools are having a harder time training the seals to applaud and beg for a fish.  But there are still plenty of seals out there mindlessly applauding their masters.  They will do what they are told to do when they are told to do.  The time for feeling sorry for them is coming to an end.  The bed has been made.  Who will lie in it is not yet determined.

So, if you have made no preparations are you completely screwed?  No. But I would assess my financial situation right now. 
What do I have, what do I owe?  What will I lose? What will I keep?  Where will I go? Where and how will I live?  What will I do when I lose my job, my income?  I would get most of my money out of the banks and accounts I had.  I would keep the gas tanks of my vehicles full, and make sure they were in good drivable shape.  I would try to accumulate as much nonperishable food as quickly as possible (those warehouse stores seem rather good).  I would make sure I had a reasonable means of defending myself, my family and my property. 
Please remember less than one percent of the population is not in the same boat you are in.  You represent a vast majority.  An army of staggering proportions.  This is not your fault.  This is not your screwup.  This is the greatest bank robbery in history and you are its victim along with everyone else.  Now that you have been robbed you must decide if you are going to continue supporting those who robbed you, or if you are going to do something else? 
If the latter, do you have a plan and the means to carry out your plan?  If not you had better get those too.

Your government has made plans and laid extensive equipment, personnel and training to assure your safety in the event of mob protests.  Hundreds of thousands of federalized police and military fresh from suppressing numerous nations around the globe are coming home ready to defend your liberties should they get out of hand. Many, many more deputized and armed federal agents representing numerous alphabet agencies.  The most up to date, best trained, urban battle hardened and equipped military in the world is here to keep you in line.  They are used to door to door searches, interrogations and confiscations.  Instilling terror in the wee hours.  Patrolling the street corners.  Rounding up malcontents and those who just happen to get reported by a neighbor to keep stocking the ever bulging prisons.  So don't fret.  Your government still cares about you.  And they made sure they know where you live, who you call, what you buy and where you go.  They fear you greatly.
They have reason. 

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