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Change Your Leaders; Change Your Life (Part 3)

Who will forget the images of the dying Russian economy in the midst of the death throes communistic rule in the final days of the old Soviet Union? The news footage which showed massive lines of Soviet Citizens waiting for hours and days for their local grocery stores to receive shipments of the basic staples of life, are imprinted on the memories of the people who lived during those historic times. The collapse of the former Soviet Union was hailed as victory and a vindication for Western capitalism.


Today, the past is repeating itself as Russian shoppers are increasingly facing long lines and food shortages at their local supermarkets. However, this time, the empty shelves are a condemnation of Western central banker’s psychopathic personalities and their self-serving policies which now dominate the world’s “free market” economy.


Although the shortages are not yet widespread, there are dozens of Russian supermarkets experiencing shortages which are beginning to impact the locals with increasingly levels of frequency and severity and this is all transpiring at the beginning of the harsh Russian winter. Russian food chains such as Samokhval and Mosmart, which represent a total of 118 grocery outlets, are unable to keep their shelves properly stocked because they are unable to advance their credit to the point where they can refinance their corporate debts and food distributors have subsequently stopped supplying these outlets.


The Russian government has responded with a news blackout to prevent a run on the healthier grocery outlets. However, not even the Godfather of Russian governmental thuggery, Vladamir Putin, can control the food shortage stories that are beginning to race through Moscow. With the onset of the harsh Russian winter, can widespread hording, eventual breadlines and potential civil unrest be far behind?


And what does this mean to an America already struggling with its own set of financial woes?  Consider this point; the last time a world depression ensued, 60 million people died in a largely non-nuclear war.  Extreme times often bring extreme leaders to power who enact extreme measures in order to ferment their political power. Is it really so far fetched to imagine that if the Russian grocery stores are truly a reflection of their failing economy, will this modern day Russian version of Hitler sit back and watch as his country dissolves into anarchy and potential civil war?  Or is it more likely that Putin will seek a distraction such as a joint Russian and Iranian military operation could lead to say…..a naval blockade of the Strait of Hormuz and all Middle East oil shipments?


The impending election of Obama, an unproven leader with no foreign policy experience, would provide a tempting target for the Putin’s of the world in order to attempt to exploit a rookie President and a country teetering on the edge of economic collapse. Does America possess the economic and industrial might that it did in 1941 to defeat the tyrants of the world who would dare to test us? With the crooks in charge of Washington who have let the world’s central bankers and global corporations plunder America’s assets, the answer is a resounding no!


We live in times in which history is being written. The world is at a crossroads and I feel compelled to say that I have not lived through a more uncertain time. Although the following suggestion may fall under the category of too little, too late, we still have an opportunity to change the leadership in Congress this November. Join me in voting against every incumbent, save Ron Paul, this fall. We may not be able to stop the impending train wreck that has become the American economy, and the resultant foreign policy crises that will follow, but we do have a choice on who we elect to lead us out of the political, economic and the resulting military cesspool that we now find ourselves embroiled in.   


Change your leaders, change your life.

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If you want to change your life then drop the notion of **QQ**leaders**QQ** and stop being a **QQ**follower**QQ**. When you hear the word **QQ**leader**QQ** reach for your gun.

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