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Halloween: Celebration Of “Evil” At the Eve Of Presidential Election

     Halloween is no longer the exclusive personification of horror by the Celtic people centuries ago. Horror stories of politicians wanting to get elected to office are now the most spine-tingling scream-fears of America.

     October 31st, the day the underworld celebrates its anniversary of evildoing, is just four days before America elects the president of the United States. The candidates had already their own clichéd tales of horror to celebrate.

     Sen. Barack Obama who wants to be president has his own frightening story of wealth redistribution plan, among other “boring talk[s] with clichés and platitudes.”  Many fear that he will turn the country upside down.  The possibility of “change” Obama wanted to carry out when he is president is first to rename this country no longer the United States of America but a Socialist Republic of America. The prospect of this alteration happening is frightening.

     Then it is perceived with utmost concerns that in a class war, he will level off the status and social standing of all Americans in America where there is neither poor nor rich. Americans expect to live in a classless society of the S.R.A., the Socialist Republic of America.

     Sen. John McCain who does not want Obama to become president because he also wants to be president, has his Halloween jargon which may be interpreted as follows: Obama is a ghost with ghost-like promises … elect him president and he will disappear like Gaspar the Ghost, from his world of promises to help the poor. 

     The “McCainian Doctrine” that oozes out of the mouth of the candidate if one has to imagine and think about it, runs this way: Unlike Obama who hates and “kill” corporations that create millions of jobs, I McCain help moneyed entrepreneurs create more jobs and produce more tremendous amounts of income to make this country the wealthiest and mightiest on the planet.

     If Obama “kills” corporations with multiple and retributive taxes to raise revenue for his trillion-dollar government spending because as a Marxist socialist he hates the rich, they leave the country.  Millions of jobs will be lost, and Obama nails the “Middle Class” in the Cross of penury and consign “the poor”, to a grinding poverty. In Greek mythology, Hades, the god of the underworld, rules the country.

     But the clever Obama hides his socialist agenda, and instead of scaring the people in the open, he cradles and lull them to a peaceful sleep, and dream of America that he had promised to change from bad to worse. 

     McCain’s punch line then addressed directly to the American public is: Obama is a political chameleon who does not openly scare you. In straight talk, I scare you. In this contest as to who between the two of us scares you most, I am the scariest Halloween candidate you want to vote.

       Obviously that’s how McCain thinks out loud four days before the election, and even in silence, we the listening public could hear out his mind even louder than a drop of the pin.

     That’s McCain’s scary tale in Halloween as the threatening pro-Obama polls hang like the Sword of Damocles over his head. 

The great, late-Republican Roman orator and statesman Cicero describes the Sword of Damocles in his Tusculan Disputations as something dreadfully foreboding, like a rapier that hangs by a thread over one’s head that could snap anytime without any hint or warning.

     Some third party peripheral candidates who want to be president – and some of them could be nuisance riders in state ballot which is a waste of the people’s time and money – spread their hate of America in the campaign trail like gremlins do in a Walpurgis Night, the night of Halloween monsters, witches, spells and magic.

     They want to be candidates for president because to be scarier than Obama attracts the polls. They do not only enjoy attacking, embarrassing and denigrating America but they also want to change the system of government and the traditional American values to fit into a new pattern of ideological order in America.

     For example, we heard their anti-government rants all over the place. They want to disengage America from its wasteful participation in world affairs and cut off its profligate role in international polity, and just turn the country into a penny-pinching recluse.  Recall our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan in defeat.  Let terror win, who cares. We save dollars.

      The pinnacle of ultimate idiocy reaches the apex of public exasperation, frustration and annoyance when some nuisance candidates are campaigning in rage to abolish the Federal Reserve and “disband” the IRS.  But they are incapable of offering an alternative replacement, a new scenario where without a central bank and IRS the nation will be all right today and still all-systems-go without any hitch or trouble tomorrow.   

       Some delusional politicians running for president even foolishly declared in public that the IRS and the Feds are entities run by “thieves”. This outrage intensified recently when our financial system started to melt down.

      The outrage even turned whimsical with diabolical demands: Disconnect our ties with the evil United Nations and fight for the disorder of the World Order. We are wasting our tax dollar in the useless U.N. In this way, we could generate savings of more than quadrillion of dollars in just a matter of time.

      This is how most nuisance candidates and their radical supporters imagine we could balance the budget, reduce our deficits, and solve our international problems as well as the economic problems of the country. Just listen to their “egonomics” and get punch-drunk.   

      It is not only a waste of time to listen to this folly and let our intelligence gets insulted, but it is also stupidity to pay attention to such foolhardiness which would never happen in America, like the sun rising from the West and setting in the East would never happen anywhere else in the whole wide world. 

      I don’t know street economics, but people of the academe  wish they have not gone to graduate schools of economics to get their doctorate, and just be educated with their “egonomics” by listening to sound bytes in the Web or just by throwing stones and releasing that corked anger and gnawing rage in turbulent rallies in Washington, D.C. and presto [!]… become an overnight expert in balancing the budget and getting rid of our growing deficits!  In that way, like them, our ignorance is excused!

      If we are in front of television listening to habitual candidates like Green-Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader and his kind -- Libertarian’s Bob Barr, David Jon Sponheim of the American Third Party, Gloria La Riva of Socialism & Liberation Party and many more like them -- bombarding the public of their opposition to a two-party system in America, and to their bitterness in condemning America and the political system that gives them not even a Chinaman’s chance of getting elected president of the United States, they are okay for entertainment purposes if you have nothing else to do.

      We can discard what they are complaining against America, and just be 360-degrees aware of what they suggest listeners should do. We can easily prove them wrong anyway without even arguing … by calling their attention to the lessons of history.

       For example, most third party candidates share the antagonism and resentment of American bomber Bill Ayers, Obama’s associate for many years, against America. Like this unrepentant terrorist, they really believed that we should have left Vietnam alone and stop being a world bully. The Viet Cong wanted to claim their land, and that was all right to Ayers. They were their own patriots. In his anger, Ayers and his activist wife killed Americans and bombed buildings when America just ignored them and hunted them down like any other terrorists.     

      We left Vietnam, as the furious Ayers wanted we should, didn’t we?  More than one million Vietnamese we left behind were slaughtered. Khmer Rouge wiped out one third of the entire population of Cambodia!

      When he becomes president, Obama vowed we should leave Iraq.  How many millions of Iraqis [friends of America] does he expect to get murdered the very day we leave Iraq is beyond belief!  Only God knows.

     Obama and the other never-mind candidates who knew they never have any chance of getting elected, have a bleeding heart for “the poor”.  They dish out good oratory to the audience of millions of Americans on national television. Many of those presidential aspirants from nowhere if not all of them approved if not short of endorsed, Obama’s redistribution of wealth among “the poor”, to create a state of socialism in the country.  This coordinated campaign to change America in the most radical way, put a seal of approval on Stalin’s Bolshevik-type of revolution to occur in America.

     Just a stark reminder of what this tells us: “According to latest scholarly estimates, 30 million lost their lives in purges, terror and famine under Stalin.” [With thanks to and appreciation of Noam Chomsky’s Website]. But just the same, Obama would lead American Bolsheviks now attached to his political campaign, to change America once in power!     

     The anti-world order and the philosophy of U.S. seclusion or withdrawal from world politics have never been so far to the Left as it is now, and so wrong. Once heard in the grapevine, and ridiculed in scuttlebutt and rumor mills, was this shingle of nincompoops which reads “… only intellectuals of this kind could be so stupid”.

       Virtually unknown candidates that want to get elected president, most of them evangelical, scoff at the idea of Americans voting for the lesser evil. They flaunt their mockery on the premise that candidates McCain and Obama are both “evil” choices Americans are “forced” by the system to vote from.

      If only Americans understand the “Power of Principle”, a third candidate could get elected president.

     This perception is faulty. It is the same as saying that if Mr. Smith votes McCain because he is a lesser evil, and the fact that Obama is real scary, Mr. Smith does not understand the “Power of Principle”.        

     Whose principles are those anyway if not that of the voters themselves? When a voter makes a choice to vote for a candidate that is a lesser evil, it is his/her own principle that dictates, not the principle of those who are against voting for candidates that are lesser evil.         

      As a code, “principle” is belief, an attitude.  It could be an attitude or opinion.  As a rule, it is a dogma, a notion tenet, an assumption.        

     Precisely Mr. Smith understands well his own voting principle either as a code or a rule he believes in, or a dogma personal to him, that he voted for McCain, the lesser evil, who has a chance to win the election.  His principle dictates that Americans like him should not waste their votes on candidates that do not have even an iota of chance to win.

     It is hard for the layman to understand the meaning of the word “principle” when evangelical scholars interpret it by faith. It could mean almost anything.

      For example, a radical church that pokes its nose on politics preaches to its congregation that for the last five decades or so the “lesser evil” way of voting in the country has led America to “more evil”.

      We reached the moon, didn’t we? This is just one of thousands of examples on record of how good we have become, and what progress we have achieved since 50 years ago. It does not look like America had become more retarded or “more evil”.

      Of course undeniably, there had been stumbles, and we have sustained bruises along the way including black eyes when the external enemy of freedom and their sadistic clones in the United States punched us straight in the face. They just  want to see America – the rich and most powerful nation on earth – cringe with a bloody nose.  But in spite of all these, there is no doubt that we Americans won the world’s race for a better life in the future.

      Just look behind us. In time as we march on to progress, we left still hundreds of millions of people around the world struggling to have one decent meal a day, with barely a cover on their back or a roof above their head.

      Humankind still dies of diseases. In the Middle East, disenfranchised people dig their own graves in a spate of violence and human butchery.

     There are still people around the world wallowing in ignorance and poverty, imprisoned in their ancient beliefs, but willing to learn the Western way of life if we help them liberate themselves from their own repressive spiritual and cultural bondage, and to be free from economic and political exploitations of dictators the likes of Julio Chavez of Venezuela, Slobodan Milosevic, former president of Serbia and Yugoslavia, Iranian terror president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il and their hell-kind. 

     The bottom line is, in war, we grieved with incomparable pain and agony, for our fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our cause, and we protested like hell as if there was no tomorrow, for the hole in our pocket that we ourselves have created to see to it that millions and millions of people around the world breathe the air of freedom rather than let them rot in the prison camps of dictators or end in mass graves without ever seeing the light of liberty and pursuit of happiness that God has ordained in his Creation, for humankind.

     If one realized what we have done to people in dire need the world over, it would embarrass those who want to attack America as an Evil Empire.  The irony is that the purveyor of anti-Americanism are supposedly “the servants of God” – preachers who are so “politicalized” that what is Caesar’s is no longer Ceasar’s.  For it now clearly appears to me that they want to govern this nation through the pulpit. This is not acceptable in our society, and it is not going to happen in America.

     At the end of their spiritual exposure in public, more so when they speechify the justification of their entrance in politics, they normally ask for tax-free contributions from the public. 

     If that is the trick of raising fund for the congregation, it is a despicable display of dishonesty and deceit. It is not only biblically a qualified and aggravated offense to God, but also a grave insult to the intelligence of the American people. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Freedomsphoenix.com access October 31, 2008.


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