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This Rage To Vote America Back To The Cave

     If American bomber Bill Ayers, Obama’s long time terrorist associate couldn’t do it with bombs in the turbulent 1960s, Obama will do it with the ballot this November 4, 2008.

    When ballot loafers waste their votes on nuisance candidates, who blame America for 9/11, not the terrorists, and argue that any terrorist attack on America is our fault, the change of direction from the center to the extreme left and to the edge has begun.

     The angry mantra of the Left that supports Obama, is to abolish the Federal Reserve. To be removed like the Feds is also the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] that allegedly “robs” the American people of their hard-earned income.  In the wake of this financial meltdown, there is this self-destructive rage from within that we are voting for America to go back to the cave.

     Millions of daily and Web readers have no doubt read my published editorials on politics of solitude that the radical Left espoused, and the 10,000 B.C. economics they want to adopt and promote in America starting from the abolition of the income tax.

      “Money is the root of all evil …” they brilliantly argued [which happens to be interestingly boring], so let’s get rid of money as a medium of exchange. To spite Alan Greenspan – the scapegoat recently roasted in the Democratic Congress for the politicians’ faults in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fiasco – America can just resort to barter, and we all go back to the economics of the cave and start all over again.

       Let this reminder tap the conscience of those who would elect the next president of the United States.

      For, no matter what oratorical brilliance or literary skills are applied to hide these emerging attacks on America, jaw drops in utter disbelief when Obama pledged that turning this awfully flawed America upside down is the first thing he would do once elected president.

        To Americans fearful of another 9/11, the voices of candidates outside of the two-party system that support the Obama change suggested a solution that we should stay home -- both in a literal sense and euphemistic sense -- to prevent a terrorist attack.  In short, the United States should stop meddling in international affairs. They believed the new elected president should announce this self-abdication of world leadership as a matter of foreign policy!

       Prepare for a shock! The surprise rationale behind this self-withdrawal is that we were hit by terrorists in 9/11 because we went out of our way.  Specifically, we bombed Iraq in Iraq War 1.  Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda’s murder specialists didn’t like it. Result: 9/11.

     So it came to pass … there was this assurance to the American public that no Muslim terrorist will ever attack this country if we do not go to the Middle East and provoke Islam with our presence there.  You have heard this bolt from the blue many times in the primary presidential debates of both the Democrat and Republican parties.

     What we heard was a familiar warning every time Osama bin Laden went on  television and explained to the whole world Al Qaeda’s jihad, and the destruction of New York and Washington, D.C.  The only difference is that we hear this abominable but frightening justification not only from Osama bin Laden but also from a group of shady Americans themselves who justify the destruction and murders of Americans in 9/11.

     It was also surprisingly argued in national television before millions of incredulous Americans that 9/11 was not the fault of terrorists but of President Bush. What surprises me the most is that there are American “patriots” who clapped their hands for treason while listening to this politics of regression from hell.

      If anyone thinks this is a joke, the presidential candidates who advocate this shocker are not those comics on stage left standing for the coveted prize – the presidency of the United States. They were too damn serious when they declared their Halloween promises on national television with neither a Bob Hope wit for laughs nor Colgate’s toothpaste-ad-smile … just like the solemn faces of those who swear in court to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help them God, just before they lie.

     That we are blameworthy of 9/11 is a political self-immolation that only those with deeply disturbed mind would declare in public. They compare the victims of 9/11 to Adolph Eichmann, Hitler’s architect of Holocaust that also must be slaughtered in the most horrible way possible.

     The dreadful implication is that 9/11 models the next hijacked airlines to be crashed on buildings, preferably in heavily populated cities armed with nuclear devices or bacteriological weapon that would wipe out more than half of the entire population of the United States.  When this happens, it is no fault of terrorists, the un-American Americans argue in public.

      This is the real problem we can expect ahead of us if we elect a president with long years of association with terrorist bombers like Bill Ayers. Obama’s socialism and Bill Ayers’ classless society must be established in America and the nation could be blackmailed should it resist while Obama cracks the whip down the road of the promised change.

     Many of us have studied American politics and its nuances and continuing progression. This nation has never been challenged so daringly until this moment when we elect a new 2008 president. The challenge is not only very disquieting but also self-defining of what America is going to be. And the foreboding danger is right in front of us.

     In this new paradigm of change we face, we are to forget that we are Americans who lead the world in politics and international economics.  If what we want is security from the terror of Islamic fundamentalism, all we have to do is just stay home and mind our own business. Let terror claim the world while we stay in our home, mind our fort, and save the taxpayers’ money.  In politics there is more fun if we allocate this money on pork barrels, or bribe politicians in Congress to do our merits or mayhem.

      We are to abstain from performing our complex role in world affairs.  In that way, we save ourselves a headache. We are self-sufficient as a nation, and who cares about the world’s problems?

       Those who are religious among us when death occurs as certain as taxes once the enemy strikes us dead in this war on terror, we just blame the unjust God. It is even easier to those among us who are Godless. There is no need to genuflect and pray for the repose of the soul of the victims who would die in the attack or implore God for this nation’s deliverance from terror.  It is not their concern at all. They are Godless!

     But like the vast majority of millions of Americans across the country, I am not Godless, and my concerns and the concerns of others like me are compounded because this macabre thinking embarrasses the nation: We are Americans, the cliché goes. Our moral obligation in life is to Americans, not to others, it concludes.  This is very un-American to say the least. 

     And this cliché is genuinely radical-copyrighted.  What’s the point of being a world leader? Isn’t the United Nation once run by a U.N. Secretary-General named Kofi Anan whose bias many Americans believed, bears the trademark of Marxism? Actually, to American ideologues on the fringe, the Secretary-General was a Trotskyist revolutionary internationalist when he criticized the United States on issues of violations of human rights, trade unions and freedom of the working class inherent in capitalism during this period of “imperialist decay”.  I worked in the UN and I know how the fuse is lighted to set the world afire.

      No one in the intelligence service can arrest Anan for inciting Americans to rebellion.  He is outside of our territorial and legal jurisdictions. But didn’t some of our pinhead candidates for president suggest that we should instruct our Ambassador to U.N. to work for the removal [similar to the long-winded agitation to impeach President George W. Bush that never succeeded] of Kofi Anan when he was still the UN Secretary-General? Don’t giggle … this is not a joke. This is written in stone. It has been the obsession of many politicized writers we often encounter in the Web … to write about this delusion of reality with consummate passion.

     If we have to leave the UN, we must not do so because of Anan. Similarly, if we have to leave Iraq we must not do so because of reasons that insult our intelligence.

     For example, this argument for leaving Iraq is for the birds and it is very insulting to average Americans. Candidates for president have this soliloquy in the campaign trail that we have to withdraw our soldiers from Iraq because if we do not send them home soon, many if not all of them will get killed…!  It makes me wonder if our soldiers are in Iraq just enjoying their holiday vacation in Baghdad!

     Let’s go back to kindergarten for renewable learning and grab a teaching moment. Soldiers do not play robbers and cops like kids when they are fighting a war.  They get killed for our cause; they fight for America in spite of their anti-war American abusers abusing them in public rallies -- so that even those vilest street marchers who abuse them get their freedom even to abuse.

     We are engaged in a shooting and killing war in Iraq. If we truly believe that we can find a bloody shooting war in the annals of history where soldiers do not get maimed or killed, it might be time for doctors in mental hospitals to poke an examining “eyescope” into our heads before we end up in straightjackets.

      We cannot engage in politics of isolation and solitude as an Obama mode of change, this advice third-party candidate supporters must know. But we can assume that perhaps our disengagement from Iraq and world affairs, promises a different future for us.

     Nonetheless, the impossibility of this happening lies on the very nature of the American people itself. Americans are by nature, outgoing and almost always socially inclined. Rarely is an American ascetic or a recluse. Their Americanism is felt across the globe.

     To be a hermit is neither a choice of character nor an option, even culturally speaking.  We stand ten feet tall, and we want to be seen and heard by the people around the world. We are the people of the greatest nation on the planet.

     No, one must be stupid if not hopelessly crazy to believe that Americans want to live in a rat hole.  This is one change Obama cannot bulldoze his way through. #    

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Freedomsphoenix.com access, November 03, 2008.

      The writer is an award-winning journalist. Know more about the author by reading his published editorials and feature articles or you may e-mail your comment at ed.superx722@yahoo.com.sg

4 Comments in Response to

Comment by Michael Shoen
Entered on:

I forgot to add that bin Laden didn**Q**t **QQ**go on television**QQ** as Edwin says and claim responsibility for 9/11. Youtube **QQ**fatty bin Laden**QQ** and you will see our government**Q**s faux video of bin Laden supposedly making this admission and you will see it is an overweight imposter with a different nose and face. See for yourself! Don**Q**t accept my word for it. This was our government**Q**s lame fake video attempt to get an admission from bin Laden. And we citizens bought such poorly-produced fraud. I accepted it back in 2001 when I first saw it even though a little voice said **QQ**He sure looks different in this video.**QQ** But don**Q**t believe me. See for yourself on the aforementioned youtube. In September 2001 Pakistani newspapers, bin Laden twice denied involvement in 9/11. At that time our rat-hole media would not print his denials because they might contain **QQ**coded messages**QQ** to terrorist sleeper cells! Even when translated into English? Google this and you will confirm this actually happened and that I am not lying to you (like our media does). So Americans never learned that bin Laden denied involvement. Our government has never indicted bin Laden nor has the FBI listed him as wanted for 9/11. Remember G.W. Bush saying that we really weren**Q**t concerned any more about finding bin Laden in Afghanistan? Our government is so gloriously corrupt and our citizens are so willingly ignorant. How can we possibly become more ignorant? More **QQ**American Idol**QQ**? More Fox News? What intelligent person can defend anything our government does or says?

Comment by Michael Shoen
Entered on:

The facts are the facts. **QQ**To ignore the evidence and hope that it cannot be true is more an evidence of mental illness.**QQ** William Blase. The facts are that the good old USA has meddled, embargoed, bombed, poisoned, armed, infiltrated, murdered, supported dictators and toppled democracies in the Middle East. Who could expect anything but a strong reaction against us -- what we call **QQ**terrorism**QQ**. See Lando**Q**s **QQ**Web of Deceit**QQ** for factual admissions by top U.S. Govt. officials about our immoral and un-Christian acts against the peoples of the Middle East. Fact two: 911 was a staged prank by our own boys and their buddies. See www.wehavetheevidence.com wherein I offer cash rewards to anyone who, after reviewing the evidence, still agrees with our government**Q**s lame explanation. No takers yet, because the evidence is so overwhelming that the towers were brought down by explosive demolitions. Big talkers who claim otherwise are terrified of actually reviewing the evidence. This is called **QQ**the unspeakable**QQ** or a **QQ**taboo subject**QQ**. The proof is there: www.ae911truth.org and www.journalof911studies.com. I wish someone would claim my cash prize by reviewing the evidence and then stating that **QQ**terrorists**QQ** brought down the towers with planes and fire and not with explosive demolition. No one has claimed the prize because they are either afraid of reviewing the evidence or, having reviewed the evidence, choked on it. Edwin: Check out www.shoenforcongress.com and www.wehavetheevidence.com and then contact me for a cash prize. Bet you won**Q**t do it. Our big country is full of big talkers who are deathly afraid to review the hard evidence. **QQ**To ignore the evidence and hope that it cannot be true is more an evidence of mental illness.**QQ**

Comment by Mike Shipley
Entered on:

Not to mention, 9/11 was an inside job....

Comment by Eva Kosinski
Entered on:
Clearly the old (and I might add, discredited) strategy of putting up straw men to knock down is alive and well. There are so many assertions here that are patently invented, that I don**Q**t know where to begin.

The assumption that the Left wants to get rid of the Fed is one of the first. Well, perhaps there are a few that would prefer the government control all of the banks and make obvious what**Q**s always been the case: it**Q**s all funny money anyway, but the folks who want to go back to hard currency are hardly on the Left.

I think what Mr. Sumcad is referencing is the Left trying to take everything that**Q**s ever been said by the folks who are actually gaining political momentum in this country (the ones most often considered **QQ**nuisance candidates**QQ**) and make it their own to keep folks from voting third party.

The Libertarians have been advocating hard currency for years (er, yes, even before Ron Paul left the ranks of the Libs for the more lucrative Republicans), and folks are now seeing how much of what they predicted has come to pass.

That the Liberals just want to latch onto that to get votes is a surprise to no one.

However, a shift to hard currency is NOT a shift to the left. I hope to never be in the car behind Mr. Sumcad when he decides to signal a turn...

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