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Hooray for Obama! by Larken Rose

          Hooray for Obama!
I must admit, I'm a little bit happy about Obama winning the election. No, it's not because I'm all googly-eyed over his message, or because I think he's the country's salvation. Quite the opposite, in fact. I'm glad he won, because I think it will speed up, if only by a tiny fraction, the demise of the United States empire. Good riddance.

If you had a dog, and it had rabies--staggering around, frothing at the mouth, and trying to bite everyone--would your goal be to prolong it's life as long as possible, or to put the thing out of its misery? However much you once cared for it, the only humane thing to do is shoot the dog.

Likewise, a lot of people know full well that the Great American Experiment has failed. It had a pretty impressive start, but it's never going back to anything resembling a free country. It is an empire now, a tyrant's playground. It has nothing to do with individual liberty, and everything to do with dominion and control. So why drag out its demise any longer? Even if McCain is a bit less socialist than Obama, what good would it have done for him to win? Would he turn things around, and start the country on a steady swing back in the direction of a limited, constitutional republic? Not a chance. I don't think I know anyone stupid enough to think that. So what's the best a McCain presidency could have accomplished? To maybe delay the demise of the empire another few months, or even years (to be overly optimistic about it)? Why bother? Is the goal to put it off until it's your kids' problem, or what? Our political system has rabies, and there is no cure. Let it die. In fact, help it die.

I hope Obama passes every socialistic program and wealth redistribution plan he can think of. And then I hope the American people refuse to comply. I hope he outlaws private gun ownership completely, and I hope the American people refuse to give up their guns. I hope he nationalizes all health care, and I hope a black market in health care springs up. I hope he outlaws private possession of gold, and no one hands theirs over. I hope he keeps the war-mongering going, and Americans refuse to sign up, and people already in the military resign in droves. I hope he continues the tradition of the government doing the bidding of the bankers and the Federal Reserve, keeping everyone in debt, and constantly defrauded through the fiat currency scam. And I hope the dollar collapses, and people start using something else (e.g., silver and gold). I hope he raises taxes through the roof, and I hope people refuse to pay them. I hope he pushes his nationalist/socialist agenda just as fast as he possibly can, and I hope Congress helps him to do so. And then I hope that the spirit of resistance comes back to life in this country, and lets the beast die under its own weight.

Every time I bash the cult ritual of voting, or point out how crumby one candidate or another is, lots of people ask me, "Well, what are we supposed to do? You're not giving any solutions!" Let me say this very bluntly: the way to end tyranny is not by voting, or petitioning, or running for office. The only way to end tyranny is by disobedience. Whether by revolution or by passive resistance, the only thing that has ever reduced oppression is a bunch of people refusing to do what "authority" told them to do. Of course, that's
risky, and "illegal," and so most people will never dare to do it, at least not until things get really bad. That's why I WANT things to get really bad. Maybe then the American people will grow a spine, and stop all this pathetic groveling to politicians.

Larken Rose

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
Entered on:
Mr. Rose,
Sir, I admire you greatly for your voice of truth in the past, and I am coming around to your (and my best friend**Q**s!) thought process of seeing evil take a full hold, and it being so obvious that even the sheeple will get it - and get mad.

Thank you kindly for standing tall, and I will be forwarding your words to literally HUNDREDS of people that will hopefully help us **Q**make lemonade**Q**...

************THE R3VOLUTION CONTINUES************

Comment by Ron Moss
Entered on:

Larken; Thanks for your honesty and gumption**Q** I agree wholeheartedly. Please Google Truth Attack and Marcy Brooks to form a clear picture of why Larken feels so ready to fight back. Upon my mulitary discharge in 1953 nobody told me my income was no longer taxable. WHY?

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