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America Goes Left: A Button Away To Nuclear War !

     The fear of change about to take place in America makes us cliffhangers of threatening expectations. The coming of the Antichrist is now the talk of the town. 
      One example of these apprehensive premonitions is quite ominous to townsfolk in backyard politics: When Democrat candidate Barack Obama captured the U.S. presidency on November 4, 2008, we are but a button away from a nuclear war! 
       World War III is associated with the coming of the Antichrist. But unbelievers have a problem believing and that is, even though what has been foretold was unquestionably biblical, unfolding events reveal certain stark similarities. 
     The coming of the Antichrist has been envisioned in many oracles including the predictions of Nostradamus. But I doubt if U.S. president-elect Barack Obama being referred to has really a bone of contention in it to chew on among those who accept and reject the reference, although I myself have some reservations that he might be or might not be the new arrival.    

      The reason for this is that we don’t know much about the president-elect when the nation voted left – not yet anyway as of now -- but the idea of knowing him more by relying on prophesy does not make us better visionaries.  Let me serve this caveat even as I synthesize this contentious editorial revelation for those who warm themselves by the fireplace while snow starts to fall on windowpanes as they contemplate what the future might be for America, and ponder upon the changes Americans are going to face a few days from now. 
    Similar imagery of the Antichrist maybe merely hypothetical or anecdotal yet it is very disturbing to reflect on it, especially during this time of uncertainties when a great majority of worried Americans cannot escape thinking what life in America is going to be under a new radical liberal leadership and how would Americans adjust their thinking and way of life in a socialist environment. 
     What seems to be the anchor of these symmetrical beliefs that the Antichrist has arrived is that the predictions and prophesies are congruent at a particular point of reference: The Antichrist is of Middle East/African ancestry who talked his way to become a Secular Messiah of the most powerful nation on the planet and eventually became the world’s most feared leader. As we know, the United States is the mightiest nation on the planet that just recently elected a new president. 
      In the prophesy, the cunning Antichrist is described as having a fork tongue, a glib talker of his cause that holds his listeners of opposing political, cultural and religious persuasions, color and creed, spellbound. He cracks the whip and demands obeisance from all who are subject to his power as the New Messiah, a new leader that would lead the world under his command, in anyway he pleases. 
      A Canadian literary seer sees Obama as an obscure politician with a gifted tongue: “When all the rhetoric is boiled down to its substance, the man is advocating unlimited state-sanctioned murder [abortion] and compounds it by indulging in habitual falsehood …[An]  African-American talk show host in Los Angeles .. listed 39 significant details that Barack Obama claimed were facts about himself, but on further investigation were proved [proven] to be simply untrue.” [1] 
       But here is the melting of the myth into a new reality. History has been written in stone. Since the era of racial segregation that preceded the Great American Civil War, it has always been a wistful thinking if not plain insanity for anyone to expect an African-American candidate, especially one with an agenda to “change” capitalism to socialism in this country, to be elected president of the United States.  But on November 4, 2008, America voted left. And this legendary bubble burst. It ceased to be just a mythical belief. It is no longer a parabolic saga of the impossible or a contrived myth of racial differentiation, and even a societal bias that for so long had dwelt over the land … it is America that is changing from what it used to be to what’s going to be. 
       Is this not in fact a demonstration of the insuperable power of the Antichrist over the captivated American electorates under his charismatic spell when they voted left?  Although I do not believe in oracles, this explains my reservations. 
       It cannot be denied that Obama’s image of self-contradictions is universal. This is not a made-up conclusion, an idle talk or a parochial illusion. There is no doubt about it.  I happen to be just one of hundreds maybe thousands of Media sentinels of freedom of expression in this country who have written and published a truckload of oxymoron attributed to Obama during the entire election campaign. 
      What we have tracked down is that this likeness converges with the major attributes of the Antichrist as foretold. This biblical antagonist of Christ is described as champion of mendacity, a messiah of falsehood, a master-blinder of truth. These manifest characteristics of one who with an unchallenged power in his hand rules the world, breeds animosity, which leads to conflicts and bloody confrontations and eventually, to war.    
       Nuclear Armageddon has been predicted to be triggered by a major terrorist attack on the US, assassination of some world leaders and a war in the Middle East. Obama’s direct talks with the terror of Iran, would legitimize Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad determined religious crusade and relentless effort to develop a nuclear weapon to wipe Israel off the map. Behind Ahmadinejad, Russia and North Korea would close ranks.  Provoked by the Antichrist agenda of chaos and retributions, Russia would launch a preempted attack against the United States. 
     Although parallel, there is a divergent scenario out of these anticipated biblical events. This refers to the predictions of historians and analysts who interpret the occurrence of historical events as it affects mankind in general, and the lives of certain people in particular. 
     My prediction, given this new development that America is now under a leftist liberal leadership, the first preemptive nuclear strike that would unleash WWIII would come from Israel the very moment its super intelligence sleuths established that Iran had developed a nuclear bomb. That’s why Iran should be prevented from developing a nuclear weapon.  Iran’s nuclear program is aimed at nothing else but the annihilation of Israel. To wait for a nuclear attack would be too late for Israel. 
      On this premise, Israel is going to push the nuclear button first and foremost for just one undeniable reason -- survival. 
      Furthermore, preemptive nuclear strike against Iran is the only option left to Israel.  It is my considered opinion that since Obama’s election to the presidency, Jerusalem, threatened by a nuclear attack from Iran, felt that in Washington the wherewithal and wisdom of its existing nuclear umbrella agreement with the United States had changed drastically; it had taken a different course, from the ideological path of the right to that of the left. 
      If Obama parleys with Ahmadinejad while the terror of Teheran like Saddam Hussein would hide his nuclear bombs and weapons of mass destruction, Israelites would find them first and take them out at a blink of an eye. Israel’s military capability, including the ability to launch a nuclear war with the enemy, has been programmed many years ago and maintained to razor-sharp readiness to this day. 
      This possibility of preempted attack by Israel appears to be foolproof.  With Congressman Rahm Emmanuel as Chief of Staff plotting the course of Obama’s politics on a daily basis twenty hours a day both externally and internally, and Sen. John Kerry as Secretary of State, Jerusalem is now distrustful of its Washington connection. I will not be surprise if under the new Prime Minister Israel abdicates unconditionally its reliance on U.S.-Israel security defense pact in case of a nuclear attack.   
      It is most likely to the dismay of the Israeli political leadership that Emmanuel is pictured as movieland’s “Rambo” who would pull the trigger first before asking question. Kerry is known to be a “wishy-washy” politician whose intellectual focus on critical issues is potpourri, a hodgepodge of here and there.  Remember his story of himself as a war hero serving in the Navy that the Bush campaign made fun of?  The dates and events were scattered here and there and did not tally. Well, it paid off for the Bush campaign. In that presidential race, “wishy-washy” Kerry was destined to bite the dust. 

    [Note: The Obama Internet watchdog most likely had read this editorial piece and got scared of "wishy-washy" Kerry and instead lately chose Sen. Hilary Clinton for the Secretary of State portfolio, a more articulate "scatterbrain" opportunist by all discriptions, i.e., she endorsed and voted for the war in Iraq and when the angry voice of the people turned against it, she condemned the war and called the war "illegal". An opportunist has no trouble with conscience for political expediency.  If she crosses Israel later on for any given reason of convenience because she thinks it is politically correct, Americans may get mad but not surprise!]

     It is also all over the Internet – and obviously Jerusalem is aware of it -- that “Rahm Emanuel reportedly once sent a dead fish to a political consultant who had angered him.” This implies that the guy’s “Rambo” emotion precedes his intellect when working under pressure on issues of conflict in the middle of crisis. The fate of Israel cannot be made to rest on the minds of those unpredictable and unreliable decision-makers in Washington. 
      In short, with an impulsive “Rambo” cowboy whose itchy finger is at the trigger of the gun ready to shoot and ask questions later, and a “scatterbrain” in-charge of Washington’s new foreign policy in the Middle East, Israel is wary and fearful of Obama’s diplomacy with hostile countries notably Iran and North Korea, terrorist nations hell bent to become among the world’s nuclear powers. Nuclear bombs in the hands of rogue leaders like Ahmadinejad and North Korea’s Kim Jong Il is a serious threat to mankind. 
      Rather than procrastinate with protocol and delay a badly needed critical nuclear response, the warlords of Jerusalem would push the nuclear button first without the imprimatur of Washington run by “Rambos” and “scatterbrains” in order to save Israel from being erased like a scorned ugly stain in the Arab map. 
      For, when the result of the 2008 presidential election started to unfold, Israel’s survival from a nuclear attack is no longer in the same secret file of the new occupant of White House but inside the cerebral receptacles of leftist politicians now in control of the beltway. 
      The political dynamics of the Middle East, particularly the infrastructures of freedom and security, are going to change drastically upon the withdrawal of American troops paving the way for terror’s control of Iraq, of which another war would break out.     
      As of now, Jerusalem is distancing itself from Obama’s conciliatory diplomacy with terror in the Middle East.  Israel viewed this futile diplomacy as a sign of “weakness” that should not be shown to the enemy. 
     One of Obama’s primary objectives to dialogue with known leaders of terror is to know more what the enemy wants and strike a compromise. In the 1970s, President Jimmy Carter did the same thing hoping to get a compromise from the table discussions of issues with terror. 
        Instead, the peanut farmer from Georgia got a compromising situation. Sensing the vulnerability of the United States’ weak president, Iran attacked the American Embassy in Teheran, held American diplomats hostages, and with hands tied in their back were paraded in the streets of Teheran as Islam’s captured “trophies”.  Never before in the history of international diplomacy America had ever been subjected to such indignities because a naïve left-leaning liberal president of the United States wanted to negotiate with the devil, so to speak. 
     There is nothing to “negotiate” with terror when terrorist Ahmadinejad had already declared in blood the destruction of the Jewish State.  Teheran just needed Obama’s diplomatic talks to bid time to produce a nuclear bomb and hide it until it is ready to use. Ahmadinejad praised Obama’s victory for the first time ever recorded in history since the U.S. had for so many years become the “evil” enemy of Iran.  
       And because of this macabre development on how the U.S. foreign policy is going to shape up, Israel-U.S. bilateral relation had started to sour recently. Israel knows better. It has been dealing with Muslim terrorists and Islamic assassins since its founding in 1948. There was a morbid joke among delegates when I was serving in the UN that Israelis eat bombs for dinner, and catch terrorist bullets for dessert. The earlier rapture since Obama started his campaign for the U.S. presidency appears to have been caused by Obama’s immaturity on how to deal with international terrorism.  
      Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni warned Obama against any dialogue with Iran. "Dialogue at this time is liable to broadcast weakness … I think early dialogue at a time when it appears to Iran that the world has given up on sanctions could be problematic." 
      To defend Israel, Israelites are now on alert and vigilant more than ever and ready to use force. Livni declared that once U.N. sanctions “to scale back its nuclear aims” fails, Iran needs to understand the military threat [to Iran] exist and is not being taken off the table.’"
     By the number of countries having nuclear weapons that might be involved in WW III, the scale of the coming nuclear holocaust is balanced between the East and the West. On one side are the U.S., U.K and France, on the other, the Soviet Union, China and North Korea.  The other two remaining nuclear powers are India, which leans more towards the West, and Pakistan whose democratic leadership pays a double allegiance to both sides of the ideological divide.  
        In his campaign debate with opponent John McCain, President-elect Obama vowed to invade Pakistan if the Pakistani leadership would not touch and instead protect Osama bin Laden who is said to be hiding in the Pakistani’s side of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. 
       As of last week, Syria has been massing  troops in the Palestinian border.  It coincided with Obama winning the election. Damascus’ excuse is that the Syrian army is there to combat smuggling. This excuse hides the specter of death and destruction when at any given day or night Syrian armed forces joined by hordes of clandestine Iranian militants and regulars would cross the border and create havoc on their way to Jerusalem.     
       Israel will not be taken by surprise, which means that we are just a button away from nuclear war. 
      “Biden’s test” – that Obama will be tested by events in the Middle East earlier in his presidency – is as real as the talk of the town about the coming of the Antichrist who would ignite the fuse of WW III. 
    And it was foretold, believe it or not! # 
© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Freedomsphoenix.com access, November 11, 2008.


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