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News Link  •  More about  Business/ Commerce
America's malls are rotting away
12-12-2017  • By Laura Sanicola  
The worst is yet to come for American shopping malls. 
Reported by Robert Lee
News Link  •  More about  Police State
Do not eat your veggies --
12-12-2017  • By LINDA ROBERTSON 
-- if they are grown in your front yard, Miami Shores says  
Reported by Robert Lee
News Link  •  More about  Hollywood-Entertainment Industry
Alec Baldwin Eyes Broadway For Solo Trump Show, With Lorne Michaels' Blessing
12-12-2017  • by Jeremy Gerard 
If Tina Fey can do it, why not her 30 Rock co-star Alec Baldwin? And if their SNL commander-in-chief can honcho her Broadway show, why not his as well? 
Reported by Robert Lee
News Link  •  More about  China
China's first domestic aircraft carrier begins preliminary trials
12-12-2017  •, brian wang 
China's first domestically built aircraft carrier the 001A started preliminary trials in Dalian in the northeast of China in November. It has a similar design to the country's first carrier the Liaoning. 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Science, Medicine and Technology
The myth of the man-flu: Do men really get sicker, or are they just whinier?
12-12-2017  •, By Sara Chodosh  
One scientist set out to find the truth (sort of). 
Reported by Robert Lee
News Link  •  More about  Feminism
In a Triumph for Feminism Police say a Mistletoe Kiss without Consent is Rape
12-12-2017  •,Paul Craig Robert 
Criminalizing a bit of Christmas fun has to make you wonder. Is there any aspect of our life left into which the police state does not intrude?  
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Feature Article  •  More about Israel - Palestine
US/Israeli Complicity on Jerusalem: White House Absolves Trump
Stephen Lendman
News Link  •  More about  Robots and Artificial Intelligence
'Minority Report' Artificial Intelligence machine can identify 2 BILLION people in seconds
12-12-2017  • By Rachel O'Donoghue 
A LEADING tech company has developed an Artificial Intelligence machine that can identify two billion people in a matter of seconds.  
Reported by Robert Lee
News Link  •  More about  Business/ Commerce
How Amazon and Google Smart Speaker Competition Reveals The Future of Government
12-12-2017  • 
I wouldn't invite the Amazon Echo or the Google Home into my home. 
Reported by Gina Kynast
Feature Article  •  More about Inspiration
40 Years on the Road: A Report
Paul Rosenberg
   In 1977 I began taking road trips (driving a car or truck) up and down Interstate 80. I had taken a few road trips prior, but 1977 was the first time I drove cross-country as an adult and for work… the first time I was looking on the experience wit
Feature Article  •  More about Bitcoin
UPDATE 12-12-2017: Morpheus Testimony from Jail
Theo Chino
Radio/TV Show  •  Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio
Host: Ernest Hancock
12-12-17 - Bill Bullard (Livestock/Ag/Cattle Industry) - Davi Barker - (VIDEO & MP3s LOADED)
Program Date:  2017-12-12
   Ernest goes over the headline news on Freedom's Phoenix - Bill Bullard (CEO of R-Calf USA) on the Livestock/Cattle/Agriculture Industry - Davi Barker comes on the show to re-cap of Jekyll Island Comic Con
News Link  •  More about  Bitcoin
Bitcoin Futures Tumble As Spot-Arbitrage Collapses
12-12-2017  • by Tyler Durden  
Update: The Bitcoin Futures-Spot arb spread has collapsed to around $600 in the early evening trading (led by Futures selling more than spot buying)... 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Bitcoin
How to Live Like a Bitcoin Millionaire
12-12-2017  • by Jeffrey A. Tucker 
In the Bitcoin community, you dare not show signs of wealth. Someone might think you are poor.  
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Feature Article  •  More about Arizona's Top News
UPDATE 2017-12-12 on Morhpeus Titania, aka Thomas Costanzo, Bitcoin Arrest 4/20 by Federal Agents
Donna Hancock
   UPDATE 2017-12-12 Bitcoin Arrest
News Link  •  More about  Central Intelligence Agency
Ex-Spy Chief Admits Role In 'Deep State' Intelligence War On Trump
12-12-2017  • by Tyler Durden  
An ex-spy chief who spoke out publicly against Trump while inspiring other career intelligence figures to follow suit has admitted his leading role in the intelligence community waging political war against the president, describing his actions as so 
Reported by Robert Lee
News Link  •  More about  Business/ Commerce
A Disney Deal for Fox Is Coming Within Days
12-12-2017  • By David Hellier 
James Murdoch said likely to be offered position at Disney 21st Century Fox said to remain independent initially  
Reported by Robert Lee
News Link  •  More about  Blockchain
"It Will Impact The Life Of Every Single Human Being" - The Cryptocurrency Revolution Docu
12-12-2017  • by Tyler Durden  
The latest short film from Jonathan Roth discusses the advent of the blockchain, where it goes next and how the technology will impact every single human being on the planet. 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Federal Reserve
The Fed's "Magic Trick" Exposed
12-12-2017  • by Jeff Thomas 
In 1791, the first Secretary of the Treasury of the US, Alexander Hamilton, convinced then-new president George Washington to create a central bank for the country. 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Military Industrial Complex
Pentagon Audit - Just Another Cover-Up!
12-12-2017  • 
Don't get too excited about a recent report that the Pentagon is going to finally undergo an audit to see where the trillions of missing dollars have gone. Beltway pundits -- including WaPo's Robert Samuelson in an article over the weekend -- are sti 
Reported by Gina Kynast
News Link  •  More about  Bitcoin
Is Bitcoin Really Stealing Demand For Gold? Here Is Goldman's Answer
12-12-2017  • 
A few days ago we first showed a chart of a dramatic divergence between the price of gold and bitcoin... 
Reported by Gina Kynast
News Link  •  More about  United Kingdom
Arrested For Calling Someone A MAN In The U.K
12-12-2017  • 
In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on freedom of speech and censorship in the United Kingdom, where we go on the street of the U.K to talk about the internet police arresting people for offensive speech. W 
Reported by Gina Kynast
News Link  •  More about  TERRORISM
12-12-2017  • 
In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down the recent events in Times Square and everything you need to know, while exposing the truth behind past related events. 
Reported by Gina Kynast
News Link  •  More about  Alabama
Roy Moore, Doug Jones are set to face off in Alabama Senate election
12-12-2017  • 
Alabama voters head to the polls Tuesday to elect a U.S. Senator in a race thrust into the national spotlight after allegations of sexual misconduct against the Republican nominee, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.  
Reported by Gina Kynast
News Link  •  More about  Politics
NRA-Republican Backed Bill Makes it Easier for Feds to Disarm Citizens
12-12-2017  • 
On Wednesday, the Republican controlled house voted to further federalize gun laws in this country. 
Reported by Gina Kynast
News Link  •  More about  Space Travel and Exploration
Has an alien probe entered our solar system?
12-12-2017  • By Harry Pettit  
Cigar-shaped interstellar 'comet' Oumuamua is being investigated for signs of extraterrestrial technology 
Reported by Robert Lee
Feature Article  •  More about Syria
Putin Orders Russian Forces Home from Syria
Stephen Lendman
WaPo Urges Increased Spending for Militarism and Warmaking Opinion  •  More about WAR: About that War
WaPo Urges Increased Spending for Militarism and Warmaking
Stephen Lendman
News Link  •  More about  Central Banks/Banking
HSBC Shares Surge As US DoJ Removes "Sword Of Damocles" On Money Laundering
12-12-2017  • by Tyler Durden  
On Monday, HSBC announced its deferred prosecution agreement with the US Department of Justice (DoJ) had expired, removing the threat of criminal prosecution for money laundering which had been hanging over the company for five years. From the Financ 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
News Link  •  More about  Blockchain
Top Crypto-Mining Executive Explains Why "We're Hoarding The Coins"
12-12-2017  • by Mac Slavo 
If the price action in crypto currencies over the last several months has proven anything, it's that the blockchain has gone fully mainstream with global investors, major financial institutions and governments showing significant interest in the sp 
Reported by Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
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