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News Link  •  More about 
Lake Mead sinks to a new historic low
10-19-2010  • 
Not since it was first filling in 1937 has Lake Mead held so little water. The reservoir's level fell to the historic low shortly before noon on Sunday, eclipsing a previous record from the drought-stricken 1950s.  
Reported by Jack Gregson
News Link  •  More about 
Think Twice Before Calling the Police " The Chrisman Shooting
10-14-2010  • 
Immediately after initiating contact with the victim drawing his gun, holding it to Rodriguez’s head and shouting “I don’t need no warrant, motherf*****.” 
Reported by Freedoms Phoenix Reader
News Link  •  More about 
Court quashes Arpaio's appeal over jail food order
10-13-2010  •  Capitol Media Services 
Citing evidence of "inedible'' food, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected efforts by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to escape an order that he serve meals that meet federal dietary guidelines. In an unsigned ruling Wednesday, the judges s 
Reported by Powell Gammill
Agorist Hosting
News Link  •  More about 
Glendale saddled with $500 million in sports-district debt
10-11-2010  • 
Glendale had been on track to stunningly remake itself into a sports mecca with four major sports: hockey, baseball, basketball and football.  
Reported by Freedoms Phoenix Reader
News Link  •  More about 
Redflex, AZ Politicians Slapped with RICO Suit
10-11-2010  •  CameraFRAUD 
[Is an injunction next?] The plaintiff, Mr. Daniel Gutenkauf has filed the suit under the grounds that all named parties are acting as a criminal syndicate, committing extortion and fraud in order to profit from scamera tickets.  
Reported by Camera FRAUD
News Link  •  More about 
Clint Bolick joins Ernie Hancock to discuss the Scharf-Norton Litigation Center and AZ headlines
10-06-2010  • 
Goldwater Institute attorney Clint Bolick joined Ernie Hancock on Declare Your Independence to talk about the Scharf-Norton Litigation Center and some timely Arizona issues. 
Reported by Freedoms Phoenix Reader
News Link  •  More about 
Arizona's student loan default rate tops nation
10-01-2010  •  East Valley Tribune 
A U.S. Department of Education report lists Arizona as having the nation’s highest rate of student loan defaults. That’s because the report counts loan defaults by schools based in a state. That means the for-profit University of Phoenix, with its na 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about 
FBI silent on why agents detained Tempe City Hall workers
10-01-2010  •  East Valley Tribune 
The FBI will not say what it is investigating at Tempe City Hall that caused agents to detain workers for hours inside the building. In partnership with Tempe police entered the building, had workers pull the curtains and to turn off their cell phone 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about 
Liberty On Tour at Freedom's Phoenix workshop Friday September 24th, 2010. 7-9:30 p.m.
09-23-2010  •  Liberty On Tour 
Come down to the Freedom's Phoenix workshop from 7:00-9:30 p.m. to meet Pete Eyre and Adam Mueller of Liberty on Tour. These young men are touring 13 cities in 13 weeks advancing a message of voluntaryism. 
Reported by Donna Hancock
News Link  •  More about 
TOTAL RECALL - Quartzsite, AZ recalls entire Town Council!
9-22-2010  • 
It's official! In an clear statement of disapproval by the voters, THE QUARTZSITE TOWN COUNCIL HAS BEEN TOTALLY RECALLED! (And so quickly too!) That's right dedicated readers, the petitions were recorded today and joining Babs and Machine Gu 
Reported by J Jones
News Link  •  More about 
Deputy County Attorney Lisa Aubuchon's firing sheds light on feud
09-23-2010  •  Arizona Republic 
In the report, Aubuchon is accused of filing numerous cases based on insufficient evidence - including one filed merely to stop a court hearing that Thomas did not want to take place - and of misusing "the awesome power of the prosecutor's office."  
Reported by Powell Gammill
Reference Link  •  More about Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
4409 -- ATS employee threatens citations
4409 / CameraFRAUD 
   Exclusive to gets flashed on a side street outside of ATS headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ....They were using him like a lab rat to test their new system...He complained so an ATS employeee then calls flashee to apologize then al
Entered by: Forty Four O Nine

News Link  •  More about  Drug War
U.S. Plans Border ‘Surge’ Against Any Drug Wars
1-9-2009  •  NY Times 
Homeland Security said the plan called for aircraft, armored vehicles and special teams to converge on border trouble spots, with the size of the force depending on the scale of the problem. Military forces would be called upon 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Housing
Average Mortgage Rate Hits 5%, Lowest in Decades
1-9-2009  •  Washington Post 
What is not clear, however, is whether rates are attractive enough to lure a significant number of home buyers back into the ailing housing market. Interest rates on conforming mortgages dropped to an average of 5.01 percent for the week ending Jan. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
In Response to Terry Bressi Opinion  •  More about Immigration
In Response to Terry Bressi
Dave Hodges
   I have been reading Terry's excellent articles on the abusive behavior of many of federal officials as they man the roadblocks associated with border control.
News Link  •  More about  Entertainment: Sports
2009 NBA All-Star Game to be Held in Phoenix
01-08-2009  • 
The 58th All-Star Game will be played at the US Airways Center on Sunday, Feb. 15, 2009. Video of Amar'e, Shaq, and Goober. 
Reported by Ed Vallejo
Feature Article  •  More about Constitution
Bob Schulz in Phoenix this Friday - Continental Congress 2009
Ed Vallejo
   Bob Schulz comes to Phoenix to explain the Delegate Selection Criteria & Process for the upcoming CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 2009.
Feature Article  •  More about Events: Arizona
Last Day to RSVP: Celebrate Bill of Rights Day at The Wrigley Mansion!
Powell Gammill
   Spend a little time Monday evening enjoying what makes America great, and celebrate your rights. Join people nationwide who will break bread with their neighbors, and as a group read the Bill of Rights, on the day it was ratified in 1791.
Feature Article  •  More about Events: Arizona
Phoenix Area Activists Meet To Discuss Issues and Actions 12-10-2008
Ed Vallejo
News Link  •  More about  Arizona's Top News
Obama on meet the press
12/7/08  • 
President-elect Barack Obama, confronting the question of the beleaguered economy and tense international challenges that he is facing, explained his approaches to both fronts in an interview aired by NBC's Meet the Press this morning. The world 
Reported by Thomas Costanzo
News Link  •  More about  Events: Arizona
Christmas music and lights
12/03/08  • 
This display was the work of Carson Williams, a Mason, Ohio, electrical engineer who spent about three hours sequencing the 88 Light-O-Rama channels that controlled the 16,000 Christmas lights in his annual holiday lighting spectacular (from Christma 
Reported by Thomas Costanzo
News Link  •  More about  Arizona's Top News
CameraFRAUD Reaches 300 Members
12/4/2008  • 
Membership on CameraFRAUD’s Meetup site has surged within the past 48 hours, more than tripling since the beginning of the week. New members have been joining on an average of once every five minutes, pushing the total number of members to over 300. 
Reported by Camera FRAUD
News Link  •  More about  Arizona's Top News
Phoenix Light Rail involved in first wreck with red-light runner
12-3-2008  •  AZ Family TV 
It happened shortly before 10:30 a.m., at 24th and Washington streets, and involved a car and one of the Light Rail trains. The woman who was hurt reportedly was not transported to the hospital, she was just a bit shaken up. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
Reference Link  •  More about Arizona's Top News
Mission Unaccomplished
by Clint Bolick

Goldwater Institute 
   A new policy report, Mission Unaccomplished: The Misplaced Priorities of the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Office, looks at the mission of MCSO and what it can do to provide more efficient and effective law enforcement services.
Entered by: Powell Gammill

News Link  •  More about  Arizona's Top News
County supervisor indicted on 118 counts
12-3-2008  •  AP 
Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley has been indicted on 118 counts of failure to disclose to the public his involvement in a wide variety of land deals, business associations and business assets. The felonies and misdemeanors span more than a dec 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Arizona's Top News
VIDEO: CameraFRAUD on 3TV, 12-2-2008
12/2/2008  •  3TV KTVK 
Shawn tells 3TV how it is. (Does the MSM love this or what?) 
Reported by Camera FRAUD
News Link  •  More about  Arizona's Top News
Scamera Revolt Continues, Invades Fox 10 Sunday
11/30/2008  •  MyFoxPhoenix 
Anti-scam activists continue their crusade, this time on Fox 10's prime-time news. Is DPS getting the message? They don't seem so eager to appear on video anymore, and have backed off of their chest-pounding a wee bit. Video after the jump... 
Reported by Camera FRAUD
News Link  •  More about  Arizona's Top News
Stationary on Stationary Cameras Irritates DPS
11-29-2008  • 
The continued onslaught of Post It notes and Silly String on photo scam cams has lead DPS to assign an investigator to “determine who is obstructing speed-enforcement cameras on Valley freeways.” 
Reported by Camera FRAUD
Feature Article  •  More about Arizona's Top News
Appeals Court Audio Recording of Roadblock Hearing Now Available
Terry Bressi
   As previously announced, a three judge panel in the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit heard oral argument in my five year running civil rights lawsuit on the morning of November 20, 2008.
News Link  •  More about  Arizona's Top News
CameraFraud video on the news
11-27-2008  •  ABC 15 
Kudos to Ed Vallejo who writes: "'s a great video! It has Shawn and Powell and some others, plus [GOP State Party Chairman] Randy Pullen." 
Reported by Powell Gammill
Free Talk Live
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