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News Link  •  More about  Propaganda
A bill’s name is part of the game
06-09-2010  •  Medill Reports - Chicago, Northwestern University 
The Patriot Act: Name in Action When you ask a political strategist about the impact of a bill’s name, they all point to the same example. The USA Patriot Act of 2001 was actually an acronym for a much longer name: Uniting and Strengthening Ameri 
Reported by Justin Tyme
News Link  •  More about  Politics: Democratic Campaigns
This is what happens when you don't bother to rig the election
06-09-2010  •  Yahoo! News blog 
Greene, a 32-year-old unemployed military veteran who lives with his parents, defeated Vic Rawl for the Democratic Senate nomination despite having run essentially no public campaign " no events, no signs, no debates, no website, no fundraising. The  
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Voting: Vote Fraud
I Was Unable to Cast a Vote on L.A. County's ES&S E-Voting System (Again) Today
06-09-2010  •  BradBlog 
I spent more than two and a half hours not casting a vote on the system before eventually I, the poll workers, and, apparently, the folks at the L.A. County Registrar's central help desk call center, simply gave up. 
Reported by Donna Hancock
shire silver
Feature Article  •  More about Activism
Morpheus interviewed at Pro SB1070 rally
Thomas Costanzo
   Morpheus gets interviewed by Cindy Carcamo of the Orange County Register. Cindy: What are you Protesting? Morpheus: I am demonstrating for the rights of the individual. Cindy: What is the problem with SB1070?
News Link  •  More about  Camera Fraud
Anti-speed camera activist nabs Bluff City PD's expiring web domain
06-07-2010  •  Tri-Cities (h/t Tony Wall) 
Brian McCrary found the perfect venue to gripe about a $90 speeding ticket when he went to the Bluff City Police Department’s website, saw that its domain name was about to expire, and bought it right out from under the city’s nose. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Activism
Cops whine: "Cameras are the new Guns!"
06-03-2010  •  Gizmodo 
Cops are cracking down on the slaves who dare videotape them, as explained in this Gizmodo article. It's now ILLEGAL in some states to videotape cops, and one man in Chicago is facing felony charges and anywhere from 4 - 15 years in prison if convic 
Reported by David Alpha
News Link  •  More about  Arizona's Top News
The Dark Heart of the US Government: Did McCain Betray 600 POWs?
06-03-2010  • 
Put simply, if Schanberg's extensively documented claims are correct then John McCain played a central role in perhaps the greatest act of national treachery ever committed in American history. 
Reported by Jack Gregson
News Link  •  More about  Arizona's Top News
State of Arizona sets 2nd phase in sale of government buildings
06-03-2010  • 
It's the second time this year that the state has sold buildings to help close the state budget deficit. A sale-leaseback in January raised $735.4 million for the state. The healthy response prompted lawmakers to authorize a second sale.  
Reported by Jack Gregson
News Link  •  More about  Politics: Libertarian Campaigns
Ernest Hancock Concession Speech for LNC Chairman Race - May 2010 in St. Louis
06-02-2010  •  YouTube 
Libertarian National Party Convention May 2010 - Ernest Hancock Concession Speech for LNC Chairman Race 
Reported by Ernest Hancock
News Link  •  More about  Surveillance
FTC, FCC: Liberal Groups Want Speech They Hate Monitored
06-03-2010  •  Mondo Frazier 
CLUE TIME: It isn't Hate Speech if you hate my right to express my viewpoint. Progressives groups are gang-tackling the FTC and FCC in order to “monitor hate speech;” i.e., shut up viewpoints they don’t agree with.” It's getting ugly out there. 
Reported by Randy Ricochet
News Link  •  More about  Politics: Republican Campaigns
Adam Kokesh Thanks Supporters and Calls for Bold Action
06-02-2010  •  Adam Kokesh, Kokesh for Congress 
"We presented a bold and idealistic vision for the future. Some people accused us of lacking good judgement. But I say that outdated ideas show no judgement at all " and the issues are so serious that boldness is necessary...." 
Reported by Sharlene Holt
Reference Link  •  More about Military Industrial Complex
War is a Racket - Smedley Darlington Butler, Major General in the U.S. Marine Corps
   In his 1935 book War is a Racket, Butler described the workings of the military-industrial complex and, after retiring from service, became a popular speaker at meetings organized by veterans, pacifists and church groups in the 1930s.
Entered by: Leon Felkins

News Link  •  More about  Politics: Libertarian Campaigns
Nomination Speeches LNC 2010 - aka Ernest Hancock's shortest speech ever
05-31-2010  •  YouTube 
Tony Wall - Jim Duensing - Jordan Page - Barry Hess - Michael Badnarik - Ernest Hancock - Libertarian National Chairman Nomination Speech May 2010 
Reported by Ernest Hancock
Free Talk Live
News Link  •  More about  Politics: Libertarian Campaigns
Ed's Video Report - Sunday - Live From The Convention Floor LNC2010
05-30-2010  •  Ed Vallejo Productions LOL 
I announce the new Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee as he finishes his acceptance speech. 
Reported by Ed Vallejo
News Link  •  More about  Philosophy: Libertarianism
LNC2010 Photos - Saturday 5/29
05-30-2010  •  Ed Vallejo Productions LOL 
Even though I was busy, I was still able to grab a few pics. 
Reported by Ed Vallejo
Feature Article  •  More about Politics: Libertarian Campaigns
Libertarian National Chair Debate (VIDEO)
Ernest Hancock
   National Chair Debate Libertarian Party May 29th 2010 - Ernest Hancock - Wayne Allyn Root - Mark Hinkle - George Phillies - John Jay Myers
Feature Article  •  More about Politics: Libertarian Campaigns
A Note From Ernest Hancock to LP National Delegates
Ernest Hancock
News Link  •  More about  Philosophy: Libertarianism
Ed's Video Report - LNC2010 - Saturday
05-30-2010  •  Ed Vallejo Productions LOL 
Another grueling day here in downtown St. Louis.  
Reported by Ed Vallejo
Feature Article  •  More about Activism
Brooke Kelley Goes on The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller and Hilarity Ensues
Jet Lacey
   After appearing on 5/28/2010's "The R3VOLution Continues" in which RBN owner John Stadtmiller calls in, Brooke graciously agreed to go on his program as well. NeoCons literally line up to take a crack at her but she handles them: VERY well.
News Link  •  More about  Politics: General Activism
Ed's Video Report - LNC2010 - Friday
05-29-2010  •  Ed Vallejo Productions LOL 
They say "If you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong", well, I'm making R3VOLUTION fun! 
Reported by Ed Vallejo
News Link  •  More about  Activism
Updated update: Heicklen at Riker's
05-27-2010  •  Libertarian News Examiner  
Julian Heicklen is apparently being held at Riker's Island without bail until his scheduled court appearance on June 8th. 
Reported by Darren Wolfe
News Link  •  More about  Census
Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence
05-27-2010  •  The Barr Code 
What many Americans don’t realize, is census workers under federal law can actually demand access to any apartment or any other type of home or room that is rented out, in order to count persons in the abode and for "the collection of statistics." 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Activism
Voting in Nevada? Don't wear a chicken suit
05-27-2010  •  This Week 
Nevada election officials have banned wearing chicken suits at polling places because of their "inappropriate" political message. The problem started in April, when Harry Reid's potential Republican challenger Sue Lowden infamously suggested that peo 
Reported by Powell Gammill
Feature Article  •  More about Activism
The Hancocks and I Arrive in St. Louis for LNC 2010
Ed Vallejo
   ...and was greeted by the BEST surprise I could have asked for!
News Link  •  More about  Activism
Part 2 Old Harry Browne ads! Way ahead of his time!
05-17-10  • 
This is part 2 of old ads I dug up for the Harry Browne 2000 presidential run. These were turned down by comedy central because they said they would not play anything political. Boy have they changed their tune. These ads mainly focus on the War on D 
Reported by Tarrin Lupo
News Link  •  More about  Activism
One of the Bolder Acts of Civil Disobedience Arizona's Seen Recently
05-27-2010  •  Phoenix New Times 
"It's very empowering to be in a room with 30 officers and know they can't do shit to you," a Tohono O'odham tribesman told me after the action. "It was definitely going to take some force to get us out of there. Force they did not want to use." 
Reported by Powell Gammill
News Link  •  More about  Activism
CopBlock Sponsors Cop Watch Video Contest
05-26-2010  • 
The basics of the contest are simple: * Film police conducting their duties * Submit to Cop Block; I’ll discuss how below * Do not post your video on line before contacting Cop Block The submissions will be judged on content (what’s actually  
Reported by Terry Bressi
News Link  •  More about  Art
Pinup Agitprop Posters: Combining Business with Pleasure
05-26-2010  •  Mondo Frazier 
The People’s Cube features a fine line-up of fantasy Soviet Agitprop which combines the best of faux Soviet-style propaganda posters with American pin-up calendar for some oddly-satisfying results. Do readers agree? 
Reported by Randy Ricochet
News Link  •  More about  Philosophy: Anarchism
Should we wait for a perfect world to get rid of force?
05-26-2010  • 
In the February, 1898 issue of his periodical The Free Life, Auberon Herbert reprinted and answered an intriguing question posed by a reader... 
Reported by Brock Lorber
News Link  •  More about  Bill of Rights
Drug Agents Seize Pot Legalization Petitions
05-25-2010  •  Toke of the Town 
Marijuana advocacy group Sensible Washington learned that a dozen signed copies of the marijuana legalization initiative for Washington State of which it is the sponsor, were seized last week by the federally-funded WestNET drug task force. 
Reported by Powell Gammill
Agorist Hosting
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